Richard Geere

(before 1540 - )
     Richard Geere was born before 1540.
     Copies of the court roll of a tenement and three virgates in the west part of Rottingdean held of the Manor of FalmerBRD/1/31560 - 1659
13 Items:
In 1560 Richard Gure sold the property to Thomas Salter, jun., s. of Nicholas (BRD/1/3/1). In 1567 or 1568 William Salter inherited on the death of his bro. Thomas, but his father Nicholas was appointed guardian (BRD/1/3/2). In 1576 on William's death his brother Roger was admitted (BRD/1/3/3) and he sold the property, now described as a barn and 3 virgates (12a), to Richard Hardman in 1581 (BRD/1/3/4). In 1587 Hardman sold to James Plommer (BRD/1/3/5-6). On his death the property passed to his youngest son who sold in 1615 to Jeremy Beard (BRD/1/3/8). In 1651 he sold it to his nephew Nicholas (BRD/1/3/9). By 1701 it was in the hands of Samuel Beard, yeo, who then sold it to Daniel Beard, yeo., his bro. (BRD/1/3/13).

Joseph H Wren

     The marriage of Joseph H Wren and Lily Bullett, daughter of John Bullett and Caroline Emma Tedstone, was registered in Huddersfield RD, Yorkshire, in the December 1923 quarter.

Alfred Robinson

( - circa 1918)
     The marriage of Alfred Robinson and Mary Louisa Bullett, daughter of John Bullett and Lydia Crockford, was registered in Halifax RD, Yorkshire, in the June 1907 quarter. Carol Noble wrote: She married again to James A Drake in 1920 and they had a son, Cecil Drake in 1921 (mum's cousin). He was known from his late teens until he died in recent years as Steve Drake (the name Cecil was not very acceptable when he was doing his national service in the armed forces.) Cecil married Mary D Chapman in 1943, Mary is still alive, and they had 3 children together Carolyn 9-6-1945, James and Alison..
     Alfred died circa 1918.