Charles Cocksedge

(1854 - )
     Charles Cocksedge was born in 1854 in St John's, Brisbane, Queensland. He was the son of James Cocksedge and Maria Alexander.

Rita H Cocksedge

(1901 - 1996)
     Rita H Cocksedge was born in 1901 in St Peters, New South Wales. William Henry Stevens Cocksedge married Maude Elizabeth Thursfield in 1905 but she too had already produced a daughter out of wedlock. This was Helen Rita Thursfied born in 1901. In 1913 Helen Rita was formally adopted by the couple and her name was changed to Rita Helen Cocksedge. Since there was a four year gap before their marriage William Henry Stevens Cocksedge was not likely to be the biological father. She was the daughter of William Henry Stephens Cocksedge and Maud Elizabeth Thursfield.
     Rita H Cocksedge married Thomas H Jones in 1926 in Burwood, New South Wales.
     Rita died in 1996 in New South Wales.

Child of Rita H Cocksedge and Thomas H Jones

Sarah Gunhilda Petersen

     Sarah Gunhilda Petersen married Charles Eric Cocksedge, son of Charles Cocksedge and Emma Augusta Pearce, in 1907 in Sydney, New South Wales.

Children of Sarah Gunhilda Petersen and Charles Eric Cocksedge