Ann Brien

     Ann Brien married Lawrence Handy, son of Edward Handy and Mary Convey, in 1864 in Dundee, Angus.

Elizabeth Brien

(circa 1836 - )
     Elizabeth Brien was also known as Eliza Bryan in records. Elizabeth Brien was also known as ELIZABETH BRIENS in records. Elizabeth Brien was also known as Elizabeth Bryan in records. Elizabeth Brien was also known as Elizabeth Briens in records. She was born circa 1836 in Ireland.
     Elizabeth Brien married Edward Handy before 1857.
     Elizabeth Brien and Edward Handy appeared on the 1861 census in Lwr Blackscroft, Dundee, Angus. Edward Handy, 26, head, born Ireland, contactors labourer; his wife Elizabeth 25, born Ireland; sons John aged 3 and Edward 2, both born Dundee.
     Elizabeth Brien and Edward Handy appeared on the 1871 census in 1 Alexander St, Dundee, Angus. Edward Handy 37, head, labourer, born Ireland, his wife Elizabeth 38, born Ireland, children John 13, mill worker, Edward, 11, Mary 10, Eliza 6, all born in Dundee.

Children of Elizabeth Brien and Edward Handy

Mary Brien

(before July 1836 - )
     Mary Brien was born before July 1836.
     Mary Brien married John Handy, son of Edward Handy and Mary Convey, on 3 July 1863 in St Mary's Chapel, Dundee, Angus, Scotland.
     Mary Brien and John Handy appeared on the 1881 census in 123 Blackscroft, Dundee, Angus, Scotland. John Handy, aged 52, lab mas... born Ireland with his wife Mary aged 42, born Ireland, sack sewer, and their children James aged 18, lab b Yd, born Dundee; Mary aged 12, born Dundee, mill worker, John aged 10, born Dundee, school boy, Joseph aged 8, born Dundee, school boy.
     Mary Brien and Mary Ann Handy appeared on the 1901 census in 64 Lilybank Rd, Dundee, Angus, Scotland. Mary Handy, head, 60, born Ireland, jute mill worker, Mary Ann Handy 32, with Keely & Stanton families.

Children of Mary Brien and John Handy

Mary Brien

     Mary Brien married Maurice Colbert on 28 March 1820 in Youghal, Cork. Maur Colbert & Margt! Brien. Witnesses D? McDonald/Donell, Br... Polle../Colbert; but also 14 Aug1819 Maur Colbert, Mary Burns? .. M Sanders?, Anna Tunny.

Child of Mary Brien and Maurice Colbert

Sam Brigg

     Sam Brigg married Agnes Colbert on 24 October 1914 in Low Moor, Yorkshire.

Ann Briggs

(16 July 1883 - 22 March 1961)
     Ann Briggs was born on 16 July 1883 in Derby, Derbyshire, England. Ann was the daughter of James Briggs & Elizabeth Ellen Platts..
     Ann Briggs married Arthur Ruby Hannaford, son of Arthur Mews Hannaford and Dinah Ruby, on 22 March 1911 in England.
     Ann Briggs arrived circa 1911 at Canada.
     Ann died on 22 March 1961 in Hamilton, Ontario, Canada, aged 77. She was buried after 22 March 1961 in St Luke's churchyard, Burlington, Ontario, Canada.

Children of Ann Briggs and Arthur Ruby Hannaford

Bernice Ann Margaret Briggs

(12 November 1910 - )
     Bernice Ann Margaret Briggs was born on 12 November 1910.
     Bernice Ann Margaret Briggs married Reginald Gordon Grimwade, son of Edward Norton Grimwade and Phelia Agnes Maude Whittingham, in 1935.

Hannah Briggs

     Hannah Briggs married David Hainsworth before 1859.

Child of Hannah Briggs and David Hainsworth

Unknown Briggs

     Unknown Briggs married William Popplewell (of Gainsborough), son of George Popplewell and Prudence Unknown.

Richard Brigham

(circa 1676 - )
     Richard Brigham was born circa 1676.
     Richard Brigham married Margaret Ryther, daughter of John Ryther and Mary Langdale, after 5 October 1700 in Thorner, Yorkshire. Richard Brigham of Wyton, free of York as a woollen draper in 1699 ... He married Margaret, daughter of John Ryther, gent of Scarcroft, a poor gentleman papist resident in York from before 1678. Lived at Middlegate. Their marriage licence was dated 5 Oct 1700 between Richard Brigham aged 24 of York and Margaret Ryther aged 21 of Thorner, for a marriage at Thorner. Richard Brigham was mentioned in a deed dated 28 May 1724 in Scarcroft, Thorner. A four part indenture dated 28 May 1724 ...between Edward Ridsdale the younger of Ripon and Ann his wife sister & administratix of the goods and chattels of William Blackett ... ... Richard Brigham, gent. of the city of York executor of the last will and testament of Hugh Ryther late of Scarcroft, Esq. Marmaduke Ryther, Esq of Scarcroft afsd unkle and heir of the said Hugh Ryther, George Ryther of Scarcroft, gent, next brother of the said Marmaduke .... re manor of Scarcroft. late of John Ryther father of the said Marmaduke Ryther, Mary wife of the same John, John Ryther the younger brother of the said Marmaduke and of Robert Ryther gentleman deceased unkle of the said Marmaduke or any of them situate lying and being within the manor Lordship village of Scarcroft ... John Ryther the elder Mary his wife, John Ryther the younger and Robert Ryther unto ... .
     Richard Brigham and George Ryther were mentioned in a deed dated dated 1 June 1724. Ryther to Brigham: Indenture dated 1 June 1724 between George Ryther of Scarcroft & Richard Brigham of York, gent... re lands in Scarcroft.

Ann Brighouse

(after 1578 - )
     Ann Brighouse was born after 1578 in England. Anne, 1st daughter of Martin Brighouse of Brighouse & Colby in West Halton, JP for co. Lincoln. She was under age 30 June 1598.
     Ann Brighouse married Robert Popplewell, son of Francis Popplewell and Dorothy Thornhill, on 29 December 1595 in West Halton, Lincolnshire.

Children of Ann Brighouse and Robert Popplewell

Edmund Bright

     Edmund Bright married Catherine Cocksedge, daughter of Thomas Cocksedge and Catherine Unknown, before 1580.

Mary Ethel Bright

(19 November 1881 - 1962)
     Mary Ethel Bright was born on 19 November 1881 in Patea, New Zealand. She was the daughter of John Wukksib Bright and Joan Scott Moncrieff Walker.
     Mary Ethel Bright married Charles Christopher Ruby, son of George Ruby and Sarah Evans, in 1908 in New Zealand.
     Mary died in 1962 in New Zealand.

Children of Mary Ethel Bright and Charles Christopher Ruby

Eugenie Beatrice Brightwell

(1873 - 1956)
     Eugenie Beatrice Brightwell was born in 1873 in Brisbane, Queensland. She was the daughter of George & Eugenie (nee Kessells).
     Eugenie Beatrice Brightwell married Frederick John Dunbar, son of Frederick Killigrew Dunbar and Harriet Ledger, on 1 January 1894 in Fernvale, Queensland. In a Roman Catholic ceremony at her father's hotel She taught sewing and probably music at the schools with her husband.
     Eugenie died in 1956 in Burwood district, New South Wales.

Children of Eugenie Beatrice Brightwell and Frederick John Dunbar

Stella Ada Brine

(11 January 1897 - 2 January 1963)
     Stella Ada Brine was born on 11 January 1897 in Inveresk, Tasmania.
     Stella Ada Brine married Sydney Clarence Bird, son of Edward George Bird and Mary Ann Bailey, on 12 June 1915 in Fitzroy, Victoria.
     Stella died on 2 January 1963 in Brunswick, Victoria, aged 65.

Child of Stella Ada Brine and Sydney Clarence Bird

Edward Abraham Brinkley

(11 July 1897 - October 1981)
     Edward Abraham Brinkley was born on 11 July 1897.
     He served in World War I and was gassed with consequent health problems all his life. He had a metal plate in his head.
     The marriage of Edward Abraham Brinkley and Mabel Thirza Mortimer, daughter of Happy Samuel Mortimer and Thirza Bland, was registered in Bury St Edmunds RD, Suffolk, in the March 1936 quarter.
     Edward died in October 1981 in Drinkstone, Suffolk, aged 84.

Child of Edward Abraham Brinkley and Mabel Thirza Mortimer

Francis Brinkley

(25 June 1922 - 21 January 1997)
     Francis Brinkley was born on 25 June 1922 in Suffolk, England. This person's mother's maiden name was Harvey!. He was the son of Edward Abraham Brinkley and Mabel Thirza Mortimer.
     Francis died on 21 January 1997 in Bury St Edmunds, Suffolk, aged 74. He was buried in Drinkstone, Suffolk.

Mary Brinkley

     Mary Brinkley married John Jacob, son of Thomas Jacob and Bridget Unknown (Jacob), on 13 May 1680 in Buxhall, Suffolk.

Eleanor Briscoe

     Eleanor Briscoe was born in Ireland. She was the daughter and heir of Edward Briscoe, esq. of Scraggan..
     Eleanor Briscoe married Andrew Armstrong, son of Andrew Armstrong and Deborah Simpson.

Children of Eleanor Briscoe and Andrew Armstrong

Elizabeth Bristow

(before 1685? - before 16 May 1735)
     Elizabeth Bristow was born before 1685?.
     Elizabeth Bristow married Thomas Stanser, son of Thomas Stanser and Elizabeth Bristow, on 2 July 1704 in Grantham, Lincolnshire.
     Elizabeth died before 16 May 1735 in Grantham, LIN.
     Her will was proved on 16 May 1735.

Children of Elizabeth Bristow and Thomas Stanser

Elizabeth Bristow

(circa 1660 - )
     Elizabeth Bristow was born circa 1660.
     Elizabeth Bristow married Thomas Stanser on 28 May 1678 in Grantham, Lincolnshire.
     Elizabeth Stanser of Grantham, widow is mentioned with William Stanser of Grantham, grocer in a lease for a year dated 2 Jan 1729/30, which was connected to that of Thomas Stancer fo Grantham, glasier, at Harlaxton.

Child of Elizabeth Bristow and Thomas Stanser

Edith Emily Bristowe

(circa 1870 - )
     Edith Emily Bristowe was born circa 1870 in Kent, England. She was the daughter of Edward Kent Bristowe.
     Edith Emily Bristowe married Dr John Halahan, son of Dean John Halahan and Harriette Sargent, on 9 November 1898.      
Edith Emily Bristowe and Dr John Halahan emigrated from Newport on 6 October 1901 to La Plata, Argentina, per "Azul". Their infant daughter Kathleen travelled with them..
     Edith Emily Bristowe travelled to Buenos Aires, England, on 27 June 1932 per the "Arlanza". Southampton.

Children of Edith Emily Bristowe and Dr John Halahan

James Britiffe

     James Britiffe married Ann Trull, daughter of Laurence Trull and Sarah Jay, on 1 September 1745 in St Andrew, Norwich, Norfolk.

Elizabeth Gibson Briton

     Elizabeth Gibson Briton married Richard Heatherly, son of Unkown Heatherly, on 26 January 1750/51 in Fleet Prison Chapel, London. Richard Heatherley, cordwainer & Elizabeth Gibson Briton, both of St Botolph's Aldgate, by J Tarrant. They were both widowed.

Children of Elizabeth Gibson Briton and Richard Heatherly

Jos Britten

Child of Jos Britten

Sarah Britten

(circa 1869 - 1946)
     Sarah Britten was born circa 1869 in Port Macd. She was the daughter of Jos Britten.
     Sarah died in 1946 in Horsham, Victoria.

Child of Sarah Britten

Eveline Kathleen Letitia Broad

(1879 - 19 May 1907)
     Eveline Kathleen Letitia Broad was born in 1879 in New Zealand.
     Eveline Kathleen Letitia Broad married Gilbert Graham Hodgkins, son of William Mathew Hodgkins and Rachel Owen Parker, on 21 April 1905 in the Baptist church, Vivian St, Wellington, New Zealand. They were both born at Dunedin, but he was living at Wellington as the Deputy Registrar of Marriages. She was the daughter Allan Broad (warehouseman) and Margaret nee Kerr. The marrieage was witnessed by Herbert Joshua Broad, Isabel Jane Field, Nancy Mary Hodgkins & Emily Grace Broad.
     Eveline died on 19 May 1907 in New Zealand. For more on the Broad family see [EMAIL:][:EMAIL]. She was buried on 21 May 1907.

Margaret Broadfoot

     Margaret Broadfoot was born in Fayetteville, Cumberland county, North Carolina, USA. She was the daughter of Andrew Broadfoot of Fayetteville, NC.
     Margaret Broadfoot married James Hooper, son of William Hooper and Helen Hogg, in Fayetteville, NC, USA. They had no issue..

Louisa Broadwood

(1876 - 30 September 1955)
     Louisa Broadwood was born in 1876.
     Louisa Broadwood married Francis Alfred MacGlew, son of William Henry MacGlew and Lucy Emma Jane Bowra, on 16 August 1897 in Guildford, Western Australia.
     Louisa died on 30 September 1955 in Maylands, Western Australia. She was buried in Karrakatta Cemetery, Perth.

Children of Louisa Broadwood and Francis Alfred MacGlew

Cadell ap Brochwel

( - 808)
     Cadell ap Brochwel was born in Wales. He was the son of Brochwel ab Elise.
     Cadell died in 808.

Child of Cadell ap Brochwel