Thomas Stanser

(September 1886 - )
     Thomas Stanser's birth was registered in the quarter ending in September 1886 in East Retford RD, Nottinghamshire.

William James Stanser

(6 July 1913 - December 1998)
     William James Stanser was commonly known as Jim. He was born on 6 July 1913 in Gainsborough RD. He was the son of William Ellis Stanser and Edith Mary Groves.
     The marriage of William James Stanser and Grace Reynolds was registered in Scunthorpe RD, Lincolnshire, in the December 1938 quarter. William James Stanser and Richard Groves Stanser were beneficiaries in William Ellis Stanser's will proved 18 August 1949.
     William died in December 1998 in North Lincolnshire RD, Lincolnshire, aged 85.

George Tupholme Stanser

(9 October 1917 - January 2001)
     George Tupholme Stanser was born on 9 October 1917 in East Retford RD, Nottinghamshire. He was the son of James Arthur Stanser and Sarah N/B Tupholme.
     George died in January 2001 in Lincoln, Lincolnshire, aged 83.