James Dunbar

     James Dunbar was the son of Archibald Dunbar and Janet Tulloch.
     James Dunbar married Janet Hay. Theyhad issue Robert, James and Archibald who married 4 May 1682 .... Innes, daughter of Mr John Innes of Coxton and had James Dunbar of Balnagieth 1664.
A James Dunbar married Magdalen Hay on 27 July 1647 at Dyke..

Children of James Dunbar and Janet Hay

Robert Dunbar

     Robert Dunbar was the son of Robert Dunbar.
     See Precept of Clare Constat from Kenneth MacKenzie of Kintail, at that time the proprietor of Pluscarden and the Superior of Westerton dated 12 August 1606 (Chanonry of Ross).
     Robert then conveyed the estate of Westerton to Patrick Dunbar and Janet Cumming his spouse on 22 May and 9 June 1615. On the 19th August 1618 there were complaints to the Sheriff of Moray by Patrick Dunar of Westerton concerning "the continual persecution and molestation by James Dunbar of Westfield". On 1 June 1643 Patrick Dunbar, son of the previous Patrick Dunbar, was retoured as heir to his father, and on 22 Oct 1645 he sold the estate to John Watson.

David Dunbar

( - before 28 February 1557)
     David Dunbar was also known as Dunbar (Dean of Moray) in records. David was Dean of Moray 1548-1557. He promised annates and granted prov. without fruits 12 Jan 1548 (v. sup); occ .6 Feb 1557 (N1/698/6) d. by 28 Feb 1557 (v.inf) between 1548 and 1557. They was mentioned at the legitimation of Sir Patrick Dunbar between 1554 and 1555. Et de viije li? comp. bonorum escheatorum Patricii Dunbar, filiis et heredis apparentis Alexander Dunbar of Cumnock, Alex Brody de eodam et..., concessorum Alexander Priori de Pluscarden et Magistro Davidi Dunbar decano Moraviensi.
     He was named as father at the legitimation of Patrick Dunbar and Alexander Dunbar between 1554-1555. Et de xls compositionis legitimationis concesse Patricio Dunbar et Alexandro Dunbar filiis Magistri David Dunbar decani Moraviensis.
     Great seal charter granting to Mr David Dunbar, dean of Moray, lands of Petquhen in sheriffdom of Narne [Nairn] 4 May 1555. With a copy. Sasine following, 23 Jul 1555.
     Charter by Mr David Dunbar, dean of Moray, with consent of Patrick, bishop of Moray, to Alexander Dunbar of Cragheid and specified heirs, of lands of Boythhill, and others formerly occupied by Thomas Chesolme [Chisholm] in Boyth [Boath], in barony of Penik, regality of Spyne [Spynie], sheriffdom of Nairne [Nairn]. Dated 11 Jan 1555-1556. 3 seals on tags, one slightly damaged. With precept and sasine following.
     Charter by Mr David Dunbar, dean of Moray, to Alexander Dunbar of Cragheid, of lands of Petquhyn in sheriffdom of Narne [Nairn]. Dated 8 Feb 1555-1556. Seal, slightly damaged, on tag. With precept and sasine following, and great seal charter of confirmation, 7 Aug 1556.
     Copy great seal charter of confirmation of charter, 24 Jul 1556, by Mr David Dunbar, dean of Moray, to Alexander Dunbar of Craigheid, of lands of Petquhyn in sheriffdom of Narne [Nairn]. Incomplete. The copy goes only to the end of David Dunbar's charter.
     Instrument narrating that Mr David Dunbar, dean of Moray, resigned in favour of Alexander Dunbar, his natural son, various goods in his house of Bothhill, as follows; '(torn)tis of small lenyng twa pairis shetis of rownd lenyng four fedder beddis four (torn) tene coddis, sevin standand beddis of aik, twa stand beddis of fir, twa press ane lang till of fir, thre cussingis thre meitt buyrdis, ane fladeris comptour ane scottis comptour, ane almarie, nyne planckis of fir, twa buyrdis in the chalmeris four litill stulis, twa pares (torn) hingaris curtingis for twa beddis, ane dusane platis and ane dusin trunschiris of tymmer ane (torn) ladill ane speit of irne, twa brasin pottis ane brewing calderon, ane maskfatt, thre pyppis, ane wort tub ane say ane kist of aik, twa kistis of fir, ane flesche fatt ane irne taynch (torn) Lochhill ten oxin with pleuch and pleuch graith, twa young kye, fourscore ten bollis aittis (torn) sex bollis bair, iiii bollis rye and foirscoir bollis quheit'. Dated 1556-1557. Damaged.
     David died before 28 February 1557 in Auldearn, Nairnshire. However a gravestone in the Auldearn churchyard states: Heir lyis ane honorable man, Maister David Dunbar, Dean of Murray, quha departit in the 10 day of Feb 1536 zeiris and Alexander Dunbar of Both his son quha diet ye 13 Feb 1604. MDD, MD, AD, BH. Reported in the Forres... gazette 1848.
     David Dunbar married Barbara Hay.

Children of David Dunbar