Elizabeth Cook Woodman

(4 June 1815 - )
     Elizabeth Cook Woodman was christened on 4 June 1815 in Esher, Surrey. She was the daughter of John Woodman and Maria George.
     Elizabeth Cook Woodman married George Tucker on 1 June 1836 in Esher, Surrey.
     Elizabeth Cook Tucker was mentioned in the will of James Dempster dated 18 August 1841.

Frederic George Woodman

(26 February 1819 - )
     Frederic George Woodman was born on 26 February 1819 in Esher, Surrey. He was the son of John Woodman and Maria George. Frederic George Woodman was christened on 21 November 1819 in Esher.
     Frederic George Woodman was mentioned in the will of James Dempster dated 18 August 1841.

John Woodman

     John Woodman married Maria George, daughter of John George and Betty Coward, on 10 April 1814 in St Mary's, Portsea, Hampshire.
     John Woodman was mentioned in the will of James Dempster dated 18 August 1841.

Children of John Woodman and Maria George

Beatrice Woodroffe

(1466 - 1529)
     Beatrice Woodroffe was also known as Woodrow in records. She was born in 1466.
     Beatrice Woodroffe married Thomas Wentworth, son of William Wentworth and Isabell FitzWilliam. She was the daughter of Sir Richard Woodroffe, kt.
     Beatrice died in 1529.

Child of Beatrice Woodroffe and Thomas Wentworth

Desmond Woods

     Desmond Woods was born in Whepstead, Suffolk, England. He was the son of George Woods and Maud Mary Boreham. Desmond served in the R.A.A.F. A pilot.
     Desmond died during World War II.

George Woods

     George Woods married Maud Mary Boreham, daughter of George Boreham and Emma Elizabeth Bland.

Children of George Woods and Maud Mary Boreham

Gwendoline Rose Woods

(circa 1897 - )
     Gwendoline Rose Woods was born circa 1897.
     Gwendoline Rose Woods married Raymond Thomas Alick or Alex Colbert, son of Thomas Colbert and Amelia Caroline Lowe, on 28 February 1920 in St Paul's Retreat, Glen Osmond, South Australia.

James Woods

(24 February 1789 - )
     James Woods married Elizabeth Cocksedge. James Woods was born on 24 February 1789 in Ipswich, Suffolk.

Child of James Woods and Elizabeth Cocksedge

Mary Ann Woods

(18 October 1812 - )
     Mary Ann Woods was born on 18 October 1812 in St Margaret's, Ipswich, Suffolk. She was the daughter of James Woods and Elizabeth Cocksedge.
     Mary Ann Woods married James Samuel Cocksedge, son of James Cocksedge and Harriet Shearing, on 23 March 1848 in Stowmarket, Stow RD, Suffolk.

Children of Mary Ann Woods and James Samuel Cocksedge

Renee Woods

     Renee Woods was born in Whepstead, Suffolk, England. She was the daughter of George Woods and Maud Mary Boreham.

Richard Woods

     Richard Woods married Elizabeth Marlott on 25 November 1624 in St Peter the Great, Chichester, Sussex. Elizabeth Malet of Hitchingfield, maiden & Richard Woodes of West Grinstead..

Richard Woods

     Richard Woods married Susanna Grimwood, daughter of Richard Grimwood and Elizabeth Parmenter, on 19 September 1745 in Bramford, Suffolk. Married by licence.

Sir William Woodthorpe

Child of Sir William Woodthorpe

Maud Woodthorpe?

     Maud Woodthorpe? was the daughter of Sir William Woodthorpe.
     Maud Woodthorpe? married Hugh de Bernake.
     The Gen Medieval mailing list discusses this family: She is mentioned in a Lincolnshire fine dated 1263 of her father William de Woodthorpe which involved Hugh de Bernake and his wife, Maud. Woodthorpe, Lincolnshire, lies two miles west of Markby, Lincolnshire.
The manor of Woodthorpe eventually fell by inheritance to Maud de Bernake, Lady Cromwell. It was mentioned as one of Lady Cromwell's possessions in her will dated 1416 [see Report on the Manuscripts of Lord de L'Isle & Dudley Preserved at Penshurst Place, 1 (Hist. MSS. Comm. 77) (1925): 204-206]. It subsequently passed to her grandson and heir, Ralph Cromwell, 3rd Lord Cromwell, Lord Treasurer of England [Reference: Ibid., 207-208]

"No. 73. At Lincoln; from Trinity in fifteen days, 47 Henry III, [10 June, 1263].
Between Hugh de Bernack and Maud his wife, Peter de Kyrketon and Elizabeth his wife and Richard de Marisco [Marsh] and Alina his wife, plaintiffs, and Roger prior of Markby, tenant, of 8 acres of land in Wudethorp [Woodthorpe].

Assize of mort d'ancestor. The plaintiffs have quitclaimed from themselves and the heirs of Maud, Elizabeth and Alina to the prior, his successors and his church all the right and claim which they had in the land, for ever. And the prior has received the plaintiffs into all the benefits and prayers which shall henceforth be made in his church for ever."

Letitia Woodward (Featherstonhaugh) (Strong)

(circa 1880 - 6 January 1971)
     Letitia Woodward (Featherstonhaugh) (Strong) was born circa 1880.
     Letitia Woodward (Featherstonhaugh) (Strong) married Sir George Rich, son of Rev Charles Hamor Rich and Isabella Tempest Bird, on 10 November 1950 in St James Piccadilly, Westminster, England. She was Mrs Letitia Fetherstonhaugh Strong [widow] of Foster St, St Kilda, aged 87.
     Letitia died on 6 January 1971 in 'Stanser', 104 Elizabeth Bay Rd, Elizabeth Bay, New South Wales.

Sarah Woody

(circa 1665? - 2 July 1696?)
     Sarah Woody was born circa 1665? In Suffolk. She is possibly descended from the Woody families at Stowupland, Rusmer or Needham.
     Sarah Woody married Thomas Jacob, son of Thomas Jacob and Bridget Unknown (Jacob), on 7 August 1683 in Ipswich, Suffolk.
     In Thomas Jacob's will dated 6 April 1695 in Buxhall, Sarah Woody was named as executrix of the estate; His will mentions Sarah his wife, and his 13 children: Thomas Jacob eldest son, Daniel? Jacob, John Jacob, Martha, Elizabeth, Ann, Hanah Jacob; property lately given him by Thomas Jacob his father deceased to be used towards the bringing up his six youngest children that is Symon, Samuel, Sarah, Thomas, Beatrice and Ruth Jacob. She was an executor of Thomas Jacob's estate on 20 May 1695 in Bury St Edmunds, Suffolk. Sarah Woody was buried on 2 July 1696? In Buxhall.
     Sarah died on 2 July 1696? In Buxhall, Suffolk.

Children of Sarah Woody and Thomas Jacob

Charles Simeon Wooldridge

     The marriage of Charles Simeon Wooldridge and Katherine J M Cruttwell, daughter of Robert Cruttwell and Mary Ann Noad, was registered in London, Kensington RD, in the March 1871 quarter.

Sarah Anne Woolhouse

(circa 1845 - )
     Sarah Anne Woolhouse was born circa 1845 in Rotherham, Yorkshire. She claimed to be born at Woolley Rotheram.
     Sarah Anne Woolhouse married Thomas Rich, son of Amor Rich and Prudence Hollingsworth, on 5 April 1868 in St Philips, Shalesmoor, Yorkshire. He was a bachelor of full age, farmer, residing at Hoyle St.
     Sarah Anne Woolhouse and Thomas Rich appeared on the 1871 census in Ecclesfield. Thomas Rich 29, ag. labourer, born Laughton en le Morthen, his wife Sarah Ann Rich 25, born Rotherham, Frederic Rich 2, William Rich 2 Months, both born Ecclesfield.
     Sarah Anne Woolhouse and Thomas Rich appeared on the 1881 census in Wadsley Bridge, Ecclesfield, Yorkshire. Thomas Rich, head, aged 41, agricultural labourer, born Laughton en le Morthen, with his wife Sarah aged 35, born Woolley, Rotheram, Yks, and their son Henry aged 8, born Southey, Yks, and daughter Sarah born Hanswodhouse. There was also a William, steel melter aged 44, born Sheffield and his family at Ecclesfield and a John aged 41 in the Ecclesfield Cottage Workhouse who was born in Ecclesfield.

Children of Sarah Anne Woolhouse and Thomas Rich

Alice Sophia Wooltorton

(1884 - 24 January 1969)
     Alice Sophia Wooltorton was born in 1884 in Dunolly, Victoria. She was the daughter of Walter George Wooltorton and Mary Hannah Margaret Nelson.
     Alice Sophia Wooltorton married James Donald Peter Forbes, son of Alexander Forbes and Sarah Jane Rose, in 1909 in Victoria.
     Alice died on 24 January 1969 in Maryborough, Victoria. She was buried circa 26 January 1969 in Eddington.

Child of Alice Sophia Wooltorton and James Donald Peter Forbes

Ethel Elizabeth Wooltorton

(1882 - 2 November 1963)
     Ethel Elizabeth Wooltorton was born in 1882 in Dunolly, Victoria. She was the daughter of Walter George Wooltorton and Mary Hannah Margaret Nelson.
     Ethel Elizabeth Wooltorton married Angus Charles Forbes, son of Alexander Forbes and Sarah Jane Rose, in 1906 in Victoria.
     Ethel died on 2 November 1963. She was buried circa 5 November 1963 in Eddington.

Child of Ethel Elizabeth Wooltorton and Angus Charles Forbes

Walter George Wooltorton

     Walter George Wooltorton married Mary Hannah Margaret Nelson in 1881 in Ararat, Victoria. My interest in this family only relates to the daughters who married Forbes.

Children of Walter George Wooltorton and Mary Hannah Margaret Nelson

Alethea Worby

     Alethea Worby married Frederick Cocksedge, son of Isaac Cocksedge and Caroline Atherton, before 1 April 1875.

Child of Alethea Worby and Frederick Cocksedge

Mary Wordly

(before 1565 - )
     Mary Wordly was born before 1565 in Suffolk, England.
     Mary Wordly married Baldwin Cocksedge, son of John Cocksedge and Margaret Unknown, in 1579 in Felsham, Suffolk.

Frederick Wordsworth

(before 1640 - )
     Frederick Wordsworth was born before 1640.
     Frederick Wordsworth married Elizabeth Rich on 26 May 1660 in Rotherham, Yorkshire.

John Wordsworth

(circa 1570? - )
     John Wordsworth was born circa 1570?.
     John Wordsworth married daughter Rich, daughter of Edward Rich and Elizabeth Turton, before 1603.
     In Edward Rich's will dated 6 August 1 James I (1603) in Thurlstone, Penistone, Yorkshire, John Wordsworth was named as heir; In the name of god Amen: I Edward Rich of the Bulhouse in the township of Thurleston and County of York being of perfect memory make this my last will and testament this sixth of August the first year of our soveraigne Lord James by the grace of god of England Scotland France & Ireland king defender of the faith etc AD 160-. First I commend my soul into the hands of god trusting assuredly to be saved by the redemption of Christ Jesus & my body to be buried in the parish church of Peniston And for my worldly goods I will they be disposed in maner & form following viz:
First I give & bequeath to Richard Riche my son one great arke in the lower chamber and a yoke of black oxen, and a yoke of stottes.
Item I give to John Wordsworth two less stottes a black and a red.
Item I give to Mathew Thewlesse £5
Item to William Rich alias Pecke £13/6/8 due to him & my executors to bring him up till he be 15 years old accordinge to my Covenant.
Also I give to Mary Thelesse £13/6/8; and so much wool as will make her a gown
Item I give to my wife that third part of my goods which is due to her by the law, and a bed furnished with a chest & a cupboard with a great pan upon condition she rest contented therewith without any further claim to my other part of my goods.
Item I give to Amor Rich the two great tables in the house and the less table in the house, I give to Richard Rich my son,
Item I will that my executors pay 26 shillings & eight pence to the poor which was left by my fathers will to be given to them.
Item I give to the poor of the parish of Peniston 20 shillings to be distributed in four years next after my decease at the feast of Easter.
Item I give to Thomas Snydall my son in law £5/3/4
Item I will that my executors pay to every one of the three children of James Michell 28 shillings which I owe them.
Item I give to every servant in my house a sheep or 3s 4d
The rest of my goodes & chattells my debtes being paid & funerall discharged I give to Richard Rich my son John Wordsworth & Thomas Snydall my sons in law & make them three executors of this my last will & testament
Witnesses Francis Oley Amor Riche.

Note that his other son Amor is not a beneficiary of the will, presumably because he is the heir of his grandfather. He was an executor of Edward Rich's estate on 3 October 1605 in the Prerogative Court of York.

John Wordsworth

(circa 1643 - 12 August 1701)
     John Wordsworth was born circa 1643 in Yorkshire, England.
     John Wordsworth married Sarah Rich, daughter of Reginald Rich and Sarah Kay, on 1 August 1665 in Penistone, Yorkshire. Nupti Johi Wordsworth & Sara Rich. August 1/8? The marriage licence describes them as Sarah Rich spinster 24 of Penistone & John Wadsworth yeoman, 22.
     John Wordsworth was mentioned in a civil court action circa 1673 in Yorkshire. In the Quarter Sessions: Wordsworth Joh[ann]es.
And that John Word[sworth ....] of C-- York, husbandman, on the fifth day of --- in the twenty eighth year of the reign of Charles the Second … in the West Riding county aforesaid, did make an assault and affray in and upon one John Rich, being then and there in the peace of God and the said Lord the King, and then and there did beat and (in English) did threaten to do mischief to him, so that his life was greatly despaired of and did inflict other outrages upon him to the grievous damage of the said John Rich and against the peace of the said Lord the now King, his crown and dignity.
Witnesses: Joh[ann]es Rich
Will[ia]m Battye. Jur’
On 7 June 1697 John Wordsworth sold property in 'Parkin House' share, Thurlstone, Penistone, Yorkshire. Bargain and sale: John Rich of Parkinhouse to John Wordsworth of Softley. Croft or Little Close of land called Old Garden in Ecklands adjoining south end of Meller Lath for 10/- and other considerations. Also a bond in 50 pounds to keep the covenants. Also a bond of Jonas and John, sons of John Wordsworth to keep the covenant. Counterpart of Bargain and sale: John Wordsworth of Softley to John Rich of Parkinhouse (he other half of the house).
     Deed to lead the uses of a fine:
John Wordsworth of Softley and Sarah his wife and Joseph Banks of Sheffield declare that the fine to be levied concerning a messuage in Ecklands and 5 messuages, 2 cottages, 30 acres of land, 2 acres of meadow, 30 acres of pasture etc. in Nether thwonge, Meltham, Thurlstone and Sheffield shall be to the use of the said John Wordsworth
     John Wordsworth made a will dated 9 August 1701 in Penistone, YKS. Will of John Wordsworth of Softley. He leaves a messuage in Ecklands and the moiety of a cottage called the High Coat in the upper end of the townfield of Ecklands to his son John Wordsworth; messuages called Lydgate and Wolfenstones and other lands in Nether Thong to his sons Josiah and Jonathan Wordsworth; to Sarah Gillett his daughter, wife of Richard Gillott of Old Booth, £100; to his wife Sarah £5; to his daughter Martha wife of Joseph Haighe of Bilcliffe £5; and the residue of his property to his son John Wordsworth.
     John was buried on 12 August 1701 in 'Softley (Soughley)', Thurlstone, Penistone, Yorkshire.
     His will was proved on 30 December 1701 at the Prerogative Court of York. He was buried on 12 Aug 1701 and his widow Sarah on 31 Jan 1707/8.

Children of John Wordsworth and Sarah Rich

John Wordsworth

(before 1674 - )
     John Wordsworth was mentioned in a civil court action. He was born before 1674 in 'Softley (Soughley)', Thurlstone, Penistone, Yorkshire. He was the son of John Wordsworth and Sarah Rich.

Jonathan Wordsworth

(before 1678 - )
     Jonathan Wordsworth was born before 1678 in 'Softley (Soughley)', Thurlstone, Penistone, Yorkshire. He was the son of John Wordsworth and Sarah Rich.

Josias Wordsworth

(before 1676 - )
     Josias Wordsworth was born before 1676 in 'Softley (Soughley)', Thurlstone, Penistone, Yorkshire. He was the son of John Wordsworth and Sarah Rich.

Josias Wordsworth

(before 1650 - )
     Josias Wordsworth was born before 1650.