Ann Rich

(5 May 1765 - )
     Ann Rich was christened on 5 May 1765 in St Peter, Woolley, Yorkshire. She was the daughter of John Rich and Sarah Hirst.
     Ann Rich married James Hargreaves on 28 August 1791 in Woolley, Yorkshire.

Children of Ann Rich

James Hargreaves

     James Hargreaves married Ann Rich, daughter of John Rich and Sarah Hirst, on 28 August 1791 in Woolley, Yorkshire.

George Mackenzie

(25 November 1881 - 19 January 1950)
     George Mackenzie was born on 25 November 1881 in Cromarty, Ross & Cromarty, Scotland. He was the son of Alexander Holm MacKenzie and Isabella MacKay. William, Robert, John, Janet, James and George were listed as the children of Alexander Holm MacKenzie in the 1891 census in 4 Barkly St, Cromarty, Ross & Cromarty.
     George Mackenzie and Donald Alexander MacKenzie appeared on the 1901 census in 32 Bank St, Partick, Govan, Lanarkshire. Donald Alexander McKenzie, 27, journalist (sub-editor), was a boarder with his brother George aged 19, journalist, with the Birnie family.
     George Mackenzie married Florence Bell on 25 February 1915 in Inverness, Inverness-shire, Scotland. George was on the staff of the Dundee advertiser. Susan has added his photograph with wife and text at the Scottish Highlander photo archive: Mackenzie, Broadstone Park, Inverness. William Mackay Mackenzie (1871?1952) was a Scottish historian, archaeologist and writer, who was Secretary of the Royal Commission on Ancient and Historical Monuments of Scotland between 1913 and 1935, and also an expert on folk-lore. He was born in Cromarty, graduated MA at Edinburgh University and taught at Glasgow Academy between 1896 and 1912. During the Second World War acted as head of the department of Ancient Scottish History. In 1942 he was appointed to be a member of the Commission where he had formerly been Secretary. He was a Fellow of the Society of Antiquaries of London (FSA) and was made an honorary Doctor of Laws in 1949 at Edinburgh. As well as writing on medieval history, he published a major edition of Dunbar's poems. One brother, Donald Mackenzie, was a prolific writer on religion, mythology and anthropology, and another brother, George Mackenzie, who lived at 28 Broadstone Park, was the editor of the Northern Chronicle. Identification and information sourced by Ken MacTaggart and Susan Malarky. in 1915. George was editor of the Northern Chronicle. He had previously worked as a journalist in Dingwall, British Guiana and Dundee in 1920, in Inverness.
     George died on 19 January 1950 in The Sutors, Broadstone Park, Inverness, Scotland, aged 68. It is with deep regret that we have to announce the death of Mr George Mackenzie, F.R.G.S., editor of the "Northern Chronicle" since 1920, which occurred at his home, The Sutors, Broadstone Park, Inverness, on Friday.
Although his health had been impaired through several years' residence in a tropical climate in the early part of his career, and he never quite regained the robust vigour of his youth, he never allowed misfortune to master him, and he was unfailing in his attendance to duty in the editorial chair until a year ago, when, he became seriously ill. Since then he had been confined to the sick room, and it is characteristic of his courage and determination that during the long months of illness 'he conscientiously carried out his work as editor up to the very last issue of the paper before his death.
Readers of the "Chronicle" will not require to be told of Mr Mackenzie's standing as a journalist. Over a period of thirty years these pages bear ample evidence of the range and quality of his writ- which. had a character born of a mind enriched by wide reading, sensitive to literary form, and governed by unfailing integrity of put-pose. His book reviews on specialised subjects revealed his erudition and a critical faculty. at once. kindly, analytic and logical. In lighter mood his pen had an easy and engaging flow, spiced with a lively wit. Journalism in the north has lost an outstanding figure by his death.
Mr Mackenzie, born in Cromarty in 1881, youngest son of the late Mr A H Mackenzie, registrar, Cromarty, was a member of a distinguished literary family. His eldest brother, Dr William Mackay Mackenzie, has received many academic honours for his research work and publications on Scottish history and archaeology. Another, the late Mr D. A. Mackenzie, at one time editor and proprietor of " The North Star," was a recognised authority on folk lore and comparative mythology, and has many volumes to his credit on these subjects.
Mr Mackenzie, the youngest of the brothers, received his initiation in the technique of journalism under fraternal guidance on " The North Star," and after a period of intensive reading and study in history, archaeology and economics accepted a post on the staff of "The Daily Chronicle", British Guiana. Invalided home after a service of three years, he engaged for a time on journalistic work in Glasgow, and later transferred to "The Dundee Advertiser". As stated above, he came to the "Northern Chronicle" as editor in 1920, where for the past thirty years he worthily upheld the high traditions of the paper.
Mr Mackenzie led a full life, and had many interests outside journalism. While in Guiana, as might be expected of a Fellow of the Royal Geographical Society, he explored with zest into the life, dress and customs of the natives, and probed among the archaeological traces of the earlier races of that colourful country. He became literary editor of a magazine devoted to discovery, research and sociology, and was lion. secretary of the British Guiana Museum, whose fine collection of native exhibits he arranged, classified and enlarged, and brought thoroughly up to date.
Back in his native Highlands, 'he found other outlets for his interests and energy. He was a valued member of the Field Club and other local societies The drama, also attracted him, and he was a leading spirit in the organisation of the popular company      that, over a period of years, gave a series of fine productions of " Rob Roy". The Young Stagers was another amateur company to which he gave valuable advice and assistance.
He was ever interested in sport, and in his earlier days was a keen cricketer and an excellent tennis player. Later he took up, with his customary enthusiasm, fishing and photography.
With his wife and daughter he made a happy home at The Sutors. Both Mr and Mrs Mackenzie delighted in good company, and there the many friends who joyed to visit them ever found a cordial and hospitable welcome. And there he died, after a long and trying illness, during which Mrs Mackenzie devoted herself to his care and comfort.
To his widow and Mrs Hamilton, his daughter, and to his two surviving brothers, Dr Mackay Mackenzie and Mr Robert Mackenzie, South Africa, his sister and other relatives, will he extended the deep sympathy of the many friends of the deceased, who mourn with them his loss.
The funeral, which took place to Tomnahurich Cemetery on Monday, was private, and was attended by a representative gathering of Mr Mackenzie's friends and colleagues. The Rev. A. A. Hamilton, B.A., St Stephen's Church, Inverness, conducted a brief service at the house, and at the grave spoke the words of committal and offered prayer. The chief mourners were Dr Wm Mackay Mackenxie, Cromarty (brother), Mr Alastair Mackenzie, Inverness (nephew), Mr Peter F Hamilton, Glasgow (son-in-law); Provost James Grigor, Inverness; Mr Edward J. Taylor, Inverness; Mr W. J. Cameron, Flichity; Mr Alexr. Mackenzie, manager Northern Chronicle, and Mr James Munro, solicitor, Inverness.
Other mourners included Captain Wm. Mackay managing director, Northern Chronicle; Mr Reginald Mackay, subeditor, Mr Charles H. Attwater, reporter; Mr Robert Jeans, overseer; Mr David Anderson, retired overseer; Mr John C. Mackay, Inverness Courier; Mr A. C. Allan, Aberdeen Press and Journal; Mr Alex. Mackenzie, People's Journal; ex-Provost Hugh Ross, Inverness; Mr Thomas Gaskell, Cromarty; Bailie W A. Hardie, solicitor; Mr John Macbean, solicitor; Mr John Mitchell, solicitor; Hon. Sheriff-Substitute Gilbert Ross; Mr Warden Macintyre; Mr Robert Neish; Mr Hector Paterson and Mr Thomas Mackay
. He was buried in Tomnahurich cemetery, Inverness.