Unknown Unknown

( - before 1 May 1583)
     Unknown Unknown married Unknown Steer, son of Patriarch Steer.
     Unknown died before 1 May 1583 in Farley, Darley, Derbyshire. She was buried on 1 May 1583 in Darley. The widow Steare, of Farley.

Peter Steer

(before 7 April 1645 - before 30 May 1722)
     Peter Steer was born before 7 April 1645 in Northwood, Darley, Derbyshire. He was christened on 7 April 1645 in Darley. He was the son of John Steer and Ann Redfern.
     Peter died before 30 May 1722 in Darley, Derbyshire. He was buried on 30 May 1722 in Darley.

William Colbert

(1841 - )
     William Colbert was christened in 1841 in Cloyne, Cork, Ireland. He was the son of William Colbert (of Cloyne) and Margaret Kinealy or Kennealy.