Jane Grimwood

(before 1 October 1868 - )
     Jane Grimwood was born before 1 October 1868 in Aldham, Cosford RD, Suffolk. She was the daughter of Joseph Grimwood and Sarah Anne Leeks. Benjamin, Joseph, Henry, Mary, Jonathan, Sarah and Jane were listed as the children of Joseph Grimwood in the 1871 census in Red Hill, Aldham, Suffolk.

John Dunbar

     John Dunbar was born. He was of Derchester & Birkynside. Some sources state he was the husband of Isabella Randolph. He was the son of Patrick (IV) Dunbar 8th Earl and Marjory Comyn.

Sir Alexander Dunbar

(between 1246 and 1256 - )
     Sir Alexander Dunbar was born between 1246 and 1256. He was the son of Patrick (III) Dunbar 7th Earl and Cecilia Fraser?
     Sir Alexander, who is named as the third of the brothers in the compact of 1286 and elsewhere. He had a fee or grant of 20 merks sterling bestowed on him by King Alexander III which continued to be paid after the King's death, up to September 1289.
     There are other unimportant references to him, and he was alive on 26 June 1331, when his son Sir Patrick quit-claimed his rights in Swinwood to the monks of Coldingham. It is not known when he died.
His seal, still attached to one of the receipts for his fee, shows a lion rampant within a double tressure. Legend, 'S. ALEXANDRI FILII COMITIS DE DYNB.. The name of his wife is nowhere stated. Sir Alexander had issue, so far as is known, one son