Theresa Selina Chapman

(1857 - )
     Theresa Selina Chapman was born in 1857.
     Theresa Selina Chapman married Wiliam Charles Sullivan Steer, son of Capt Sulivan Harrington Steer and Sarah Jane Baldwin, on 20 May 1875 in Purnea/Purnia, India.

Child of Theresa Selina Chapman and Wiliam Charles Sullivan Steer

William Sullivan Steer

(8 February 1879 - )
     William Sullivan Steer was born on 8 February 1879 in Bengal, India. He was the son of Wiliam Charles Sullivan Steer and Theresa Selina Chapman. William Sullivan Steer was christened on 20 March 1879 in Purnea/Purnia, India.

Calvert Dunbar Steer

(circa 1841 - 13 February 1864)
     Calvert Dunbar Steer was born circa 1841 in Bengal, India. This parentage is only a guess based on his middle name and another child with Calvert as a middle name. He was the son of Charles Steer and Caroline Thompson.
     Calvert Dunbar Steer was employed applied for a cdetship in the East India Company armies circa 1858. He was listed as the nephew of George John Steer in the1861 census in 24 Queen Ann St, London, Marylebone. George J Steer 61 , Member of the Stock Exchange, born Spitalfields; Charles Horneworth 42 Susannah Underwood 61 Emma Tudor 35, servants; Calvert D Steer 19, nephew, scholar, born Bengal, India.
     Calvert died on 13 February 1864 in Bombay, India. He was buried on 14 February 1864 in Poona, India.