Francis Bradley

     Francis Bradley married Sarah Dykes, daughter of Thomas Dykes and Mary Offord, on 11 July 1823 in Buxhall, Suffolk.

Henry Bradley

     Henry Bradley married Annie Singer Burton.

Child of Henry Bradley and Annie Singer Burton

Henry Burton Bradley

(3 December 1815 - 22 December 1894)
     Henry Burton Bradley was born on 3 December 1815 Henry had 10 siblings: Caroline Burton Brown (born Bradley), Charlotte Spedding Cadell (born Bradley) and 8 other siblings in Stoke Newington,t Mary, London, Hackney. He was the son of Henry Bradley and Annie Singer Burton.
     For an account of his life see:
     Henry Burton Bradley married Charlotte Sarah Spedding on 25 August 1839 in London. Henry & Charlotte had 11 children from 1840 to 1862 in the Paddington area of Sydney.
     Henry Burton Bradley married secondly Louise Portia O'Ferrall on 29 March 1873 in Concord district, New South Wales. Henry Burton Bradley & Louisa Portia O'Ferrall had children from 1875 to 1886 in the Canterbury & Concord areas. A Louisa P B Bradley, daughter of William & Louise died at Concord in 1875.
They had an unnamed child registered in 1875; Claudia Louise in 1879 (died 1959) ; Helen Cecilia Burton in 1880 both in the Concord district, Harold Westbrook 1881-1957) & Clare Burton in 1884 in the Canterbury district.
Their daughter Claudia was a doctor:
Orthopaedic Surgeon and Research Director. Claudia Burton-Bradley MBE, with a Bachelor of Arts, and Medicine and Surgery from Sydney University, commenced her medical career at the Royal North Shore Hospital, Sydney in 1943 and joined the Australian Medical Association. Apparently having specialised in orthopaedic surgery, by 1947 she was Honorary Assistant Orthopaedic Surgeon at the Rachel Forster Hospital, Sydney. Her major commitment, however, was to the Spastic Centre, Mosman, New South Wales, where she became its Medical Director from 1945-62 , Honorary Orthopaedic Surgeon from 1949 and Director of Medical Research and Development from 1962-64. She was appointed Member of the Order of the British Empire on 11 June 1966 for her work as Research Director of the Australian Cerebral Palsy Association.
Sources: Medical directory of Australia 1968, p 98.

     Henry died on 22 December 1894 in Burwood, New South Wales, aged 79. He had 18 children between two wives, the first wife Charlotte Sarah producing amongst their ten surviving children, a son Henry Houghton Burton Bradley who married an Isabella and amongst his children had a daughter Isabella born 1881.
He married again after his first wife Charlotte died. He married Louisa Portia OFerrall in 1873 and had eight surviving children amongst them Harold Westbrook Burton Bradley 1881 - 1957.
Harold Westbrook Burton Bradley married Mahala Anne Cook in 1907.
Their children were Nigel Henry 1908-1912, Evelyn Portia 1909-1928, Harold Henry Burton Bradley 1912-1971,and Sylvia Katrina 1913-1952. .

Children of Henry Burton Bradley and Charlotte Sarah Spedding

Henry Houghton Burton Bradley

(14 November 1845 - 23 November 1918)
     Henry Houghton Burton Bradley was born on 14 November 1845 in Surry Hills, New South Wales, Australia. He was the son of Henry Burton Bradley and Charlotte Sarah Spedding. Henry Houghton Burton Bradley was christened on 2 December 1845 in St James, Sydney.
     He was a naturalist. Bradley published papers on spiders, in particular describing specimens found on the Chevert Expedition, 1875. Lawyer by profession; particularly interested in spiders; sent collections to and corresponded with specialists in Europe; keen horticulturalist; president, Board of Trustees, Australian Museum 1913-18.
     Henry Houghton Burton Bradley married Isabella Rae Abercrombie circa 1880. Not sure where this fits among his many offpring. BRADLEY June Burton 6 December 1915, Infant daughter of Clem & Edith Burton Bradley..
     Henry died on 23 November 1918 aged 73.

Children of Henry Houghton Burton Bradley and Isabella Rae Abercrombie

Isabella Ruth A B Bradley

(6 November 1881 - )
     Isabella Ruth A B Bradley was born on 6 November 1881 in St Leonard's district, New South Wales, Australia. She was the daughter of Henry Houghton Burton Bradley and Isabella Rae Abercrombie.

Maria Bradley

     Maria Bradley married Henry Bullett, son of Thomas Bullett and Susannah Frost, on 14 November 1884 in Thurston, Suffolk.
     Maria Bradley and Henry Bullett appeared on the 1891 census in Kennett, Cambridgeshire. Henry Bullett, 34, plate layer on railway, born Hessett, Sfk & his wife Maria 31, born Thurston, with a visitor Alice Bradley and a lodger.

Prowett Burton Bradley

(16 July 1881 - 1956)
     Prowett Burton Bradley was born on 16 July 1881 in Sydney, New South Wales, Australia. He was however supposed to be only weeks old at his father's death in Feb 1882. His brother's birth was registered in 1881.. He was the son of Robert Prowett Burton Bradley and Annie Eliza Stile or Phile.
     Prowett Burton Bradley married Muriel Hungerford, daughter of William Augustus Hungerford and Caroline Frances Langstaff, in 1906 in Wellington, New Zealand. Prowett was a sea Captain until 1908. Was a sea Captain. Prowett was a farmer from 1912.
     Prowett died in 1956.

Children of Prowett Burton Bradley and Muriel Hungerford

Robert Prowett Burton Bradley

(14 May 1908 - )
     Robert Prowett Burton Bradley was born on 14 May 1908 in Glenmore, Helensville, New Zealand. He was the son of Prowett Burton Bradley and Muriel Hungerford.

Robert Prowett Burton Bradley

(24 August 1852 - 28 February 1882)
     Robert Prowett Burton Bradley was born on 24 August 1852 in New South Wales. He was the son of Henry Burton Bradley and Charlotte Sarah Spedding.
     He was a junior partner in an old established firm of solicitors, Bradley & Son, founded some time early in the nineteenth century.
     Robert Prowett Burton Bradley married Annie Eliza Stile or Phile in 1880 in Sydney, New South Wales. She married secondly Albert Trevethan St George a man of independent means, at St Alban’s Church, Five Dock in Sydney on 7 April 1890.
     Robert died on 28 February 1882 in Albury, New South Wales, aged 29. He was buried on 21 March 1911 in St Thomas, North Sydney, New South Wales.

Children of Robert Prowett Burton Bradley and Annie Eliza Stile or Phile

Robert Spedding Bradley

(1881 - 16 March 1911)
     Robert Spedding Bradley was born in 1881 in Sydney, St Leonard's RD, New South Wales. He was supposed to be the elder brother of Prowett. He was the son of Robert Prowett Burton Bradley and Annie Eliza Stile or Phile.
     Robert Spedding Bradley lived at Aberdeen, Scotland. He was described as a native of Aberdeen, Norht Britain on the burial register.
     Robert died on 16 March 1911. Toby Howard & Lone Skau wrote: Robert worked as a 'Master Mariner' on the S.S. Miltiades. He died on the ship while it was in the Royal Albert Dock, East Ham, London. The death certificate indicates that it was an accident. Died on the 16th, death registered on the 17th together with the Coroners Inquest. I have since found out that it was because the Miltiades was due to leave London on the 18th. They needed everything in order before departure.
It is interesting to know that his brother was also working at sea but as a Captain. I have looked up the word 'Master Mariner' and it refers to captain but guess it could also be an officer.
Robert was 31 years old on his death in March 1911. His mother and father married in 1880 in Sydney, his brother was born in July 1881 and Roberts birth was not registered until then so it sounds as if Robert was either born outside marriage or Annie Eliza was pregnant when she married. She lost her husband in 1882.. He was buried on 21 March 1911 in Latchingdon, Essex, England. There is a memorial at St Thomas' , North Sydney, with his father.

Ann Bradshaw

     Ann Bradshaw married Cotton Tempest, son of Richard Tempest and Dorothy Atherton, in 1589.

Ann Bradshaw

(before March 1818 - before 22 August 1851)
     Ann Bradshaw was born before March 1818 in Hykeham, Lincolnshire.
     The marriage of Ann Bradshaw and Henry Buttery Stancer, son of John Stancer and Ann Buttery, was registered in Lincoln RD, Lincolnshire, in the December 1840 quarter.
     Ann Bradshaw and Henry Buttery Stancer were recorded on the 1851 census in Ludford Magna, Lincolnshire. Henery Stanser, head, 40, farming man, born Hasterby, his wife Ann, 33, born Hykeham, and daughters Susanna aged 8, born Dunston and Ann Eliza aged 5 born Hessle. His mother was in the previous house living with his sister Elizabeth Giddey and her family.
     Ann died before 22 August 1851 in Risby, Lincolnshire. She may have died from childbirth as a Mary Stancer, infant is buried there 29 Aug 1851. She was buried on 22 August 1851 in Ludford Magna. She may be the Ann Stancer buried at Ludford but the age is given as 55 which seems too old (but too young for her mother in law). It may be a misreading for 33.

Children of Ann Bradshaw and Henry Buttery Stancer

William Bragg

     Isott Leach married secondly William Bragg in June 1773 in Chagford, Devon.

Penelope Braham

     Penelope Braham married Matthias Cocksedge, son of Simon Cocksedge and Elizabeth Warren, in 1704 in Brome, Suffolk.
     Penelope Braham was mentioned in the will of Matthias Cocksedge dated 14 July 1719.
      Deeds of 2acres 2r 26p in Great Whelnetham - date: 1713 - 1877
Includes: marriage settlement: James Ling of Bury St Edmunds, grocer - Penelope Cocksedge of Bury St Edmunds, widow, 1728.
     The will of Martha Howlett of BSE, widow, dated 9 Nov 1750 mentions Matthias, Thomas, William, Lawrence, the four sons of Matthias, attorney at law, and his wife Penelope who was to be executor. The will was proved 2 Dec 1769.

Children of Penelope Braham and Matthias Cocksedge

Frederick E Brain

Yoana Jean Brain

( - 1973)
     Yoana Jean Brain married Ronald Joseph Kee, son of Joseph Kee and Mary Doran, in 1942 in Victoria.
     Yoana died in 1973 in Yarram, Victoria, Australia.

Child of Yoana Jean Brain and Ronald Joseph Kee

John Braishaie

     John Braishaie married Jane Banks on 13 September 1573 in Giggleswick, Yorkshire.

Ellen Bramall

( - before 21 October 1598)
     Ellen Bramall was born in Bradfield, Yorkshire.
     Note that there is an Ellen Wodd marring a Thomas Brawnell on 4 Dec 1587, and a Thomas Brawnell is buried 4 March 1586/7. The names could be confused although it is Bramall in the printed marriage register. If Ellen Wood she could have been baptised 22 Jan 1562/3 daughter of William Wood or 20 May 1566 daughter of Robert Wood. She was the daughter of Thomas Bramhall and Anne Thompson.
     Ellen Bramall married Christopher Wilson, son of Christopher Wilson and Elizabeth Hattersley, on 3 February 1592/93 in Bradfield, YKS.
     Ellen died before 21 October 1598 in Bradfield, YKS. She was buried on 21 October 1598 in Bradfield.

Children of Ellen Bramall and Christopher Wilson

Humphrey Bramall

(15 October 1564 - )
     Humphrey Bramall was christened on 15 October 1564 in Bradfield, Yorkshire. He was the son of Thomas Bramhall and Anne Thompson.

Nicholas Bramall

(1 May 1562 - )
     Nicholas Bramall was christened on 1 May 1562 in Bradfield, Yorkshire. He was the son of Thomas Bramhall and Anne Thompson.

Reginald Bramall

(18 September 1567 - )
     Reginald Bramall was christened on 18 September 1567 in Bradfield, Yorkshire. He was the son of Thomas Bramhall and Anne Thompson.

Thomas Bramall

( - before 7 October 1632)
     Thomas Bramall was born in Bradfield, Yorkshire. He was the son of Thomas Bramhall and Anne Thompson.
     Thomas Bramall married Isabell Farrant or Tayrest on 15 July 1592 in Bradfield, YKS. Thomas was present at Thomas Bramall's christening on 16 April 1593 in Bradfield, YKS.
     Thomas died before 7 October 1632 in Bradfield, YKS. He was buried on 7 October 1632 in Bradfield, YKS.

Child of Thomas Bramall and Isabell Farrant or Tayrest

Thomas Bramall

(16 April 1593 - )
     Thomas Bramall was christened on 16 April 1593 in Bradfield, Yorkshire. He was the son of Thomas Bramall and Isabell Farrant or Tayrest.

Edward Bramford

     Edward Bramford married Elizabeth Sutton, daughter of Abraham 1 Sutton and Mary Unknown, on 13 July 1835 in Combs, Suffolk.

Thomas Bramhall

(circa 1540? - before 1615)
     Thomas Bramhall was born circa 1540? In Bradfield, Yorkshire.
     26 June 1543: Thomas Bramhall of the Storth in parish of Bradfield & Ellizabeth his wife resease of £8 to Thomas their son for lands surrendered to him.
     1545 Elizabeth Brammall de Storthes in Dungworth in parish of Bradfield widow heiress? of John Cowhalgh de Storth afsd and late (wife) Thomas Bramall de Storthes senr now decd gives to Thomas Brammall jr. fil: Thomas Brammall sen. & the sd Elizabeth. All my messuages lands etc in Storths. Remainder to Humphrey his brother.[Ronksley #7988]..
     Thomas Bramhall married Anne Thompson on 15 June 1561 in Ecclesfield, Yorkshire. Thomas was present at Nicholas Bramall's christening on 1 May 1562 in Bradfield, YKS. Thomas was present at Humphrey Bramall's christening on 15 October 1564 in Bradfield, YKS. Thomas was present at Reginald Bramall's christening on 18 September 1567 in Bradfield, YKS.
     Thomas died before 1615 in Bradfield, YKS.
     Lionel Smilter versus Edward & Thomas Bramall. To establish an award confirming plaintiffs inheritance. Messuage & lands in Dungworth Storrs formerly in possession of Nicholas Smilter & wife & since come to hands of defendant by marriage by marriage of Nicholas Smilter's widow with defendant Thomas Bramall [Ronksley #12727; Calendar of Proceedings in Chancery in Reign of Q Eliz v.III p.10, no.41]
     Thomas Bramall list in Doungworth Byerlowe (Bradfield) in 1605 & 1606 Easter books. [Ronksley Collection # 7263]. Edward Bramall is listed there in 1597-98 [Ronksley #7253].
     1613 June 8 : Sheffield cat : to be transcribed
     1617 May 17 : Agreement between Margaret late wife of Edward Bramall of Storrs & Thomas Bramall son of the said Margaret etc. Wilson Mss v.40 mss 7170 & 7171 [Ronksley Collection #15992].

Children of Thomas Bramhall and Anne Thompson

Dudley Thomas Farton Brammer

Sarah Bramold

(before 1725 - )
     Sarah Bramold was also known as Sarah Bramall in records. She was born before 1725 in Manchester, Lancashire.
     Sarah Bramold married John Rich, son of John Rich and Susanna Morton, on 26 January 1743/44 in Silkstone, Yorkshire. John Rich and Sara Bramold, both of the chapelry of Cawthorne, married by licence.

Children of Sarah Bramold and John Rich

Charity Yorke Bramston

     Charity Yorke Bramston married Richard Griffith, son of Richard Griffith and Elizabeth Griffith (Griffith), on 17 September 1780.

Child of Charity Yorke Bramston and Richard Griffith

Martha Ella May Brand

(circa 1894 - )
     Martha Ella May Brand was born circa 1894.
     Martha Ella May Brand married Edward Daniel Colbert, son of Thomas Colbert and Maria Malone, on 4 May 1915 in Mt Mary Hotel, Mt Mary, Frome RD, South Australia.

Children of Martha Ella May Brand and Edward Daniel Colbert

Uriah Brand

     Uriah Brand married Albina Bland, daughter of Charles Bland and Eliza Alderton or Andrews, in 1878 in Croydon RD, Surrey.
     Uriah Brand and Albina Bland appeared on the 1881 census in 3 Pearces Terrrace, Romney Rd, Lambeth, Surrey. Uriah Brand 29, general labourer, born Barrow, Sfk and his wife Albina Brand 28, born Bradfield, Sfk, with daughter Agnes Brand 1, born .... Surrey, & his brother Joseph Brand 25, born Barrow. They lived in the same building as Edward & Eliza martin, labourer.