Henrietta Zabel

(20 September 1903 - )
     Olive Gorham remembers her as being very pretty and artistic. Her second
husband Elzie worked in the movies and was a double for either Harold Lloyd or
Charlie Chaplain, and also worked in the Disney studios. As a child Olive was
impressed by his rope tricks, etc. He died when the boys were quite small.
During her third marriage they lived in San Jose where they had quite a struggle and the youngest son died. Henrietta lost her mind and died in a
mental hospital there. By this time George had gone into the Navy and the two Tope boys were taken by their grandmother Tope. They lost track of the Draperson until recently when the Tope boys located him.
     Henrietta died in San Jose, California, USA. Henrietta Zabel was also known as Margaret in records. She was born on 20 September 1903 The couple had a son, George Eberhard Posner, born August 11, 1921 in Alameda County, California. in Petaluma, California, USA. She was the daughter of Henry E Zabel and Margaret Leona Ross.
     Henrietta Zabel married Davd T Posner on 10 July 1920 in Santa Ana, California.
     Leo Elzie Tope married secondly Henrietta Zabel circa 1924. He had married Frances Floteal Rood in Crenston, Iowa on September 16, 1920.
     Henrietta Zabel and Leo Elzie Tope were recorded in 1930 census in 5127 Clinton St, Los Angeles, California. Leo P Tope, age 29, born in Iowa, sound engineer for motion pictures, lived with wife Margaret, age 25, born in California, and sons George, 8 and Leo, Jr., six months old. It seems that Henrietta Zabel started to use what I suppose was her middle name (from his mother Margaret?). According to the 1930 Census Leo and Margaret were married about 1924. Henrietta Zabel was widowed on 27 March 1937 on the death of her husband Leo Elzie Tope.

Child of Henrietta Zabel and Davd T Posner

Child of Henrietta Zabel

Mary Ethel (Mollie) Ross

(27 August 1880 - 1 December 1950)
     Mary Ethel (Mollie) Ross was born on 27 August 1880 in San Francisco, California, USA. She was the daughter of Gilbert MacMillan Ross and Ellen L Ward.
     Mary died on 1 December 1950 in Stockton, San Joaquin County, California, USA, aged 70.
     Olive Gorham wrote: She attended schools in Virginia City, Nevada, Berkeley and others, finishing at Hopkins Art School in San Francisco. She worked in oils and charcoal and was very talented. After her mother's death she kept house for her father and sister. She was very pretty and had a beautiful complexion although she was quite heavy - a very sweet person.

Ella Belle Tyndall Ross

(22 December 1883 - 27 August 1961)
     Ella Belle Tyndall Ross was born on 22 December 1883 in Virginia City, Storey, Nevada, USA. She was the daughter of Gilbert MacMillan Ross and Ellen L Ward.
     Ellabelle attended the University of Nevada in Reno for several years and worked for the Bank of America in Stockton for 35 years, retiring from there.
She had a lovely voice and sang in the church choir for many years. She also played the piano well and was involved in many musical programs. She had been engaged but her fiance was killed by a run-away gorse and she was not interested in anyone else. She was a well respected employee of the bank, very intelligent and spent a large part of her employment there in the Trust Department.
     Ella died on 27 August 1961 in Stockton, San Joaquin County, California, USA, aged 77. She was buried in Park View Cemetery, Stockton.