Domangart was the son of Fergus Mor Mac Erc.

Child of Domangart


     Domangart was the son of Donald Brec.

Child of Domangart


     Donada, was the daughter of Malcolm, II, King of Scotland.
     Donada, married Finlaech, Mormaer of Moray,.

Child of Donada,, and Finlaech, Mormaer of Moray,

Donald Bane,,

     Donald Bane, was the son of Duncan, I, King of Scotland.

Donald Lord of the Isles

( - circa 1423)
     Donald Lord of the Isles was the son of John Lord of the Isles and Margaret Stewart.
     Donald Lord of the Isles married Mary Leslie, daughter of Sir Walter de Leslie and Euphemia, Countess of Ross,.
     Donald died circa 1423.

Child of Donald Lord of the Isles and Mary Leslie

Donald, 6/10th Earl of Mar,

( - between 1297 and 1302)
     Donald, 6/10th Earl of Mar, was the son of William 5/9th Earl of Mar and Murial Unknown.
     Donald, 6/10th Earl of Mar, married Ellen of Wales ferch Llywelyn the Great, daughter of Llywelyn The Great ab Iowerth Prince of Gwynedd and Joan,. There is also a record of a "Helen" daughter of "Llywelyn of Wales" who married Mormaer Maol Choluim II, Earl of Fife and later married Domhnall I, Earl of Mar. The dates appear to rule out this being Elen, since Maol Chaluim II did not die until 1266 while Elen's death is recorded in 1253. Some genealogists propose the existence of another Elen, an illegitimate daughter born towards the end of Llywelyn's life, but there is no clear evidence for this. Another possibility is that this Helen might have been an illegitimate daughter of Llywelyn the Last born when he was a young man, but there is also no evidence of the theory being true.More likely this lady was Susannah ferch Llywelyn ab Iorwerth, who was sent to England in 1228 and married the earl of Fife in the summer of 1237. Ref: G.E. Cockayne "Complete Peerage" Update.
     Donald, 6/10th Earl of Mar, married Murial Unknown.
     Donald died between 1297 and 1302. Domhnall (or Donald) Ehislach, 6th Earl, d. 1295 or 1297.
     Wikipedia (Sep 2010) states: Domhnall I Earl of Mar - Domhnall mac Uilleim (Donald, William's son) - was the seventh known Mormaer of Mar, ruling from 1276 until his death somewhere between 1297 and 1302.
Domhnall was a strong supporter of the Bruce cause during the crisis of the late 13th century. He was at Norham in 1292, probably in the camp of Robert de Brus, then Earl of Carrick.
He was married to Helen (sometimes called Ellen), natural daughter of Llywelyn the Great of Wales, who herself had previously been married to Mormaer Maol Choluim II, Earl of Fife. By Helen, he had three sons, including his successor Gartnait, and two daughters. His daughter Isabella of Mar was the first wife of Robert I of Scotland and mother of Marjorie Bruce who married Walter 6th High Steward, the parents of Robert II and the Royal Stewart Kings of Scotland.
The last record of a living Domhnall comes from 1297, and the earliest record of his son Gartnait as Mormaer is from 1305, creating the range of Domhnall's possible year of death to somewhere in between these two points. However, a document dating to 1302, containing terms of reconciliation between Edward I and Robert, stipulates that Robert should act as warden of Gartnait, implying that Domhnall had just died..

Child of Donald, 6/10th Earl of Mar, and Ellen of Wales ferch Llywelyn the Great

Child of Donald, 6/10th Earl of Mar,

Donald, II, King of Scotland

( - 863)
     Donald, II, King of Scotland was the son of Constantine MacAlpin.
     Donald died in 863.

Child of Donald, II, King of Scotland

Donnchadh of Mar

( - circa 1244)
     Donnchadh died circa 1244. Donnchadh (or Duncan) Ehislach, 4th Earl.

Child of Donnchadh of Mar

Duncan Earl of Carrick

(before 1170 - 13 June 1250)
     Having compromised matters with his cousin Roland, who had rival claims, obtained from King William the Lion, before 1196, the district of Carrick, formed out of the old Cumbrian kingdom, part of ancient Galloway, with the title of Earl of Carrick. He took part with King John of England in his Irish wars. See wikipedia for further information.
     Duncan Earl of Carrick married Avelina FitzWalter or FitzAlan or Stewart, daughter of Alan FitzWalter High Steward of Scotland. There is some uncertainty about this marriage. Duncan Earl of Carrick was born before 1170. He was the son of Gilbert of Galloway.
     In 1176, he was handed over by his father Gille Brigte to King Henry II of England as a hostage, to ensure the good behaviour of the former.
     Duncan died on 13 June 1250.

Child of Duncan Earl of Carrick and Avelina FitzWalter or FitzAlan or Stewart

Duncan, I, King of Scotland

( - 15 August 1040)
     Duncan, I, King of Scotland was the son of Crinan the Thane, and Beatrice or Bethoc. Duncan, I, King of Scotland was also known as Donnchad mac Crinain in records.
     Duncan the First, the 'gracious Duncan' of Shakespeare's great tragedy of Macbeth, who was King of the Cumbrians, and succeeded his maternal grandfather King Malcolm II on 25 November 1031. He was murdered by Macbeth at Bothnagowan, now called Pitgaveny, near Elgin, 14 August 1040. By his wife, a kinswoman of Siward, Earl of Northumberland, he was father of Malcolm III. (Ceannmor) and of Donald Bane, successively Kings of Scots.'
The Medieval genealogy mailing list discussed:
> What source is there to show that Duncan mac Crinan died in 1040? Who ruled Scotland from that time till his father's death in 1045?
Duncan I of Scotland was killed by or at the behest of Macbeth, Mormaer of Moray on 14 Aug 1040 [1]. The only primary source I have at hand is the Annals of Ulster which states under the year 1040: "Donnchad son of Crínán, king of Scotland, was killed by his own people." [2]
Macbeth reigned from 1040 until 1057 at which time he was killed (on 15 Aug at Lumphanan, Aberdeenshire) by Mael Coluim III mac Donnchad [3]. I can't seem to find any entry in AU for this but there is a brief mention of his stepson Lulach's death the year after (1058):
"Lulach son of Gilla Comgain, over-king of Scotland, was killed in battle by Mael Coluim son of Donnchad." [4].
     Duncan died on 15 August 1040 in Pitgaveny, near Elgin, Moray, Scotland. He was killed by Macbeth (Mac Bethad mad Finclaidh).

Children of Duncan, I, King of Scotland

Duncan, II, King of Scotland

(circa 1060 - 12 November 1094)
     Duncan, II, King of Scotland was born circa 1060 in Scotland. He was son of Malcolm III (Máel Coluim mac Donnchada) and his first wife Ingibiorg Finnsdottir, widow of Thorfinn Sigurdsson. He was the son of Malcom, III Canmor, King of Scotland.
     Duncan, II, King of Scotland married Uchtreda, Queen of Scotland, daughter of Gospatrick Earl of Northumbria, circa 1094. Athelreda, who was married, about 1094, to Duncan II, King of Scots, (Donnchad II of Alba, son of King Malcolm Canmore) and became the mother of William Fitz Duncan, Earl of Moray, who lived until 1151 or later, as in that year King David I restored to him his honour of Skipton and others. His male line ended in the 'Boy of Egremont,' whose heiresses were his three sisters." There was another son named Gospatric, but of his history nothing is known.
     Duncan died on 12 November 1094.

Child of Duncan, II, King of Scotland and Uchtreda,, Queen of Scotland


     Dunclina, was the daughter of Kenneth, II, King of Scotland.
     Dunclina, married Kenneth, son of Ferguard, and Daughter, of Norway.

Child of Dunclina,, and Kenneth

Dylan Draws of Nanconwy

     Dylan Draws of Nanconwy was born in Wales.

Child of Dylan Draws of Nanconwy

Edern (Aeternus)

     Edern (Aeternus) was the son of Padarn Beisrudd (Paternus).

Child of Edern (Aeternus)

Edmund Earl of Lancaster

( - 1296)
     Edmund Earl of Lancaster married Aveline de Fortibus, daughter of William de Fortibus Count of Aumale and Isabel de Redvers Countess of Aumale, in April 1269.
     On his wife's death he obtained her father's vast estates but not her mother's property e.g. Harewood as she was living.
     Edmund died in 1296.

Edward, III, King of England

(13 November 1312 - 21 June 1377)
     Edward, III, King of England was born on 13 November 1312.
     Edward, III, King of England married Queen Philippa,.
     Edward died on 21 June 1377 aged 64.

Child of Edward, III, King of England

Ellen, (of Galloway),

Elystan Glodrydd,, King of Rhwng Gwy ag Hafren

(circa 970 - )
     Elystan Glodrydd, King of Rhwng Gwy ag Hafren was born circa 970 in Wales. He was the son of Cuhelyn ab Ifor ab Ifor and Gwen ferch Gronwy ap Tudur.
     Elystan Glodrydd, King of Rhwng Gwy ag Hafren married Gwenllian f Einion (?), daughter of Einion ab Owain (?).
     Rhwyng Gwy ag Hafren was between Wye & Severn. Little is known of this early 11th century king of what is now Radnorshire but from him descend the princes of Elfael and Maelienydd whose sovereignty lasted till 1234, and the families of Lloyd of Wenallt, Pryce of Newtown and Lloyd of Coedmore....

Child of Elystan Glodrydd,, King of Rhwng Gwy ag Hafren and Gwenllian f Einion (?)

Emma, of Brittany,

     Emma, of Brittany, married Sir Robert de Brus. Emma, of Brittany, was the daughter of Allan, Earl of Brittany.

Child of Emma, of Brittany, and Sir Robert de Brus


( - 1696)
     Eochaid was the son of Domangart.
     Eochaid died in 1696.

Child of Eochaid

Eochaid, the poisonous,

( - 781)
     Eochaid, the poisonous, was the son of Aed, the White.
     Eochaid died in 781.

Child of Eochaid, the poisonous,

Erc, of Irish Dalriada,

Child of Erc, of Irish Dalriada,

Eric, I, King of Norway

Child of Eric, I, King of Norway

Erik, II, King of Norway

(1268 - 1299)
     Erik, II, King of Norway was born in 1268.
     Erik, II, King of Norway married Isabel de Bruce Queen of Norway, daughter of Robert de Bruce Earl of Carrick, 6th Lord of Annandale and Marjorie Carrick Countess of Carrick, in 1293. They had a child in 1297.
     Erik died in 1299. He was the king of Norway from 1280 until 1299.

Ermengarde, of Scotland,

( - before 1241)
     Ermengarde, of Scotland, was the daughter of Alexander, II, King of Scotland.
     Ermengarde died before 1241. Ermengardis, filie domini mei Regis Alexandri ', named in grant of Sir Alexander de Stirling, 1240.

Ethelred, II, King of England

( - 1016?)
     Ethelred died in 1016?.

Child of Ethelred, II, King of England

Eubre Wyddel

Child of Eubre Wyddel

Eudes or Odo, Earl of Blois,

     Eudes, disinherited Count of Champagne, described as Count Odo in the Lindsey Survey (1115-18). [Cokayne, Complete peerage].
     Eudes or Odo, Earl of Blois, married Adelaide or Adeliz Countess de Albemarle, daughter of Robert, Duke of Normandy, and Herleve or Harlotte Unknown, before 1070.

Child of Eudes or Odo, Earl of Blois, and Adelaide or Adeliz Countess de Albemarle

Euphemia, Countess of Ross,

( - 1394)
     Euphemia, Countess of Ross, was the daughter of William, Earl of Ross, and Mary Unknown of the Isles.
     Euphemia, Countess of Ross, married Sir Walter de Leslie circa 1366 in Scotland.
     Euphemia, Countess of Ross, married Alexander Stewart Earl of Buchan as her second husband, in 1382..
     Euphemia died in 1394.

Children of Euphemia, Countess of Ross, and Sir Walter de Leslie

Euphemia, Countess of Strathearn,

     Euphemia, Countess of Strathearn, married Patrick Graham Earl of Strathearn.

Child of Euphemia, Countess of Strathearn, and Patrick Graham Earl of Strathearn