Edward Weston

(October 1813? - 8 June 1870)
     Edward Weston was also known as Western in records. He was christened in October 1813? In West Beckham, Norfolk. There is no evidence for this baptism, just a Norfolk birth. He was the son of Robert Weston and Sarah Crowan.
     Edward Weston was involved in a criminal court case in July 1830 in York, Yorkshire.
     Edward Weston was involved in a criminal court case on 6 July 1831 in Rotherham, Yorkshire. Information and complaint of Henry Cousin of Radford St, Sheffield, labourer, on oath 28 June 1831 [QS1/170/7, item 3]: The said informant on oath, saith that the Saturday evening last at about 1/4 past 6 o'clock he was in a field near Radford Street and several young men came up to him among the rest was Edward Western and after standing near informant awhile, he went to him and put his hand in his jacket pocket and took out a cotton bag containing 4/- in silver. Informant put his hand to his pocket to prevent Western getting the bag but he did get it and put it into his own pocket and when informant asked him for it he denied having ever seen it and violently beat informant with his fists. Western kept the bag and money. X
- Edward Western, late of Wakefield in the West Riding of the county of York, labourer, on the 23 day of June in the 1st year of our Sovereign Lord William the Fourth ... with force and arms at the parish of Sheffield ... 3 shillings of the current silver coin of this realm of the value of one shilling and one linen bag of the value of penny of the goods monies and chattels of one Henry Cousins from the person of him the same Henry Cousins did then & there feloniously steal take & carry away against the peace of our said King. Puts guilty. To be confined in the House of Correction one month and kept to hard labour. Witness: Henry Cousin, Benjamin Dyson, Thomas Flather.
     Edward Weston was involved in a criminal court case on 14 October 1831 in the Quarter Sessions, Sheffield, Yorkshire. Recognizance to give evidence 14 Oct 1831, Ricard Rasdale of Tenter? St, in Sheffield, shipler?, to be preferred by Thomas Booker etc., Against Edward Western & John Walker, on the 12 October inst from the Old Sugar House in Sheffield aforesaid a quantity of lead the property of Mr Revill. He was imprisoned on 29 October 1831 in York. List of convicts under sentence of transportation in the gaol or prison the Castle of York on the 29 October 1831: Edwd Western, 18, felony, Sheffield Sessions 25 Oct 1831. Convicted felon at Rotherham Sessions 1831 & imprisoned 1 month, solitary. 7 years. Character: very bad, health good. John Walker, ditto. He was transported to Sydney, arriving 19 April 1833. In June 1870 his death certificate stated that he had been 38 years in the colony. An Edward Western, aged 20, born in Norfolk arrived on the "Mangles" 19 April 1833, convicted at the York (West Riding) Quarter Sessions on 26 October 1831 at Sheffield for 7 years for stealing lead, he had a prior conviction of 1 month. He was described as a farmer's boy, single, protestant, able to read only, 5' 4 1/2" tall, his complexion was dark and little pockpitted, dark brown hair and hazel eyes. He had a sun, moon, etc. tattoo on his lower right arm and on his lower left arm the initials AW WK EK AK BW were tattooed. The ship departed 8 December 1832 carrying 236 male convicts.
     The original indent was annotated ... 26th inst see letters to Bench of Magistrates Braidwood date 19 October 1838. This presumably refers to the expiration of his sentence. Disposal to Dr Anderson, Parramatta.
     His indictment stated that Edward Western, late of Wakefield, West Riding of the county of York, labourer, and John Walker, late of the same place, labourer, on 12 October in the 2nd year of William IV [1831] ... with force and arms at the parish of Sheffield, stole sixty pounds weight of lead of the value of six shillings the property of one Samuel Revell then and there being fixed to a certain building of the said Samuel Revell there called the Sugar House ... that at the General Quarter of the Peace, held by adjournment at Rotherham on the 6th July 1831 ... Edward Western late of Wakefield in the said riding, labourer, was then and there duly convicted of a felony ... and the jurors ... holden by adjournment at Sheffield ... on 27th Oct in the first year of the said King [1830] ... To be severally transported for the term of seven years.
     Edward Weston lived at Long Swamp, New South Wales, 31 December 1837. Edward Weston, aged 21, per Mangles 1833, Master Dr R N Anderson.
     Edward Weston married Mary Collings on 2 June 1845 in in the temporary church, Murray River, Yass parish, New South Wales. Edward Weston of the parish of Murray River, bachelor & Mary Collings, of the parish of Murray River, spinster, were married in this temporary church by banns the second day of June 1845. They both made their mark and were witnessed by Pheobe Martin of Gundaroo River and John Allison of Yass, the parish clerk. Phoebe Niblett had married John Martin the same day with the consent of the governor.
     The NSW Government gazette supplement of 6 April 1850 reported that the forfeited run 'Willis' of Richard Brooks was transferred to Mr Edward Weston. It was 11,520 acres with an estimated grazing capacity of 500 cattle; bounded on the east by the Snowy River and the north, south & west by the Snowy Ranges.
     Edward Weston married secondly Anne Riddell on 11 November 1853 in Tooma, Albury parish, New South Wales. They were married by the Church of England minister. The Sydney Morning Herald reported: On the 11th November at Thooam (sic = Tooma?), Hume River, by special licence, by the Rev. Mr Elliot, Edward Weston, of the Hume River, to Anne, relict of the late John Morris of Gundagai.
     The NSW Government gazette of 17 August 1855 advertised a country lot of 262 acres, parish unamed (Murray district) on Molonglo River; commencing onat the NW corner of E Weston's 2560 acres .....
     Edward died of pneumonia on 8 June 1870 in the Hospital, Albury, New South Wales, aged 56. He was described as a labourer, aged 50, son of Robert & Sarah nee Crowan, born England, 38 years in the colony, married Ann Riddle at age 34 at Yass and had 2 males and 3 female children living with 1 male and 2 female children deceased. He was buried on 9 June 1870 in Albury.

Children of Edward Weston and Mary Collings

Children of Edward Weston and Anne Riddell

Anne Riddell

(18 May 1822 - in 1887? or 1860?)
     Anne Riddell was christened on 18 May 1822 in St Nicholas, Aberdeen, Aberdeenshire, Scotland. John Riddell, merchant, and his spouse Ann Bruce had a daughter born named Ann baptised by the Revd W? Dawser? in presence of John Bruce, Porter & dealer? and Mrs? McPherson, midwife. She was the daughter of John Riddel and Ann Bruce.
     Anne Riddell appeared on the 1841 census in the household of Andrew Smith and Ann Bruce in Citadel, Leith North, Edinburgh, Midlothian.
     Anne Riddell and Ann Bruce arrived per "New York Packet" on 23 October 1841 at Sydney, New South Wales, Australia, from Greenock, Scotland. There was smallpox on board and the vessel (with 284 immigrants and passengers) was quarantined for over 6 weeks, together with the pilot. The ship was released on December 18th and the immigrants about 1 January 1842. They were brought out by John Miller, Esq. under the Bounty scheme at £19 each.
Ann Riddell was described as an unmarried female immigrant - a native of Aberdeen, aged 17, house servant, arrived in very good health. She was under the protection of her stepfather Andrew Smith & wife. Her character was certificed by John Gilton & Arch[bishop?] Geddes of Leith. Andrew Smith was a native of Edinburgh, being baptised at St Cuthbert's, a farm servant, aged 31, son of James, Excise Agent & Catherine, both dead. He complained generally about the treatment and the provisions but was in perfect health. He was in the colonial hospital when the forms were filled out and produced at the Officer in Health on 7 January 1842. His baptism was certified by Robert Canley?, Session clerk, of St Cuthbert's, Edinburgh and his character certified by John Gillon & Archd Geddy of Leith. His wife Ann was a native of Aberdeen, daughter of John & Ann Bruce, who were alive, she was a servant aged 36 on application 35, Oct 1805, baptism certified by Andrew Cairngriss?, with John Gillon of Leith certifying her character. Ann Smith was in very good health but thought the doctor did not pay enough attention to them. They were all Protestants and could both read and write.
     She signed at both her marriages but her second husband Edward made his mark.
     Anne Riddell married John Morris on 19 March 1847 in Yass parish, co. Murray, New South Wales, Australia. In the temporary churchTheir marriage application showed that she was 22 years old and had immigrated in 1841 and he was a 34 year old "Ticket of Leave" convict serving a life sentence, having arrived on the "Parmelia" in 1836.
Her address was given as Tumut House - the only substantial building of that time was Tumut Plains House which was owned by the Shelley family. According to local historians, Lindley's Rose Inn at Gundagai was likely to be the temporary church used by Rev Brigstocke. Anne Riddell was widowed on 25 June 1852 on the death of her husband John Morris.
     Anne was widowed when her husband John Morris and their two sons John jr & David were drowned in the Gundagai flood. Anne was rescued after two days in a tree by an aborigine - probably Jacky Jacky (John or Jack Morley) of Brungle Station who died on 8 October 1908 aged 72 or older..
     Anne Riddell married Edward Weston as his second wife, on 11 November 1853 in Tooma, Albury parish, New South Wales. They were married by the Church of England minister. The Sydney Morning Herald reported: On the 11th November at Thooam (sic = Tooma?), Hume River, by special licence, by the Rev. Mr Elliot, Edward Weston, of the Hume River, to Anne, relict of the late John Morris of Gundagai.
     Anne died in 1887? or 1860?. She probably died before 1875 as her own mother & step-father witnessed her daughter's marriage to William MacKenzie. An Ann Weston, daughter of John & Ann, died 15 August 1860, buried 16th, widow of Glebe, Camperdown district NSW: 1860/2071, 1860/8849, 122B.

Children of Anne Riddell and John Morris

Children of Anne Riddell and Edward Weston

Edward Andrew Smith Weston

(14 August 1854 - after 1874?)
     Edward Andrew Smith Weston was born on 14 August 1854 in 'Bringembrong Station', Upper Murray, New South Wales. He was the son of Edward Weston and Anne Riddell. Edward Andrew Smith Weston was christened on 17 January 1855 in Murrumbidgee District, New South Wales. Born 14 August 1854, Edward Andrew Smith, son of Edward & Anne Weston, abode Bringembrong Station, Albury, stockman, by Henry Elliot, Church of England.
     Edward died after 1874?. A brother was mentioned at Robert's inquest in 1874..