Dennis Colbert (of Clonmult)

(before 1760 - after 1802)
     Dennis Colbert (of Clonmult) was born before 1760 in Cork, Ireland.
     Dennis Colbert (of Clonmult) married an unknown person before 1781.
     Dennis died after 1802 in Clonmult, Cork, Ireland.

Child of Dennis Colbert (of Clonmult)

John (Sean Padraig) Colbert

(before 1810 - 1902)
     John (Sean Padraig) Colbert was born before 1810 in Ballynoe, Kinnatalloon, Cork, Ireland. He was the son of Patrick Colbert and Mary Ahern.      
John (Sean Padraig) Colbert was assessed for the tithes in 1833 in Ballymonteen, Ballynoe, Cork. The 1833 Tithe Applotment Books at Ballymonteen, Ballynoe: John Colbert, 46 acres arable, 18 ditto, 2 bog (66 acres) paying rent of £36.18.5. Preceding him is Edmond Colbert with 92 acres. In the adjacent townland of Killaseragh there is an Edmond Colbert with 5 acres of arable land and John Colbert with 20 acres arable and 8 acres of bog. Also adjacent in Kilphilibeen is John Colbert with 56 acres arable and 13 of wetland; Daniel Colbert with 11 arable acres, & Patrick Colbert with 21 arable acres.
If this is the same John who is listed in the Griffith's Valuation, he must have been born before 1810, or perhaps he inherited his grandfather John's lease.      
John (Sean Padraig) Colbert was assessed for tax in 1850 in Ballymonteen, Ballynoe Cork. The 1850 Griffith Valuation at Ballymonteen lists John Colbert leasing a house, offices & 68 acres of land with 2 vacant cottages from John Nason, esq. Michael Colbert leases 92 acres from John Nason also. A house and small garden on his land is sublet to Edmund Colbert.
     John (Sean Padraig) Colbert lived at Ballymonteen, Ballynoe Cork, 1884. He erected a monumental inscription to his family at Clonmult.
     John Colbert of Ballymounteen, who erected the stone to his father Patrick and his brothers (#54) - he himself died in 1902 - was known as "Sean Padraig". He and his brothers were tough, rough and garrulous men of great strength. In the matter of physique their father Padraig (d.1864) set a good headline. On one occasion he was carting a ton of oats from Curriglass to Tallow when the horse refused the task. Undaunted, Padraig uncoupled the animal, got between the shafts himself, and hauled the load the two miles to its destination. In 1850 there are two Johns, he in Ballymounteen being on 68 acres and John in Kilphilibeen on 70 acres [Journal of the Cork Historical & Archaeological Society no.233-4 (1976) p.113].
     John died in 1902 in Ballymonteen, Ballynoe, Cork, Ireland. He was buried in Clonmult, Cork.

Patrick Colbert (of Clonmult)

(circa 1830 - 15 August 1861)
     Patrick Colbert (of Clonmult) was born circa 1830 in Ballynoe, Kinnatalloon, Cork, Ireland. He was the son of Patrick Colbert and Mary Ahern.
     Patrick died on 15 August 1861 in Clonmult, Cork, Ireland. He was buried in Clonmult, Cork.