Robert Weir

     Robert Weir was the son of George Dunbar. Robert Weir was mentioned in a deed dated 20 December 1790. Indenture #137026 430/125 Assigned memorial George Dunbar, Esq., of Ballycarney, co. Carlow, but then of Dublin City, P1, 22 Dec 1790: George Dunbar for the considerations and purposes mentioned assigned to Whally etc, the personal fortune of Martin Killigrew in Gt Britain £7505 for the purposes mentioned. Registered 22 Dec 1790.
     Robert was a defendant in a court case between 1807 and 1813. Dunbar v. Weir & Tredennick, 1807 cited in following case: May 18-19 1813 High Court of Justice (Ireland), Chancery Division: Major J K Dunbar, plaintiff, Tredennick deft: Plaintiff seeks to record possession of a certain manor of Kilcoe, co. Fermanagh & to have set aside certain fee farm grants totalling about 700 acres conveyed by his father Major George Dunbar & himself to R Weir, his attorney & agent, plaintiff alleging that the ... of ... had been obtained by ... by fraud. Plaintiff also claims an account of rents received ... under a deed of 11 December 1792, executed by plaintiff (having come of age in 1790) his father (Major George Dunbar) ... & ... all the English estates vested in ... had been sold but the proceeds had not (May 1813) been remitted by the English agents & until the costs had been ascertained the residue would not be remitted.
In 1792 plaintiff being ordered abroad with his regiment, with his father executed the said deed to Weir, but did not appreciate its significance. He remained abroad until 1807 (being at Jersey that year) when his father died and he returned to England. Meanwhile for £3400 Weir had conveyed the manor to defendant Tredennick. Plaintiff looked into the circs (circumstances?) of the execution by himself and his late father of the deed of conveyance to Weir & was allege... was obtd from him & his father by fraud.
Held that ex... to deed of 11 Dec 1792 was obtd by fraud by Weir, that plaintiff was entitled to recover possession and an account against defendant and all costs.
N.B. Robert Weir was said to be an illegitimate son of Major Geo Dunbar.
Ball & Beatty reports: Chancery, Ireland 1807-1814. Printers. R Milliken (Dublin), H Butterworth, 7 Fleet St London. Vol. printed 1824

Robert Weir

(1676 - 1743)
     Robert Weir was born in 1676. He was the son of Alexander Weir.
Burke's Landed Gentry of Ireland states: Robert Weir, of Hall Craig, b. 1676 ; fought at the Battle of the Boyne, and at Athlone, Aghrim, and Limerick, and died 1743.
He married Anne, dau. of Capt. Christopher Carleton, of Market Hill, Co. Fermanagh, by whom he had, with several younger children (from one of whom has descended a branch that settled in co. Sligo, and is represented there by the Weirs of Lake "View, near Boyle)
Robert Weir married Anne Carleton.
     Robert died in 1743 in Ireland.

Child of Robert Weir

Robert Weir

(after 1745 - 1818)
     Robert Weir was born after 1745 in Ireland. He was the son of Alexander Weir and Barbara Crozier.
Robert Weir, Esq. of Hall Craig, JP and DL, co. Fermanagh, and served as High Sheriff; m. July, 1779, Mary, daughter of of Thomas Rynd, of Ballywhillin, co. Fermanagh, and by her had (with five other daughters) John, Alexander & Mary. He was amagistrate and deputy governor fo Fermanagh.
     Robert Weir and George Dunbar were mentioned in a deed dated 12 March 1783 in Ireland. No. 236250 Dunbar to Weir. To the Register appd for Registering deed and so forth. A memorial for a lease … the 12 day march 1783 made between George Dunbar of Great V… St in the city of Dublin Esquire of the one part and of Robt Weir of Dorset St in the sd city of Dublin Esquire of the other part. Whereby the sd George Dunbar for and in consideration of 100 pound sterling to … then paid by the sd Robt Weir he the sd George Dunbar did … and set unto the sd Robt Weir all that and those the of own and lands of .. gah situate in the manor of Killlcoe and county of Fermanaghe with houses and … orchards gardens meadows and all other appurtenances thereunto belonging in as full and ample manner as the same then held by Robt Casson? Arthur Graham Arthur … Graham James Graham and Francis Brock by virtue of a lease made to them thereof the said Georg Dunbar bearing date he 17th day of June 1751. To hold to the sd Robert Weir his heirs, exors admons and af.. from and immediately after the death of the sd Robt VausoN> and William Hamilton of Garrison, Esquire being two of the lives then in being and for which the … were granted in and by the said lease of the 17 June 1751 to his and their only use and behoof for ever at the yearly rent of 45 pounds sterling the first payment thereof to be made in six months after the death of the sd Robert Carson and William Hamilton … above all taxes and .. to continue payable half yearly afterward for ever which … deed of lease and this memorial is witness by Tomason? Hamilton and John Whelan both of the City of Dublin Gent Geo Dunbar seal signed … in the presence of Johnson Hamilton John Whelan. The above named Johnson Hamilton maketh oath that he saw the lease of which the above writing is a memorial duly executed by both the parties thereto and this he also saw the above named George Dunbar duly signed seal the above meml and that he this depont is a … witness the said … and this memorial and that the same Johnson Hamilton … 12 May 1793.
     Robert died in 1818. He lelft 5 daughters and a son John.

Child of Robert Weir

Robert Weir

(before 1580 - 1633)
     Robert Weir married (?) Lindsay. Robert Weir was born before 1580. Third osn of James Weir of Blackwood, by his wife Euphemia Hamiton, was tyled of Craig Hea..
Archibald Hamilton, on 5 August 1616, at Castletowne, by his charter of enfeoffment, granted to Robert Weure, gent and Alexander Weire, his son, all the towns, tates, and parcels ... during the natural life of said Robert and after his death to the use of the said Alexander, his heirs and assigns forever. Robert & Alexander Weire later granted to Malcolm Hamilton, late Archbishop of Cashel, forever ....
The said late archbishop by charter dated 20 Aug 1621, granted to Robert Weire of Tullymargy, gent, Cabriel Coningham, gent and James Somervill, gent forever, all the said proportion...
The said late archbishop in 1627 by his last will & testament excepting the aforesaid exceptions to his son Malcolm H and heirs with remainder to Lodovic Hamilton another son of the late archbishop by his wife Jane Crafford, remainder to Archibald H son & heir apparent of said late archbishop.
The said late archbishop, by his charter dated 13 March 1615/16, granted to James Somervill and Elizabeth his wife ....
     Robert died in 1633.
He (or a son Robert) was listed as a 'Tituladoes' in the 1659 cesus of Ireland in Magherynagiran, Devonish, Fermanagh and as Robert Weire gent. Monahan, parish of Devonish.

Child of Robert Weir and (?) Lindsay

Mary Welch?

     Mary Welch? married John Ruby on 12 June 1761 in Tavistock, Devon.

(?) Weldon

(4 June 1880 - )
     (?) Weldon was born on 4 June 1880 At Whittlesey, the wife of Bowker Weldon, of a daughter in Whittlesey, Cambridgeshire. She was the daughter of Bowker Weldon and Sarah Bowker.

Rev Anthony (?) Weldon

(circa 1730 - 1803)
     Rev Anthony (?) Weldon was born circa 1730. He was the son of Walter Weldon and Ann Burdett.
     (?) died in 1803.

Arthur Weldon

(before 1632 - before 20 September 1676)
           Inrolments of the abjudication (the arrears of the Commissioned Officers who served Charles II (or Chas I) in the Wars of Ireland before 5 June 1649 - held at SoG: Weldon, Arthur, Bartholomew, Richard & William. Arthur Weldon was born before 1632 in St John's Bower, Kildare, Ireland. He was the fifth son. He was the son of Walter Weldon and Jane Ryder.
Mary Harman married secondly Arthur Weldon after 1657 in Ireland. Arthur Weldon, of Park co. Carlow, married Mary daughter of Henry Harman of Dublin and sister of Sir Thomas Harman, Kt, of Athy, and widow of Sir John Dunbar of Dunbar, co. Fermanagh. She was widowed again by 1680.      
Arthur Weldon Arthur Weldon, gent, was assessed for the poll tax as 'Titulado' in the '1659 census of Ireland for Catherlagh County & Borough, with 10 people in the household in 1659 in Parke, Ballinacarrig, Carlow, Ireland.
Petition of William Weldon, and Arthur Weldon, to the Duke of Ormond MS. Carte 159, fol(s). 224v [circa 18 March] 1664: As executors of Robert Weldon, late of Athy in the county of Kildare, many debts are due to petitioners from persons whose estates are sequestrated, and in his Majesty's hands.... They have discovered that a lease of the towns and lands of Ballichanebegg and Killmullrony, in the Queen's County, for several years yet to come, is forfeited to his Majesty, and concealed.... They pray for the grant of a custodiam of the said lands, during pleasure
Warrant, by the Duke of Ormond, to the Barons of the Exchequer, for a grant, in custodiam, to the petitioners, of the lands recited in this petition, if found to be at his Majesty's disposal, and not already granted to other persons MS. Carte 159, fol(s). 224v 21 March 1664.
Petition of John Ghest to the Duke of Ormond, Lord Lieutenant of Ireland: written from Dublin MS. Carte 154, fol(s). 87 23 June 1666:
Plaint of debt against Arthur Weldon, esquire, Lieutenant of his Grace's Battle-Axes and others. [With the order made thereupon.].
     Arthur died before 20 September 1676 in Park, Ballincarrig, Carlow, Ireland. He was buried on 20 September 1676 in St Audeon, Dublin, Ireland. Capt Arthur Weldon of Black Dog.

Child of Arthur Weldon and Mary Harman

Arthur Weldon

     Arthur Weldon was the son of Walter Weldon and Ann Burdett.
Arthur Weldon married Mary Dopping. She was the daughter of Anthony Dopping, DD Bishop of Meath.

Bowker Weldon

(20 June 1804 - )
     Bowker Weldon was christened on 20 June 1804 in Stamford St Michael, Lincolnshire. He was the son of Francis Weldon and Rebecca Mary Bowker.
     Bowker Weldon was named in the militia list taken in 1824 in Stamford, St Michael, Lincolnshire. Bowker Weldon, aged 20.
Bowker Weldon married Charlotte Parkinson on 2 March 1841 in Ryhall, Rutland. On Tuesday last at Ryhall, (by the Rev Wm Wing, of Stibbington_ Mr Bower Weldon, druggist of Portsdown Terrace. Kilburn, London, to Charlotte, second daughter of Mr Parkinson of Ryhall.
He was son of Francis Weldon, draper..

Children of Bowker Weldon and Charlotte Parkinson

Child of Bowker Weldon and Sarah Bowker

Bowker Weldon

(27 August 1846 - )
     Bowker Weldon was born on 27 August 1846 in London. He was the son of Bowker Weldon and Charlotte Parkinson. Bowker Weldon was christened on 17 November 1850 in St Mark, Marylebone, Westminster, London. Bowker, son of Bowker & Charlotte Weldon, of Portsdown Terrace, chemist. born August 27 1846.
     Bowker was a solicitor.
Bowker Weldon married Sarah Bowker, daughter of Thomas Bowker J.P., Squire and Sarah Eagles Cowley, on 1 July 1873 in St Mary's, West Brompton, Middlesex?, England. Weldon Bowker -July 1 at St Mary's, West Brompton (by the Rev Frederick Jopiln, rector of Boulge-with-Debach, uncle of the bridegroom), Bowker Weldon, solicitor, Whittlesey, to Sarah, the youngest daughter of Thomas Bowker Esq., of the Manor House, Whittlesey.

Charles St Leger Weldon

(1902 - 1955)
     Charles St Leger Weldon married Maud Winifred Murray, daughter of John Oldham Denty Murray and Mary Ann Sally Bird. Charles St Leger Weldon was born in 1902 in Wexford, Ireland.
     Charles died in 1955 in London, England.

Charlotte Weldon

(8 September 1842 - )
     Charlotte Weldon was christened on 8 September 1842 in St James Paddington, Westminster, London, Middlesex. She was the daughter of Bowker Weldon and Charlotte Parkinson.

Francis Weldon

     Francis Weldon married secondly Rebecca Mary Bowker on 11 July 1803 in Stamford St Michael, Lincolnshire.

Child of Francis Weldon and Rebecca Mary Bowker

John Weldon

     John Weldon was the son of Walter Weldon and Jane Ryder.
     John resided at Roscommon.

Kathleen Vivian Weldon

     Kathleen Vivian Weldon married Richard Alfred John Dempster, son of Horace Hawkins Dempster and Ann Teresa Carney, in 1937 in Petersham district, New South Wales.

Thomas Weldon

( - 1647)
     Thomas Weldon was the son of Walter Weldon and Jane Ryder.
Thomas Weldon married Mary Newman. They had issue: John 1629/30 - 1677) & Rose.
     Thomas resided at St John's Bower, Kildare, Ireland, 1641.
     Thomas died in 1647. He may be the Thomas Waldon buried 15 August 1650 along with Mary on the 18th, at St John's.

Walter Weldon

(say 1658 - 16 May 1728)
      Lodge's Peerage states: Weldon of Rahenderry, Co. Kildare: This is a branch of the Weldons of Swanscombe, co. Kent, and became settled in Ireland at the close of the 16th century. The estate of Rahenderry was purchased from the heirs of Sir Richard Graham, Knt.. by Robert Weldon, who d. s. p., and was succeeded by his nephew, William, M.P. for Athy in 1661. He was succeeded bv his cousin, Walter Weldon, Esq., of Rahenderry, M.P. for Carlow from 1692 to 1715.
This gentleman m. Anne, daughter of Thomas Burdett, Esq., of Garahill, Co. Carlow, and sister of Sir Thomas Burdett, of Garahill, who was created a Baronet of Ireland in 1723, with remainder to the heirs male of his sister, Anne. By this lady Mr. Weldon was father of Arthur Weldon, Esq., of Rahenderry, whose 3rd son (by his 2nd wife, Mary, daughter of Anthony Dopping, D.D., Bishop of Meath), the Rev. Anthony Weldon, Rector of Athy, m. Anne Coghlan, and died in 1803??j, having had issue.
His 3rd son, Anthony, succeeded, according to the limitation of the patent, to the Baronetcy of his kinsman, Sir William Bagenal Burdett 3rd Baronet, who died without issue in 1840, and is the present Sir Anthony Weldon, 4th Baronet…
. Walter Weldon was born say 1658 in Ireland. He was the son of Arthur Weldon and Mary Harman.
Walter Weldon served in the military in the British Army. Walter Weldon, ensign received commission in the Army 7 Mar 1685, also Thomas Weldon, ensign & George Dunbar Lieut. in Earl of Granard's Regiment of Foot.
Walter Weldon married Ann Burdett. He married Anne, daughter of Thomas Burdett, of Garahill, co. Carlow and sister of Sir Thomas Burdett who was created Baronet of Ireland, by patent dated 11 July 1723 "with remainder to the heirs male of his sister Anne, wife of Walter Weldon" By this lady Mr Weldon left at his decease 16 May 1728/9 4 sons ....      
Walter Weldon was was a Member of Parliament for the Borough of Carlow between 1692 and 1715 for Carlow, Ireland.
Walter Weldon, of Rahin, Esq., 14th June, 1703; consideration, three hundred and sixty pounds. — The towns and lands of Killane, Rathinkillane, and Gargart, two hundred acres; barony of Forth, county Carlow — the estate of John Warren, attainted. Inrolled 9th Oct., 1703.
Walter Weldon was trustee to a marriage settlement between Major John Dunbar and Anne Killigrew dated 20 May 1718. Extract from the pre-niptial marriage settlement of Major John Dunbar and Ann Killigrew, dated May 20, 1718. ... and whereas the said Anne Killigrew is also seized in fee to her and her heirs of & in several lands and tenements herinafter mentioned to be lying & situate in the said county of Cornwall, and whereas the said John Dunbar is likewise seized in fee of the manor, town & lands of Kilcoe, situate, lying and being in the county of Fermanagh , Upper and Lower Ballicarey in Catherloch [Ballycarney, Carlow]; Prisloe in Budock. The trustees to said settlement were, Sir William Twysden, Martin Killigrew, Owen Wynne and Walter Weldon. Witnesses, Francis Errisey, John Hamilton, Thomas Wilson.
     Walter Weldon was mentioned in the will of Major John Dunbar dated 27 May 1724.
     Walter died on 16 May 1728 in Rahinderry, Laois, Ireland.

Children of Walter Weldon and Ann Burdett

Walter Weldon

( - 9 December 1634)
     Walter Weldon was was the Member of Parliament in 1613 for Athy, Kildare.
Walter Weldon married Jane Ryder.
     Walter died on 9 December 1634.
     His will was proved in 1634 at the Prerogative Court of Armagh, Ireland. Walter Weldon, St John's Bower, co. Kildare, esq.

Children of Walter Weldon and Jane Ryder

Walter Weldon

( - 1661)
     Walter Weldon was the son of Walter Weldon and Jane Ryder.
     Walter died in 1661. He left no issue. He may be one of the Walters who were buried at St John's, Dublin: 18 August 1650 or 6 Sep 1650.

William Weldon

     William Weldon was the son of Walter Weldon and Jane Ryder.      
William Weldon was was the Member of Parliament in 1668 for Athy, Kildare. He married twice and had issue.

Agnes Welford

     Agnes Welford was the daughter of Thomas Welford and Sister Bowker.
     Agnes Welford was mentioned in the will of Rev William Bowker dated 15 March 1587.

Margaret Welford

     Margaret Welford was the daughter of Thomas Welford and Sister Bowker.
     Margaret Welford was mentioned in the will of Rev William Bowker dated 15 March 1587.

Thomas Welford

     Thomas Welford married Sister Bowker, daughter of Unknown Bowker.

William Welford

     William Welford was the son of Thomas Welford and Sister Bowker.
     William Welford was mentioned in the will of Rev William Bowker dated 15 March 1587.

Ann Welham

(14 July 1805 - )
     Ann Welham was christened on 14 July 1805 in St Mary, Buxhall, Suffolk. She was the daughter of Joseph Welham and Mary Dykes.

Caroline Welham

(June 1840 - June 1840)
     Caroline's death was registered in the quarter ending in June 1840 in Stow RD, Suffolk. She was buried in Gt Finborough, Suffolk. She's birth was registered in the quarter ending in June 1840 in Gt Finborough, Suffolk. She was the daughter of Samuel Welham and Caroline Buxton.

Elizabeth Welham

(27 August 1797 - )
     Elizabeth Welham was christened on 27 August 1797 in St Mary, Buxhall, Suffolk. She was the daughter of Joseph Welham and Mary Dykes.

Harriet Welham

(28 January 1810 - )
     Harriet Welham was christened on 28 January 1810 in St Mary, Buxhall, Suffolk. She was the daughter of Joseph Welham and Mary Dykes.

Isaac Welham

(circa 1820 - )
     Isaac Welham was born circa 1820. He was the son of Joseph Welham and Mary Dykes. Isaac Welham was christened on 15 April 1827 in Buxhall, Suffolk.
     Isaac Welham appeared on the 1841 census in the household of Joseph Welham and Mary Dykes in Mill Green, Buxhall, Suffolk.