Ursula Morris Stanser

(5 November 1921 - April 1990)
     Ursula Morris Stanser was born on 5 November 1921 in Rotherham RD, Yorkshire. She was the daughter of Captain James Reginald Stanser MC and Cecile Gwendoline Morris.
     Ursula died in April 1990 in Doncaster RD, aged 68.

Eldred Stancer

(1902 - )
     Eldred Stancer's birth was registered in the quarter ending in 1902 in West Sculcoates SD, Yorkshire. He was the son of Eldred Stancer.
     The marriage of Eldred Stancer and Doris Blackburn was registered in St Paul, Kingston upon Hull, Yorkshire, in the 1927 quarter.

Child of Eldred Stancer and Doris Blackburn