John Bullitout

     John Bullitout was also known as Bullett in records.
John Bullitout married Elizabeth Unknown.

Joseph Bullitout

( - before March 1719)
     Joseph Bullitout was also known as Bullett in records.
     Joseph died before March 1719 in Baylham, Suffolk.

Joseph Bullitout

(circa 1701 - before 10 March 1719)
     Joseph Bullitout was born circa 1701.
     Joseph died before 10 March 1719 in Baylham, Suffolk. He was buried on 10 March 1719 in Baylham.

Joseph Bullitout

( - before 2 April 1725)
     Joseph Bullitout was also known as Bullett in records.
     Joseph died before 2 April 1725 in Baylham, Suffolk. He was buried on 2 April 1725 in Baylham.

Richard Bullitout

(before 1684 - before 9 March 1684)
     Richard Bullitout was also known as Bullett in records. He was born before 1684. He was the son of James Bullett.
     Richard died before 9 March 1684 in Baylham, Suffolk. He was buried on 9 March 1684 in Baylham.

Richard Bullitout

( - before 16 February 1702)
     Richard Bullitout was also known as Bullett in records.
     Richard died before 16 February 1702 in Baylham, Suffolk.

Robert Bullitout

( - before 1 February 1728)
     Robert Bullitout was also known as Bullett in records.
     Robert died before 1 February 1728 in Baylham, Suffolk. He was buried on 1 February 1728 in St Peter, Baylham.

Alice Verley Bullock

(1891 - 30 January 1963)
     Alice Verley Bullock was born in 1891 in South Yarra, Victoria.
Alice Verley Bullock married George Dempster Forbes, son of George Alexander Forbes and Eliza Marshall, in 1916 in St Kilda East, Victoria.
     Alice and George were registered at 159 Beavers Rd, Northcote, on the 1954 electoral roll.
     Alice died on 30 January 1963 in Melbourne, Victoria. On Jan 30, Alice Verley, of 30 Fole St., Kew, grandmother of Robert, Angela, Glenn, Leonard, John and Stephen.
Sister in law of Lily Forbes, Harold and Jessie Greig
. She was cremated on 1 February 1963 in Fawkner Crematorium. The funeral of the late Mrs Alice Verley Forbes is appointed to leave Holy Trinity Church, High St., Kew, Tomrrow (Friday), after a service commencing at 9 a.m. for the Fawkner Crematorium.

Children of Alice Verley Bullock and George Dempster Forbes

Mary Louisa Bullock

( - October 1961)
     Mary Louisa Bullock married Lawrence Clive Coxedge, son of Frederick Ernest Cocksedge and Ada May Parrott, on 17 March 1930 in Queensland.
     Mary died in October 1961.

Sarah Emily Bullock

(31 May 1871 - 19 June 1944)
     Sarah Emily Bullock was also known as Emma S in records. She was born on 31 May 1871 in Victoria, British Columbia, Canada.
Sarah Emily Bullock married William James Brown on 1 September 1896 in Grand Forks, British Columbia.
Sarah Emily Brown married Samuel Wesley Handy as her second husband, on 22 September 1903 in Danville, Ferry county, Washington, USA..
     Sarah Emily Bullock and Samuel Wesley Handy were listed in the 1911 census in Cascade, Kootenay, British Columbia. Grand Forks Riding: Samuel W Handy, Cascade, male, head, married, born July 1855, aged 55 born USA, 1864?, Irish, Canadian, RC, ..; his wife Emma S, born May 1871, aged 40, British Columbia, English, Canadian, Methodist, David G Handy, son, single born Sep 1900 aged 10, born BC, Irish, Canadian, Methodist.
     Sarah died on 19 June 1944 in McDougall hospital, Kimberley, British Columbia, Canada, aged 73. She was buried on 21 June 1944 in Kimberley.

Child of Sarah Emily Bullock and Samuel Wesley Handy

Vera Annie Bullock

(circa 1887 - 11 December 1960)
     Vera Annie Bullock was born circa 1887 in South Australia. She was the daughter of a Methodist minister.
Vera Annie Bullock married William Robert Dempster, son of Robert William George Dempster and Lydia May Ward, on 10 January 1917 in the Methodist Manse, Balaklava, South Australia.
     Vera died on 11 December 1960 in Springbank, South Australia. Her usual residence was Mitcham West. She was buried in Centennial Park cemetery, Pasadena.

Child of Vera Annie Bullock and William Robert Dempster

Olive Gladys Bulpin

(December 1902 - December 1950)
     Olive Gladys Bulpin was commonly known as Gladys. She's birth was registered in the quarter ending in December 1902 in Taunton RD, Somerset.
The marriage of Olive Gladys Bulpin and Frank Mortimer, son of Happy Samuel Mortimer and Thirza Bland, was registered in Windsor Chapel, Windsor, Berkshire, in the June 1939 quarter.
     Olive's death was registered in the quarter ending in December 1950 in New Forest RD, Hampshire.

Edward George Earle Lytton Bulwer Lytton 1st Baron

(25 May 1803 - 18 January 1873)
     Edward George Earle Lytton Bulwer Lytton 1st Baron was born on 25 May 1803 in London, England. He was the youngest son of General William Bulwer and Elizabeth Lytton.
Edward George Earle Lytton Bulwer Lytton 1st Baron married Rosina Doyle Wheeler, daughter of Francis Massey Wheeler and Anna Doyle, on 29 August 1827. They had two children, Lady Emily Elizabeth Bulwer-Lytton (1828–1848), and (Edward) Robert Lytton Bulwer-Lytton, 1st Earl of Lytton (1831–1891) who became Viceroy of British India (1876–1880).
They formally separated in 1836 and her children were taken from her in 1839. In June 1858, when her husband was standing as parliamentary candidate for Hertfordshire, she appeared at the hustings and indignantly denounced him. She was consequently placed under restraint as insane, but liberated a few weeks later following a public outcry. This was chronicled in her book A Blighted Life.[8][9] For years she continued her attacks upon her husband's character; she would outlive him by nine years. On 20 February 1844 his name was legally changed to Bulwer Lytton. In accordance with his mother's will, he changed his surname from 'Bulwer' to 'Bulwer-Lytton' and assumed the arms of Lytton by royal licence. His widowed mother had done the same in 1811.
     Edward died on 18 January 1873 in Torquay, Devon, England, aged 69. He was an English politician, poet, playwright, and prolific novelist.He was buried in Westminster Abbey.

Ann Bunce

(before 1640 - before 27 May 1660)
     Ann Bunce was born before 1640 in Borden, Kent. Anne was the daughter of Henry Bunce, yeoman of Borden Kent.
Marriage banns for Ann Bunce and Richard Fawler were published after 28 February 1657 in Chatham, Kent. The banns were read on 14, 21 & 28 February.
Ann Bunce married Richard Fawler, son of John Fawler and Beatrice Unknown (Fawler), on 16 March 1657/58 in Borden, Kent.
     Ann died before 27 May 1660 in Chatham, Kent. She was buried on 27 May 1660 in Chatham.

Mary Bunclerk

(circa 1792 - 19 September 1882)
     Mary Bunclerk was born circa 1792 in Staverton, Devon. A Mary Bunclark was baptised 28 Dec 1790, daughter of Edward & Anne, at Staverton.
Mary Bunclerk married Henry Ruby, son of William Ruby and Mary Rendle, on 15 February 1821 in Staverton, Devon.
     Mary Bunclerk and Henry Ruby were recorded on the 1841 census in Quarry, Woodland, Ipplepen. Henry Ruby, 40, farmer & Mary 41, both born in the county; William .... 20, apprentice, Richard Bunclerk 15, apprentice, Ann Foot 10, apprentice
In the same building were William Bowder 20, Richard Bancomb 15, both ap.... Ann Foot 10 ap[rentices?], all born in the county..
     Mary Bunclerk and Henry Ruby were recorded on the 1851 census in the Vicarage, Woodland, Ipplepen, Devon. Henry Ruby 66, farmer of 50 acres; his wife Mary Ruby 60, Robt Smerdon 23, ag. lab., Wm Amos 11, all born at Ashburton, Devon.
     Mary Bunclerk and Henry Ruby were recorded on the 1861 census in 6 Town cottage, Abbotskerswell, Devon. Henry Ruby, head, married, 65, agricultural labourer, born Manaton, Mary Ruby wife, 68 born Staverton. Mary Bunclerk was widowed on 28 December 1861 on the death of her husband Henry Ruby.
     Mary Bunclerk was recorded on the 1871 census in a Cottage, Abbotskerswell, Devon. Mary Ruby, head, widow, 79, born Staverton.
     Mary Bunclerk were recorded on the 1881 census in 3 Burridge Place, Abbotskerswell, Devon. Mary Ruby, head, widow, aged 90, born Staverton. She was on 'pay from parish."
     Mary died on 19 September 1882 in Newton Abbot, Devon. She was buried after 19 September 1882 in Abbotskerswell.

Augusta Frances Bunduck

(4 April 1787 - 19 March 1813)
     Augusta Frances Bunduck was commonly known as Frances. She was born on 4 April 1787 in London. She was the daughter of John Bunduck and Ann Unknown. Augusta Frances Bunduck was christened on 20 July 1787 in St Peter-le-Poer, London.
     Augusta Frances Bunduck was mentioned in the manorial court roll dated 7 November 1804 in Manor of Ravensbury, Mitcham, Surrey, Admission of Augusta Frances Bunduck, daughter and heir of John, to the premises as above with another newly built messuage near the first, following her mother?'s marriage to James Dempster, schoolmaster.
Augusta Frances Bunduck married James Dempster, son of James Dempster and Sarah Osborn, on 29 December 1807 in Willmington, Kent.
     Augusta died on 19 March 1813 in Mitcham, Surrey, aged 25. She was buried on 27 March 1813 in Mitcham. Memorial inscription on a circular stone let into the west end of her mother-in-law's tomb:- Sacred to the memory of Augusta Frances, wife of Mr James Dempster junr. of this parish, who died 19th March 1813 in the twenty sixth year of her age.
     Augusta Frances Bunduck was mentioned in the will of James Dempster dated 6 May 1819.

Children of Augusta Frances Bunduck and James Dempster

John Bunduck

(before April 1744 - 10 April 1800)
     John Bunduck was born before April 1744 in Ramsden, Essex.
John Bunduck married Ann Unknown before 1781? In England. A John Bunduck and Anne Smith married by licence 27 Jan 1765, at Christ Church, Spitalfields; he was of Sandwich, Kent and she was of the parish. They are probably the parents of William baptised 28 Feb 1766 & Ann 27 Jan 1768 at St Mary, Sandwich, Kent (IGI patron submissions), and possibly Maria baptised 20 May 1781 at Ash near Sandwich, Kent & Henry was baptised at Strood, Kent 2 Nov 1783.
There is also a daughter died 16 Feb 1840 at Chatham, born c. 1778 daughter of John Bunduck and Anne Smith. However the large gap in the children's baptisms suggests a missing generation. His will only mentions his daughter Augusta Frances.
     John Bunduck was mentioned in the manorial court roll dated 23 June 1797 in Manor of Ravensbury, Mitcham, Surrey, Admission of John Bunduck to three messuages and a barn near the entrance of Mitcham Common.      
John Bunduck paid land tax, Jno Bundick, occupier, 12/- - proprietor W? Bundick in 1799 in Mitcham, Surrey.
John Bunduck married secondly Ann Milham on 27 March 1800 in St Mary, Whitechapel. He was a widower of Mitcham, Surrey, she was a spinster of the parish.
     John Bunduck made a will dated April 1800 in Mitcham, Surrey. He had a freehold called the White Horse on Ramsden Heath, parish of Ramsden Bellhouse, Essex. He also had copyhold property in Mitcham with house, garden and three cottages.
I, John Bunduck, of Mitcham in the County of Surrey, Gentleman, being now of sound mind, memory, and understanding but sensible of the uncertainty of a momentary life, do make my last will and testament in manner and form following (that is to say) I desire in the first place that all my just debts be duly paid by my Executor and Executrix hereinafter named as soon after my (s----) as (---------------) may be. Now I give and bequeath unto my dear wife Ann Bunduck all my household furniture, plate, silver, china, books, and other household stuff which I may die possessed of, and for her own property together with all the Interest, Dividends, and proceeds of all my monies sum, and the sums of money that are invested in the (public?) (funds?) of the Bank of England and which shall be (-----------) in my name in any of the Books thereof, or in the Books of any other publick fund wheresoever or whatsoever for and during the term of her natural life. I also give, devise and bequeath unto my said dear wife all that my copyhold house and garden with (every?) thing thereunto belonging, and in which I (now live?), together with three copyhold cottages thereunto adjoining, for and during the term of her natural life provided, nevertheless and upon this condition, that she continue and remain single and unmarried during that time and from and after the determination of that Estate, and subject (thereto?) I give, devise, and bequeath unto my dear daughter Augusta Frances Bunduck all that my said copyhold house, garden, and premises in which I now live, and also my said three copyhold cottages in Mitcham aforesaid, to hold the same unto her and her heirs and assigns for ever. I also give and bequeath unto my said daughter the sum of two hundred pounds to be paid to her on the day of her marriage or on her arriving to the age of twenty one years, which shall first happen, and which said sum of two hundred pounds I will and direct shall be paid her out of all such principal monies as shall be so standing in my name at my (death?) in any of the publick funds or (-----) with (-----) (---------) principal money as shall afterwards be invested therein and arising from the sale of my (-----) freehold house hereinafter mentioned. I also give and bequeath unto my said daughter immediately after the death of my said dear wife all the principal sum and sums of money belonging to me in the Bank of England as aforesaid, or any other Bank fund or place, publick or private whatsoever, for her own use and benefit for ever, and if my said daughter shall happen to marry and die without issue or shall happen to die unmarried before she attains her age of twenty one years, then I give and bequeath unto my said dear wife all my said copyhold house, garden, and premises in which I now live, and also my said three copyhold houses or cottages adjoining in Mitcham, aforesaid, together with all my principal moneys wheresoever, to hold unto her and her heirs, executors, administrators, and assigns for ever, but free from the control or interference of any man she may happen to marry after the death of my said daughter without lawful heir or her dying unmarried before she be twenty one years of age. I also give, devise, and bequeath unto my Executors hereafter named all my freehold estate called the White Horse, situate on Ramsden Heath in the Parish of Ramsden Bell House, and County of Essex, in trust ... sell the same as soon as possible after my death, and with the money that shall be (received?) therefrom, immediately to lay out and invest the same in some of the publick funds with my other money so to be standing in my name in the books thereof at my death, and my will is that such additional stock shall be subject to the same gifts and bequests and conditions as the rest of my estates and property hereinbefore disposed of, and until the sale of my said freehold house my will is that the rents thereof shall be received by my said wife as her own. ... All the rest of my estate and effects whatsoever I give unto my said wife and I hereby name and appoint my said wife and William Cloutman Executrix and Executor of this my will. In witness whereof I have hereunto set my hand and seal this (-----) day of April one thousand eight hundred < John Bunduck (SS) < signed, sealed, published and declared by the above named John Bunduck as his last will and testament in our and his presence and the presence of each other who have subscribed our names as witness thereto < (--) (D---) < Wm (Jamison?) < (--) (Green?) (-----)
     Since signing the enclosed will, I further direct that my said wife do and shall out of all my property (-----) and support my said daughter in a suitable and (befitting?) manner until she marry or be of the age (of) twenty one years as witness my hand the same day [and year] (above?) written < John Bunduck < (-----).

     John died on 10 April 1800 in Mitcham, Surrey. Note that a John Bunduck of Roadside was buried at St Mary Whitechapel, aged 76, of decline, on 29 March 1799. He was buried in Mitcham. A headstone reads: Sacred to the memory of John Bunduck who departed this life April the 10 1800 aged 56. JB 1800 on the footstone. Aged 36, according to R Garraway Rice. He is not listed in the register.
     His will was proved on 26 April 1800 at the Prerogative Court of Canterbury. The will was proved at (London?) the twenty sixth day of April in the year of our Lord one thousand eight hundred, before the worshipful (-----) (-----) (-----) of Laws, Surrogate of the Right Honourable Sir William (Wynn?)-Knight, also (-----) of Laws, Master (Keeper?) or Commissary of the Prerogative Court of Canterbury, lawfully constituted by the oaths of Ann Bunduck, widow, the Relict of the deceased, and William Cloutman, the Executors named in the said will to whom administration of and and singular the goods, chattels, and credits of the deceased was granted, having been first sworn duly to administer.

Child of John Bunduck and Ann Unknown

Adeline Bunker

     Adeline Bunker married Maurice Creighton Rumsey, son of John Williams Rumsey and Ellen Little.

Child of Adeline Bunker and Maurice Creighton Rumsey

Hazel Elva Bunker

( - 1970)
     Hazel Elva Bunker married Wilfred Augustus Ruby, son of Samuel Ruby and Jeannette Goerke, in 1942 in USA.
     Hazel died in 1970 in USA.

Lois Bunn

(29 October 1930? - )
     Lois Bunn was born on 29 October 1930?.
Lois Bunn married Matthew Knight, son of Matthew Felix Knight and Elvie Alice Ruby, in Victoria.

John Bunning

     John Bunning married Matilda Hodgson Bowker, daughter of James Bowker and Elizabeth Hodgson, on 24 December 1849 in St John, Stamford, Lincolnshire. She was the daughter of James and he was the son of John.
     John Bunning and Matilda Hodgson Bowker were recorded on the 1861 census in Waltham On The Wolds, leicestershire, England. John Bunning 40, farm bailiff, born Ketton & his wife Matilda H Bunning 48, born Stamford.

Ann Bunting

     Ann Bunting married Thomas William Popplewell, son of Thomas Popplewell and Sarah Hird, on 20 July 1864 in London. He married Ann BUNTING in London on 20 Jul 1864 (Ann, his wife is on the same census). Their 4 children are:
Henry John Bunting POPPLEWELL (1873 – 1955)
Arthur James R O POPPLEWELL (1874 – 1874)
Catherine Mary Henrietta POPPLEWELL (1875 – 1929)
Ethel Maria Ann Freeman POPPLEWELL (1877 – 1948).

Daughter Bunting

(17 February 1871 - )
     Daughter Bunting was born on 17 February 1871 in Strangford, Ballyculter, Down, Ireland. She was the daughter of William John Bunting and Hanna Handy.

William John Bunting

     William John Bunting married Hanna Handy, daughter of Down patriarch Handy, before 1871.

Child of William John Bunting and Hanna Handy

Alice Burdett

(before 1570? - before 21 July 1651)
     Alice Burdett was born before 1570? In Penistone, Yorkshire. She was the daughter of Henry Burdett.
Alice Burdett married Amor Rich, son of Edward Rich and Elizabeth Turton, on 15 May 1587 in Almondbury, Yorkshire.
     A marriage settlement between Alice Burdett and Amor Rich was made on 24 July 1598 in Penistone. Post nuptial settlement: William Riche of Bollows in Thurlestone to Francis Greave of Hunshelf and William Hinchcliff of Bilcliff, in consideration of the marriage already solemnised between Aymer Riche (one of the sons of Edward Riche son and heir of the said William) and Alice Burdett (one of the daughters of Henry Burdett of Walton), the manor of Smallshaie and capital messuage called Smallshaie and appurtenances in Smallshaie, Thurlestone & Thurlestone meare and the capital messuage called Roide and the capital messuage called Milnehowse and fulling mill and one water corn mill in Thurlestone with a yearly rent of 13/- out of several lands in Thurlestone (all lately purchased of Richard Turton of Pickeringe) and the capital messuage called Bollowes with lands, etc. and a water corn mill at Bollows in order that a fine may be levied, settling the estate on William, Edward and Aymer Riche in succession, with reversion to Richard Riche, brother of Aymer, in default of issue, also it is agreed that a settlement may be made on Alice of the Smallshaie and Milnhouse property for her jointure. Alice Burdett was mentioned in a deed dated 5 October 1627 in 'Bullhouse', 'Catshaw' & 'Royd', Thurlstone, Penistone. Amor & his 3rd son William settled Millhouse & the fulling mill, 2 pts of Smallshaw, Bullhouse & Bullhouse Mill, Catshaw and Royd on Od Ogden of Denby Hall & John Hinchcliffe of Langside; but for the use of Amor during his life and then his wife Alice was to have Millhouse, Millhouse mill & 2 pts of Smallshaw for her life and then to the right heirs of Amor and the other premises to William and his heirs.
     Alice died before 21 July 1651 in Penistone, YKS. She was buried on 21 July 1651 in Penistone. Sepulti Alicia uxor Emoris Rich, Gen.

Children of Alice Burdett and Amor Rich

Amor Burdett

(circa 1530 - )
     Amor Burdett was born circa 1530.

Child of Amor Burdett

Ann Burdett

     Ann Burdett married Walter Weldon, son of Arthur Weldon and Mary Harman. He married Anne, daughter of Thomas Burdett, of Garahill, co. Carlow and sister of Sir Thomas Burdett who was created Baronet of Ireland, by patent dated 11 July 1723 "with remainder to the heirs male of his sister Anne, wife of Walter Weldon" By this lady Mr Weldon left at his decease 16 May 1728/9 4 sons ....

Children of Ann Burdett and Walter Weldon

Finite Burdett

     Finite Burdett married John Noble, son of William Noble and Sarah Rumbelow, on 3 September 1750 in Diss, Norfolk.
Finite Burdett married John Ward on 1 May 1764 in Bardwell, Suffolk. John Ward & Finett Noble, both widowed..

Henry Burdett

(say 1550 - )
     Henry Burdett was born say 1550. He was the son of Amor Burdett.
     Henry Burdett was mentioned in a deed dated 3 October 1573 in Haigh, Yorkshire. Bond. Henry Burdett of Hayghe, Yks, gent, son and heir apparent of Aillmer Burdett esq. is bound to Ailmer Burdett, of Denby Hall, Yks, his father in 50/0/0 to keep the arbitration order of equal date. 3 Oct 1573. Copy of abritration award: Thomas Gargrave of Nostell, Yks, kt and John Lacye of Breerley, Yks, esq. are the arbitrators in a dispute between Aimer Burdett of Denby Yks, esq and Henerye Burdett, his son and heir apparent, and Richard Burdett, Nicholas Burdett and John Burdett, younger sons of Aimer Burdett, concering lands in Denbye, Clayton, Ingburchworth, Skelmanthorp and Langsett. 23 Jan 1573/4..
He was possibly the Henry Burdett who was mentioned in the Archbishop's Visitation at Penyston: Henrye Burdet, generosus, kepeth and harbureth in his howse one Dowsabell Casson who, being never maryed, hath had and brought furth a child and now is suspected to be with childe again (gotten by John Syddall, or Sydwell, of Bosom's Inne in London, has been added).

Children of Henry Burdett

John Burdett

     John Burdett was the son of Henry Burdett.