Alexander Dunbar

(12 February 1626 - )
     Alexander Dunbar was christened on 12 February 1626 in Elgin, Moray, Scotland. He was the son of Archibald Dunbar.

Christian Dunbar

(before 1630 - )
     ...By his wife, Christian, eldest daughter of Ninian Dunbar of Grangehill, he had issue : Alexander, his successor ; Hugh, ancestor of DALLAS OF PETSAL ; John, ancestor of DALLAS OF INVERNESS or EDINBURGH; and three daughters, Elizabeth, Marjorie, and Christian, all mentioned in their father's bond of provision. ... ALEXANDER DALLAS III. OF CANTRAY 165 – (daughter) MARJORIE became the wife of Thomas Dunbar, merchant in Forres, before 25th February 1684, when their daughter Margaret was baptized. (Par. Reg., Forres.) She, with consent of Thomas Dunbar, her husband, on ... appointed her mother and her heirs to her share of 500 merks, derived from her father's provision. (Reg. Sas., Inverness, v. fol. 394.) Thomas Dunbar, her husband, died before 15th February 1691, when their two posthumous sons, David (or Alexander : Par. Reg., Forres) and Thomas, were baptized. (Par. Reg., Rafford.) The date of her death is not known. “. Christian Dunbar was born before 1630. She was the daughter of Ninian Dunbar and Finduella Christian? Dunbar.
     Christian Dunbar married Alexander Dallas (III of Cantray), son of William Dallas (of Cantray) and Janet Campbell, in 1642. On 2nd May 1642 a charter was granted by Alexander Dollas, fiar of Cantray, with consent of his father and mother, in favour of Christian Dunbar, eldest lawful daughter of Ninian Dunbar of Granghill, in liferent, in implement of a contract of marriage, of the town and lands of Croy, with the kill and croft thereof. Amongst the witnesses were Robert Dunbar, apparent of Granghill, and William Dollas of Budzett. To the sasine, given on the same day, the fiar is himself a witness. (Part. Beg. Sas., Inverness, vi. fol. 44.).. And on the same date he granted another charter in favour of Christian Dunbar, his future spouse, of the town and lands of Cantray Frische, the sasine being witnessed by Mr. Alexander Dollas, apparent of Budzett, Patrick Dollas, maltman in Dollas Cantray, Hugh Dollias, his servitor, and William Dollas, servitor to Mr James Campbell of Moy, while to the precept William Dollas of Budzett is a witness. (Ibid., 415.)
On a charter, dated at Boith, 21st September 1640, by Patrick Paipley and Bessie Dunbar, his spouse, sasine was given to Alexander Dollas, fiar of Cantray, and Christian Dunbar, ' now ' his spouse, on 31st July 1646, of that part of the lands of Meikle Geddes now called the lands of Brounehill, in the shire of Nairn (Reg. Sas., Elgin and Nairn, iii. fol. 367), but this was merely a wadset, which was subsequently redeemed..

Child of Christian Dunbar and Alexander Dallas (III of Cantray)

John Dunbar

( - before January 1652)
     John Dunbar was also known as John Dunbar (of Bennetsfield) in records.
     John died before January 1652.

Child of John Dunbar