Edith Alice Cocksedge

(June 1859 - )
     Edith Alice Cocksedge's birth was registered in the quarter ending in June 1859 in London, Hackney RD, Middlesex. She was the daughter of George Francis Cocksedge and Jerushah Alice Dennis. Edith Alice Cocksedge was christened on 6 August 1859 in Stowmarket, Suffolk. Edith and Alice were listed as the children of George Francis Cocksedge in the 1861 census in 14 Benyon Rd, Hackney, Middlesex.
     Bury Free Press 13 August 1938 reported: From the East Anglian in 1907, preserved by Miss Edith Alice Cocksedge, of Worthing, whose letter (dated October 1936) stated that she and her two sisters were the only surviving children of the late George Francis Cocksedge, who was born at Drinkstone House in about 1834, and died in October 1864. It will be recalled that another member of the Cocksedge family was the late Mr Edward Montague Le Heup Cocksedge, who died 29th Sep 1936..

Elizabeth Cocksedge (Onge)

     Elizabeth Cocksedge (Onge) was the daughter of John Cocksedge.

Margaret Cocksedge

     Margaret Cocksedge was the daughter of John Cocksedge.