Olive Vera Tierney

(20 October 1904 - 27 August 1986)
     Olive Vera Tierney was born on 20 October 1904.
     Olive Vera Tierney married Sydney George Colbert in 1926 in Victoria.
     Olive Vera Tierney lived at 28 Lyell St, South Melbourne, 1982.
     Olive died on 27 August 1986 in Victoria, aged 81. She was cremated on 1 September 1986 in The Necropolis, Springvale.
     Her will was proved on 20 October 1986. Widow of South Melbourne.

Child of Olive Vera Tierney and Sydney George Colbert

Herbert John Judd

     Herbert John Judd married Isabella Emeline Ruby Colbert, daughter of John Colbert and Susan Jane Jarred, in 1927 in Victoria.

Florence Maud Prouse

(circa 1910 - June 1944)
     Florence Maud Prouse was born circa 1910. She was the daughter of George Prouse..
     Florence Maud Prouse married Archibald Colbert, son of James Thomas Colbert and Jessie Watt Bowman, in 1929 in Victoria.
     Florence died in June 1944 in Broadmeadows, Victoria. She was buried on 13 June 1944 in New Melbourne General Cemetery, Fawkner.

Child of Florence Maud Prouse and Archibald Colbert