John Frederick Gamble

(circa 1853 - April 1894)
     John Frederick Gamble was born circa 1853. The birth of a John Frederick Gamble was registered in the the Dec quarter of 1852 in the Ashbourne RD (7b/410). Another was registered in June quarter 1854 in the Belper RD - baptised 4 March 1856 at Duffield. He was the son of Henry Cutliffe Gamble.
     John Frederick Gamble married Phoebe Stella Clement in 1879 in Bengal, India.
     John died of disease of the kidneys in April 1894 in South Stoneham RD, Hampshire, England. He was a Master Mariner.

Child of John Frederick Gamble and Phoebe Stella Clement

Phoebe Stella Clement

(1861 - 16 November 1936)
     Phoebe Stella Clement was born in 1861 in Calcutta, West Bengal, India.
     Phoebe Stella Clement married John Frederick Gamble, son of Henry Cutliffe Gamble, in 1879 in Bengal, India.
     In the Calcutta High Court on 1o Jan 1900 there was a case between the New York Insurance Company vs Phoebe Stella Gamble - suit to recover from the defendant-company a sum of Rs. 10,500, the amount assured on five policies on the life of the plaintiff's late husband, one John Frederick Gamble, a master mariner, which policies were effected with the defendant-compile in the month of October 1893. John Frederick Gamble who, for several years, had been resident in Calcutta, died in England in the month of April 1894 of disease of the kidneys.
     Phoebe died on 16 November 1936 in Calcutta, West Bengal . She was buried on 17 November 1936 in Calcutta, West Bengal .

Child of Phoebe Stella Clement and John Frederick Gamble

Jeremiah Hallahan

     Jeremiah Hallahan was the son of Henry Hallahan.