Ann Brown

(before 1605 - before 19 August 1636)
     Ann Brown was born before 1605 in Suffolk, England.
     Ann Brown married John Cocksedge on 18 September 1622 in Culford, Suffolk.
     Ann died before 19 August 1636 in Culford, Suffolk. She was buried on 19 August 1636 in Culford.

Children of Ann Brown and John Cocksedge

Betsy Brown

(circa 1857 - )
     Betsy Brown was also known as Bessie in records. She was born circa 1857 in Lakenheath, Suffolk.
     Betsy Brown married David Bullett, son of George Bullett and Amelia Nice, on 18 November 1880 in Lakenheath, Suffolk.
     Betsy Brown and David Bullett appeared on the 1881 census in the Street, Hessett. David Bullett, aged 22, labourer, born Drinkstone, with his wife Betsy aged 23, born Lakenheath.
     Betsy Brown and David Bullett appeared on the 1891 census in 'Birk House Cottages', Ardsley, Yorkshire. David Bullett 32,born Drinkstone, Sfk, his wife Betsy Bullett 33, born Lakenheath, Sfk; daughter Mabel Bullett 9, scholar, born Lakenheath; William Place 16, nephew, ag. lab, born West Row?, Harry Oaks 20, boarder, born Cratfield.
     Betsy Brown and David Bullett appeared on the 1901 census in Ardsley, Yorkshire. David Bullet 42, shepherd on farm, born Bury St Edmunds, Sfk & wife Bessie Bullet 43, born Lakenheath, Sfk & son Joseph Bullet 5, born Ardsley.

Children of Betsy Brown and David Bullett

Bridget Brown

(between 1834 and 1840 - 1924)
     Bridget Brown was born between 1834 and 1840.
     Bridget Brown married Michael Hagan, son of Charles Hagan and Jane Millar, on 19 June 1862 in St Mary's, Castlemaine, Victoria. He was a mason aged 27 and she was a housemaid aged 22, both of Taradale. They had Margaret born 1863 in Melob9urne, Mchael born 1873 in Williamstown, Patrif Francis born 1877 in Camperdown; Thomas who aapears to be unregistered but died aged 16 at Campedown n 1888. Their son Michael died in 1928 aged 53. An earlier Michael died in 1865 aged 1.
     Bridget died in 1924 in Camperdown, Victoria.

Charles William Brown

(circa 1890 - )
     Charles William Brown was born circa 1890.
     Charles William Brown married Emily Frances MacKenzie, daughter of William MacKenzie and Mary Appleyard, in 1924 in Yarram, Victoria.

David Brown

(8 August 1859 - )
     David Brown was born on 8 August 1859 in Ontario.
     David Brown married Alice Gertrude Ruby, daughter of Henry Sarjent Ruby and Sarah Ann Walling, on 30 August 1888 in Midland, Simcoe County, Ontario, Canada.
     David Brown and Alice Gertrude Ruby were listed in the 1901 census in Medonte, Simcoe District, Ontario. David Brown, born 8 August 1859, aged 40, Ontario, Irish, Methodists, merchant, Alice Brown his wife, born 10 May 1864, England, aged 36, arrived 1871; with a loddger William King, aged 20, D G clerk.
     David Brown and Alice Gertrude Ruby were listed in the 1911 census in Elgin St, Orillia, Simcoe East District, Ontario. David Brown, born August 1860, Ontario, aged 50, English, Methodist, no occupation and his wife Alice G, born July 1869, Engand, aged 46, Methodist.

Dennis Brown

     Dennis Brown married Sarah Serjeantson, daughter of Robert Serjeantson and Mary Smith, on 31 January 1751/52 in All Saints, Wakefield, Yorkshire.

Child of Dennis Brown and Sarah Serjeantson

Dr Donald Montague Brown

(1908 - 1955)
     Donald was a doctor. Montague Brown was a painter. He was born in 1908 in Victoria. He was the son of Vernon Ritchie Brown and Mary Isabel MacKenzie.
     Dr Donald Montague Brown married Enid May Attiwill in 1925 in Victoria.
     Donald died in 1955 in Melbourne, Victoria.

Children of Dr Donald Montague Brown and Enid May Attiwill

Elizabeth Brown

( - before 30 April 1603)
     Elizabeth Brown married Francis Banks (of Feizer), son of James Banks (of Feizer) and Isabel or Elizabeth Swainson, on 31 January 1596/97 in Giggleswick, Yorkshire.
     Elizabeth died before 30 April 1603 in Giggleswick, Yorkshire. She was buried on 30 April 1603 in Giggleswick, Yorkshire.

Children of Elizabeth Brown and Francis Banks (of Feizer)

Elizabeth Isobel Brown

(circa 1930 - 1991)
     Elizabeth Isobel Brown was born circa 1930. She was the daughter of Dr Donald Montague Brown and Enid May Attiwill.
     Elizabeth Isobel Brown married Thomas Sanders.
     Elizabeth died in 1991.

Francis Brown

     Francis Brown married Margaret Armstrong, daughter of Warneford Armstrong and Elizabeth Bagot. He was of Riverstown, co. Kildare, barrister at law. They had issue.

Helen Bronwyn Brown

( - 1991)
     Helen died in 1991.

Isabella Brown

     Isabella Brown married John Banks (of Lawkland), son of Unknown Banks (of Giggleswick), on 26 November 1575 in Giggleswick, Yorkshire.

Jane Brown

( - circa 7 April 1817?)
     Jane Brown married Shem du Bourdieu, son of Rev Saumarez du Bourdieu.
     Jane died circa 7 April 1817? In St Mary, Dublin. She was buried on 19 April 1817 in St Mark, Dublin. 7 April, Mrs du Bourdieu, Domk S, buried in St Marks; 19 April, Mrs Du Bourdieu aged 58 of the parish of St Mary, buried 19 April 1817 at St Marks.

Child of Jane Brown and Shem du Bourdieu

Jessie Anita Brown

(October 1879 - 14 April 1905)
     Jessie Anita Brown was born in October 1879 in Fort McDermitt, Humboldt County, California, USA. She was the daughter of Joseph C Brown and Mary Jane Ross.
     Jessie Anita Brown married Charles W Fitzgerald on 11 August 1899 in Walnut Grove, Sacramento County, California, USA.
     Jessie died on 14 April 1905 in Sacramento, California, USA, aged 25. She was buried in East Lawn cemetery, Sacramento.

Children of Jessie Anita Brown and Charles W Fitzgerald

Joseph C Brown

     Joseph C Brown married Mary Jane Ross, daughter of John Ross and Mary Tindal, before 1877.

Children of Joseph C Brown and Mary Jane Ross

Joseph Gabriel Brown

(25 December 1877 - 22 August 1901)
     Joseph Gabriel Brown was born on 25 December 1877 in Nevada, USA. He was the son of Joseph C Brown and Mary Jane Ross.
     Joseph died on 22 August 1901 in Sheep Camp Mine, Calaveras, California, USA, aged 23. He was buried in East Lawn cemetery, Sacramento.

Judith Isobel Brown

(1925 - 18 January 1977)
     Judith Isobel Brown was commonly known as Judy. She was born in 1925 in Victoria. She was the daughter of Dr Vernon Carlisle Brown and Dorothy Hallowes.
     After schooling at St Catherine’s, at a school at Panton Hill and at Lauriston Girls Grammar she trained as a Mothercraft Nurse.
     Judith died on 18 January 1977 in Hawthorn, Victoria. She was survived by her husband, 2 children, 5 grandchildren, 3 great grandchildren.

Margaret Helen Brown

(circa 1930 - 1975)
     Margaret Helen Brown was commonly known as Peg. She was born circa 1930. She was the daughter of Dr Donald Montague Brown and Enid May Attiwill.
     Margaret died in 1975 in Glen...., Victoria.

Mary Brown

(before April 1805 - )
     Mary Brown was born before April 1805 in Ludford, Lincolnshire.
     Mary Brown married William Stancer, son of John Stancer and Ann Buttery, on 10 May 1832 in South Willingham, Lincolnshire. This may equally refer to William Stancer born at Broughton by Brigg the same year.
     Mary Brown and William Stancer appeared on the 1841 census in Ludford Magna, Lincolnshire. William Stancer 30, ag. lab., Mary Stancer 30, Mary Stancer 8, Ann Stancer 6, Thomas Stancer 4, Elizabeth Stancer 3, all born in the county.
     Mary Brown and William Stancer were recorded on the 1851 census in Ludford Magna, Lincolnshire. William Stancer, head, 42, miller, born Bracebridge, Lincoln, with his wife Mary aged 46, children Thomas 14,Sarah 6, George 2, all born at Ludford and George ... servant, 35, miller.
     Mary Brown and William Stancer appeared on the 1861 census in Kirton in Lindsay, Lincolnshire. William Stanser, head, 52, farm bailiff, born Bracebridge; his wife Mary aged 56, born Ludford, children Sarah 16, George 12 scholar, all born at Ludford, with 4 servants - carters.
     Mary Brown and William Stancer appeared on the 1871 census in Hibaldstow, Lincolnshire. William Stancer, aged 60, born Bracebridge, Lincs; Mary aged 66, born Ludford, Lincs; daughter Sarah aged 26, born Ludford.

Children of Mary Brown and William Stancer

Dr Philip Hallowes Vernon Brown

(20 April 1922 - 27 July 1986)
     Dr Philip Hallowes Vernon Brown was born on 20 April 1922 in Victoria, Australia. He was the son of Dr Vernon Carlisle Brown and Dorothy Hallowes.
     He graduated MB BS from University of Melbourne in 1945.
     Dr Philip Hallowes Vernon Brown lived at 15 Mercer Road, Malvern, Victoria, between 1956 and 1982. In 1956 he and his family moved into 15a Mercer Road; the same house that his grandmother had owned and his father had lived in as a young man. By 1956 the house had been subdivided into three flats. An unknown person was listed as Dr P Brown in 15a Mercer Rd in Malvern, Victoria, in a directory dated from 1956 to 1970. In 1970 the property was flats tenanted by Dr P Brown, Mrs E Hudson & A Szeleczky.. Philip was a doctor. He practiced medicine in partnership with Vernon Carlisle Brown in Oakleigh from 1947 till 1954. In 1954 he was listed with his father at 15 Atkinson St, Oakleigh in the Medical directory. He had a MB & B Sc Melb, 1945. He was a medical officer with the Department of Health from 1956 till about 1982.
     Philip died on 27 July 1986 aged 64. He was survived by his wife, 3 children, 7 grandchildren and three great grandchildren.

Rebecca Brown

(circa 1823 - March 1904)
     Rebecca Brown was born circa 1823 in Leith, Edinburgh, Midlothian, Scotland.
     Rebecca Brown married George Wafford, son of John Wafford and Eliza Porter, on 25 December 1850 in St George, Bloomsbury, London.
     Rebecca Brown and George Wafford appeared on the 1861 census in 8 Foley St, St Marylebone, Westminster. George Wafford, head, 30 (36?), joiner, born Mdx, St Martins; with his wife Rebecca, aged 30/36/38?born Edinburgh, Scotland.
     Rebecca Brown and George Wafford appeared on the 1871 census in 24 Pratt St, St Pancras. George Wafford, 40, joiner, born St Martin, Mdx, his wife Rebecca, 48, born Scotland and son Robert, 7, born Marylebone, Mdx.
     Rebecca Brown appeared on the 1881 census in 12 College Grove, St Pancras, London. Rebecca Wafford, aged 58, born Scotland, married, charwoman. living alone as a lodger.
     Rebecca Brown appeared on the 1891 census in 58 King Street, Camden Town, St Pancras, Middlesex. Rebecca Wofford, 69, lodger, living on own means, born London (but part of a long ditto series).
     Rebecca Brown appeared on the 1901 census in the Workhouse, London, St Pancras, Middlesex. Rebecca Wafford, aged 78, born Leith Midlothian, Scotland, inmate, married.
     Rebecca's death was registered in the quarter ending in March 1904 in London, Kensington RD.

Children of Rebecca Brown and George Wafford

Sarah Serjeantson Brown

(March 1753 - 8 June 1763)
     Sarah Serjeantson Brown was born in March 1753. She was the daughter of Dennis Brown and Sarah Serjeantson.
     Sarah died on 8 June 1763 aged 10. She was buried in Sheffield.

Stella Brown

Dr Vernon Carlisle Brown

(1893 - 1975)
     Dr Vernon Carlisle Brown was commonly known as Lisle. He was born in 1893 in Bairnsdale, Victoria. He was the son of Vernon Ritchie Brown and Mary Isabel MacKenzie.
     He lived most of his early life on a property called 'Ingalara' in the Gippsld Lakes area. He was a director of Calrossie Butter Factory.Bob Brown wrote: In his teenage years he moved with his mother to 15 Mercer Road, Malvern. It was from here that he went school at Caulfield Grammar and then to University of Melbourne to study medicine, obtaining the MB MS in December 1915. He enlisted in the army in 1916 and after basic training; he left Australia in December 1916 for service in France in 1917 and 1918, being awarded the MC and bar for two acts of conspicuous bravery. His war time diaries are available on a web site Bob Brown has put together - . In 1920 he took up a medical practice in Oakleigh and remained in the practice until 1954. Vernon was a doctor. Vernon Carlisle Brown, MC, Mb, BC, Melbourne 1916. Major Australian Army Medical Corps ....
     Dr Vernon Carlisle Brown married Dorothy Hallowes in 1919 in Victoria, Australia.
     Vernon died in 1975 in Prahran, Victoria, Australia.

Children of Dr Vernon Carlisle Brown and Dorothy Hallowes

Vernon Ritchie Brown

(13 January 1868 - 9 August 1902)
      Helen Brown was a daughter of John (Como) Brown who was born in Marykirk Scotland in 1804 moved to Port Philip in 1838 and purchased Como House, Melbourne in 1852. He died at “Ellerslie”, Toorak in 1871. Reference: John ‘Como’ Brown by Beryl Black, published in 1991– ISBN 0646 07351 6. Vernon Ritchie Brown was born on 13 January 1868 in Bacchus Marsh, Victoria. He was the son of Thomas Brown (born Tasmania 5 Nov 1829, died 27 Apriil 1891 in Melbourne) & Helen Brown (born in Tasmania 8 March 1835 died on 3 November 1870 at Bacchus Marsh).
who probably married in 1866..
     Vernon Ritchie Brown married Mary Isabel MacKenzie, daughter of Donald Thomson MacKenzie and Mary Ann Hodgson, on 6 January 1892 in 'Calrossie', Yarram, Victoria. The local newspapers reported: MARRIAGE - BROWN - McKENZIE - On the 6th of January at the residence of the brides parents "Calrossie", by Rev. James Groundwater, Vernon Ritchie Brown, son of Thomas Brown "Yallock Vale", Bacchus Marsh, to Mary Isabel, eldest daughter of Donald Thomson McKenzie "Calrossie", South Gippsland.
     MARRIAGE: An orange blossom notice over the Standard leader discloses the pleasing fact of a wedding having been solemnized at "Calrossie", Won Wron, on Wednesday last by the Reverend James Groundwater, the contracting parties being Mr. V. R. Brown and Miss Isabel McKenzie who were united in the bonds of matrimony at 9 o'clock, and, after the customary hour for refreshments and toasting, the young couple left the cosy and picturesque home of the McKenzies for Traralgon, en route for Melbourne and the honeymoon.
So enthusiastic were their friends as to rice and old slippers at parting, that the four prancing horses which were in hand by Mr. Kelsie for driving the happy couple to Traralgon, did a lively wedding caper on their own account in honour of the occasion. The Misses McKenzie and Johnson were bridesmaids, Mr. B. P. Johnson acting as best man; and rumour hath it that the gentleman just named is about to enter the united states with another fair daughter of "Calrossie". Happy signs of the times! for it was but a fortnight previously that a similar ceremony to the one performed by Mr. Groundwater on Wednesday last, engaged the attention of the Rev. F. A. White in behalf of Mr. Richard Williams and Miss S. Bland and in the language of Rip Van Winkle we would say "May they live long and prosper"
Vernon Ritchie Brown and Mary Isabel MacKenzie moved to 'Ellerslie', Jones Bay, Victoria, on 30 January 1892. The local paper reported on January 29th Mr V R Brown's yacht, the "Carlisle", left Port Albert at 2 p.m. on Wednesday in charge of Mr H Avery, and under his skillful handling made excellent passage, passing through the Lakes Entrance on Thursday morning, and reaching Cunningham at half past eight. Her destination is "Ellerslie", the new residence taken up by Mr Brown on Jones' Bay, near the mouth of the Nicholson River. The "Carlisle" and her owner will leave behind them the memory of many a pleasant excursion; and whilst we cannot help regretting the loss our social circle has sustained by Mr Browns departure, we, of course, admit that the surroundings make it a matter for congratulation and we heartily wish himself and bride all health and happiness in their new home, and doubtless amongst their pleasures of the future not the least will be some breesy trips in the bonny "Carlisle."
     Vernon died on 9 August 1902 in Eaglehawk, Victoria, aged 34. Death: The many friends of Mr & Mrs McKenzie, of "Calrossie", will regret to hear of the death of their son-in-law Mr Vernon R Brown, who died at Eaglehawk (Bendigo) on Wednesday last at 11 a.m. after two years of patient battling with that insidious disease consumption. The deceased, who was favourably known and very much respected, came to Yarram in August 1889 to fill the position of accountant in the Bank of Victoria. But a few years later on, having considerable means of his own, independent of salary, he severed his connection with the Bank and purchased a property in the Bairnsdale district, where he resided for several years, but went to Eaglehawk a few months ago.
He married the eldest daughter of Mr D T McKenzie, and has left 2 sons and a daughter to mourn his early departure; for he has been cut down in the very flower of manhood, being only 35 years of age.
Mr & Mrs McKenzie, who received the telegram on Wednesday afternoon, left by early train yesterday for Melbourne, to catch the 5.30 train to Bendigo, where the funeral will take place this afternoon.

Vernon Ritchie-brown, formerly of Paynesville, but late of Eaglehawk, died on July 9, and his will was executed on January 6, 1892. He left real estate valued at ?400 and personal estate valued at ?2371 to his widow.

Children of Vernon Ritchie Brown and Mary Isabel MacKenzie

William James Brown

     William James Brown married Sarah Emily Bullock on 1 September 1896 in Grand Forks, British Columbia.

Zeta Gwendoline Brown

(1896 - 1966)
     Zeta Gwendoline Brown was commonly known as Gwen. She was born in 1896 in Victoria, Australia. She was the daughter of Vernon Ritchie Brown and Mary Isabel MacKenzie.
     Zeta Gwendoline Brown married Malcolm Kenneth (Max?) Sheehan after 1920 in Victoria. She married secondly T Adams..
     Zeta died in 1966.

Elizabeth Brown?

     Elizabeth Brown? married Samuel Heatherly on 21 December 1729 in the Fleet, London. Samuel Heatherly of All Hallows the Great and Eliz Brown/Brian?? of the same, spinster..

Jane Brown?

(before 1790 - )
     Jane Brown? married John Ruby in Cork, Ireland. Jane Brown? was born before 1790 in Ireland.

Children of Jane Brown? and John Ruby

Eleanor Browne

(before 1610 - before 8 May 1640?)
     Eleanor Browne was born before 1610 in Belton, Lincolnshire. She was the daughter of Thomas Browne.
     Eleanor Browne married Robert Ryther as his second wife, on 23 April 1626 in Belton, LIN. Nupti Robert Ryther Esquire et Mrs Hellena Brown.
     Administration of the estate of Robert Ryther was granted to Eleanor Browne, on 11 May 1637 of Belton, armiger.
     Bill & Answer: Gannocke v Rither.
Plaintiffs: John Gannocke.
Defendants: Eleanor Rither, widow.
Subject: money, Lincolnshire.
     Bill & Answer: Rither v Swyndall. Plaintiffs: Eleanor Rither widow.
Defendants: Lancelot Swyndall, Henry Stephenson, Francis Dale and William Foster.
Subject: property in Belton, Lincs..
     Eleanor Ryther married Capt (?) Grimston? as her second husband, after 1639. She afterwards married Capt. Grimston (old pedigree in Lincs Archives), but this does not the fit the death found at York..
     Eleanor died before 8 May 1640? In York, Yorkshire. She was buried on 8 May 1640 in St Olave, York, Yorkshire. In the hospital at Bowtham, Mris Ellinor Ryther was buried 8 May 1640.

Children of Eleanor Browne and Robert Ryther