Elizabeth Hagan

(22 April 1845 - )
     Elizabeth Hagan was born on 22 April 1845 in Cookstown, Tyrone. This date is incompatible with her brother. She was the daughter of Charles Hagan and Jane Millar.

Michael Colbert

(circa 1847 - )
     Michael Colbert was born circa 1847 in Cork. He was the son of John Colbert and Ellen Cleary. Edmond, David, Michael and Mary were listed as the children of John Colbert in the 1851 census in Ballinrush Upper, Kilworth/Kilcrumper, Cork.
     In the mid 1890s, the area around Kilworth was cleared for a military training ground. Among those who were 'bought out' were David & Michael Colburt, who had land in Ballinrush (Kilworth parish - part of the parish was in Kilcrumper) where David had 27 acres (worth £120) and Michael 8 acres (£125), Graigue where Michael had 43 acres value included with Ballinrush & David had 7 acres (worth £27/10/-) & Whitebog where Michael had 7 & 9 acres included with Ballinrush.
     Caroline Colbert wrote: Michael moved to Kilglass, Co. Limerick, married and had three children: David, Jack, Ellie.

Elizabeth Mure

     Elizabeth Mure married Sir John Dunbar, son of John Dunbar, before 1560.