William Dunbar

( - 11 October 1807)
     William Dunbar was the son of Alexander Dunbar and Jane Burnett.
     See letters at http://www.burnsscotland.com/collections/search.aspx?search=&containing=&who=dunbar&what=&where=&when=.
     The third son of Alexander Dunbar of Boath, Nairnshire, who claimed descent from the tenth Earl of Dunbar, through Lady Agnes Randolph, his wife. William Dunbar was a Writer to the Signet in Edinburgh, and 'Colonel' of the Crochallan Fencibles, a convivial club which he helped to found, each of whose members assumed a military title. He was Depute-Master of the Canongate Kilwinning Lodge at the time Burns visited in Dunbar presented the poet with an edition of Spenser's works, which Burns much appreciated. See http://www.robertburns.org/encyclopedia/DunbarWilliamd1807.310.shtml .
     William died The Robert Burns chronicle 1967 gives his death date as 18 Feb 1807 and implies he is buried at Greyfriars. on 11 October 1807 in Jamaica.

Peter Dunbar

     Peter Dunbar was the son of Alexander Dunbar and Jane Burnett.
     Peter Dunbar was employed the East India Company.

Alexander Dunbar

( - February 1774)
     Alexander Dunbar was the son of Alexander Dunbar and Magdalene MacIntosh.
     Alexander Dunbar married Janet Brodie in 1727. She was the daughter of James Brodie, of White Hill, co. Elgin, esq.
     Alexander Dunbar and Magdalene MacIntosh were mentioned in a deed dated 31 December 1748 in Scotland. Contract between Magdalen McIntoshe [McIntosh], relict of Alexander Dunbar of Boath, and Alexander Dunbar, now of Boath, whereby said Magdalen sets to said Alexander lands in parishes of Auldearn and Nairne [Nairn] liferented to her.. Alexander Dunbar bore arms: He may be the Alexander Dumbar of Boath, Esquire, who was granted arms on 12 Jan 1753.
     Alexander died in February 1774.

Children of Alexander Dunbar and Janet Brodie