James Abbott

(29 March 1838 - )
     James Abbott was also known as James Wiliam in records. He was born on 29 March 1838 in Sydney, New South Wales. He was the son of Alexander Abbott and Martha Mackglew. James Abbott was christened on 6 May 1838 in St Andrew's, Sydney, New South Wales.
     James Abbott married Eliza Sophia Fuller. They had 12 children.

Child of James Abbott and Eliza Sophia Fuller

Lydia Ann Abbott

     Lydia Ann Abbott married James Glew. They had 6 children. Lydia Ann Abbott was the daughter of James Abbott and Eliza Sophia Fuller.

Martha Abbott

(circa 1690? - 21 March 1757)
     Martha Abbott was born circa 1690? In Suffolk. A Maria fil John Abbot was baptised Oct 1694 at Wattisham?.
     Martha Abbott married John Dykes, son of John Dykes and Susanna Johnson, on 29 September 1711 in Hitcham, Suffolk. Or 1710?.
     Martha was buried on 21 March 1757 in Hitcham. Martha Dykes, widow.

Children of Martha Abbott and John Dykes

Winsome Mavis Girlie Abel

     Winsome Mavis Girlie Abel married George Alexander Dempster Forbes, son of George Dempster Forbes and Alice Verley Bullock.

Isabella Rae Abercrombie

(1847 - )
     Isabella Rae Abercrombie was born in 1847.
     Isabella Rae Abercrombie married Henry Houghton Burton Bradley, son of Henry Burton Bradley and Charlotte Sarah Spedding, circa 1880. Not sure where this fits among his many offpring. BRADLEY June Burton 6 December 1915, Infant daughter of Clem & Edith Burton Bradley..

Children of Isabella Rae Abercrombie and Henry Houghton Burton Bradley

Maria Aberey

(before 1764 - September 1854)
     Maria Aberey was born before 1764.
     Maria Aberey married William Wafford, son of William Patriarch? Wafford and Ann Nicol, on 22 August 1785 in St John, Hackney.
     Maria Aberey and Maria Bestwick appeared on the 1841 census in John St, Hackney South, London. John Brown, carpenter aged 40, Mary Brown 40, Maria Wafford aged 70, Independent, Y, Catharine Wafford 8 (in male column), all born in the county/ Which Maria? Is the Brown significant - but they were Scottish.
     Maria died in September 1854 in Hackney, London. Which Maria Abery or Bestwick?.

Children of Maria Aberey and William Wafford

Sir Alexander Abernethy

     Sir Alexander Abernethy married Margaret Menteith, daughter of Alexander Stewart Earl of Mentheith and Matilda (Maude) Strathearn?.

Children of Sir Alexander Abernethy and Margaret Menteith

Lorne Campbell Abernethy

(4 March 1900 - 1 May 1969)
     Lorne Campbell Abernethy was commonly known as "Bobs". He was born on 4 March 1900 in Victoria.
     He played 2 games, 0 goals for the Melbourne Football Club in 1923.
     Lorne Campbell Abernethy married Isobel Emilie MacKenzie, daughter of James MacKenzie and Emily Alice Bodman, in 1933 in Victoria.
     Lorne died on 1 May 1969 in Blackburn, Victoria, aged 69.

Margaret Abernethy (1328)

     Margaret Abernethy (1328) was the daughter of Sir Alexander Abernethy and Margaret Menteith.
     Margaret Abernethy (1328) married John Stewart (of Bonkyll), Earl of Angus, son of Alexander Stewart.

Mary Abernethy (1324)

     Mary Abernethy (1324) was the daughter of Sir Alexander Abernethy and Margaret Menteith.
     Mary Abernethy (1324) married Sir David Lindsay circa November 1324. A Papal dispensation was granted 28 Nov 1324 at Avignon.

Child of Mary Abernethy (1324) and Sir David Lindsay

Harriet Ablewhite

(circa 1811 - 26 December 1865)
     Harriet Ablewhite was born circa 1811 in Boston, Lincolnshire.
     Harriet Ablewhite married William Bowker as his third wife, on 28 May 1856 in St Mary, Lambeth, Surrey.
     Harriet Ablewhite and William Bowker appeared on the 1861 census in 45 Broad St, Ratcliffe, Stepney. Wm T Bowker 49, currier, born Scotland; his wife Harriot Bowker 49, born Boston, Lincs, sons Wm Bowker 13 born Ratcliffe, Mdx; Tho Bowker 8 born Stamford, Lincs, James Bowker 6 born Stamford, William Walker 23, nephew, tanner, born Scotland.
     Harriet died on 26 December 1865 in Wood Green, Middlesex.

William Acclom or Aclam or Acklam

     William Acclom or Aclam or Acklam was born in Moreby, Yorkshire. He was the son of John Acclam and Catherine Pilkington, of Moreby.
     William Acclom or Aclam or Acklam married Elizabeth Ryther, daughter of Sir Ralph Ryther and Maude or Matilda Percy, after 1527. He was of Moreby. He also married Dorothy, daughter of Edward hazlewood, esq. They had a son Tristram who died without issue.
     Indenture of bargain and sale 4 February 1565, William Acclom, Esq., of Moreby Hall co. York to John Hamby the elder, Esq., of London. Property: Manor of Alford (Rither) with appurtenances in Alford, Well, Ailby, Toothby, Bilsby, Rigsby, Mawthorp in Willoughby.
Consideration: £250. Signature and seal of grantee. Endorsement: (1) recognition before John Gybon, master in chancery, 14 February, 1565. (2) Endorsement on the Close Roll 14 Feb. 1565.
     William died. He died before his father. He was described as son and heir 36 Henry VIII.

Child of William Acclom or Aclam or Acklam and Elizabeth Ryther

William Acclom or Aclam or Acklam

(before 1543 - 1567)
     William Acclom or Aclam or Acklam was born before 1543 in Yorkshire. He was the next heir of his uncle Henry, with his cousin Ralph Aske. He was the son of William Acclom or Aclam or Acklam and Elizabeth Ryther.
     William Acclom or Aclam or Acklam married Margaret Mordant. They had issue: John - living in 1584, Robert, Henry, William, Alis & Anne.
     William died in 1567.

Sir Archibald Acheson

(1579 - 9 September 1634)
     He was of Clonekearney or Glencairney, co. Armagh, Secretary of State for Scotland, created a baronet of Nova Scotia, 1 January 1628, ancestor of the Earl of Gosford. Sir Archibald Acheson was born in 1579 in Edinburgh, Scotland.
     Sir Archibald Acheson married Margaret Hamilton, daughter of John Hamilton, in 1622 in Renfrewshire, Scotland. Marriage contract dated 20 July 1619.
     Archibald died on 9 September 1634 in Letterkenny, Donegal, Ireland.

Ygerna de Acqus

     Ygerna de Acqus married Aedan Mac Gabran, son of Gabran, King of Dalriada.

Child of Ygerna de Acqus and Aedan Mac Gabran

John Adair

     John Adair married Christian Mondell, daughter of William Mundale and Janet Dunbar, before 1580.

John Adam

(circa 1800 - )
     John Adam was born circa 1800.
     John Adam married Ann Popplewell, daughter of William Popplewell and Esther Selby, on 25 February 1823 in Althorpe, Lincolnshire.

Ernest Walter Adams

     Ernest Walter Adams married Hildred Margaret Walling, daughter of Henry James Carpenter Walling and Annie Eliza Clarke, on 25 October 1916 in Haliburton, Ontario.

Frank Adams

(circa 1848 - )
     Frank Adams was born circa 1848 in Plymouth, Devon.
     The marriage of Frank Adams and Frances Harriet Hooper, daughter of Henry Hooper and Susannah Sanderson, was registered in Edmonton RD, Middlesex, in the March 1885 quarter.
     Frank Adams and Frances Harriet Hooper appeared on the 1891 census in 21 Manor Rd, Beckenham, Kent. Frank Adams, 43, agent (fancy goods) born Plymoth and his wife Frances H, 32, born Peckham.
     Frank Adams and Frances Harriet Hooper appeared on the 1901 census in Green Bank, Rudgwick, Sussex. Frank Adams 53, farmer, born Plymouth; his wife Francis H Adams 42, born Camberwell; Susannah Hooper 82, widow, mother in law, born Islington; Alice Baker 33, Elizabeth L Ashby 20, servants.
     Frank Adams and Frances Harriet Hooper appeared on the 1911 census in Pinehust Clairview Rd, Streatham. Frank Adams, 63, private means, born Plymouth, wife Francis H Adams 52, born Camberwell, married 26 years, no children; with a geneal servant..

Geoffrey Merton Thomas Adams

(8 October 1927 - 6 April 2015)
     Geoffrey Merton Thomas Adams was also known as Mert in records. He was commonly known as Geoff. He was born on 8 October 1927 in Ormond, Victoria. He is the second son of Ivan Mase & Myrtle May nee Webb. He lived at Mentone until he married..
     Geoffrey Merton Thomas Adams lived at 5 Latona St, Mentone, 1949.
     Geoffrey Merton Thomas Adams lived at Beaumaris, between 1950 and 1956.
     Geoffrey Merton Thomas Adams lived at Adelaide, South Australia, between 1956 and 1961.
     Geoffrey Merton Thomas Adams lived at Melbourne, between 1961 and 1965.
     Geoffrey Merton Thomas Adams lived at Rosny Park, Hobart, Tasmania, between 1965 and 1971.
     Geoffrey Merton Thomas Adams lived at 2/950 Riversdale Rd, Surrey Hills, between 1983 and 1992. Following a remission in 1983 he started his own management consultancy business and finally retired in 1992.
     Geoffrey Merton Thomas Adams lived at Applewood Village, Doncaster, 2008.
     Geoffrey died on 6 April 2015 in Victoria, aged 87. His funeral was held on 14 April 2015 in Surrey Hills.

Ian Adams

(1 October 1952 - 16 August 1986)
     Ian Adams was born on 1 October 1952 in Cheltenham, Victoria.
     Ian died from injuries received in a car crash on 16 August 1986 in Nambour, Queensland, aged 33.

Robert Adams

     Robert Adams married Grace Bland on 8 June 1615? In Horringer, Horningsheath, Suffolk.

Sarah Adams

(say 1700 - )
     Sarah Adams was born say 1700.
     Sarah Adams married Henry Cutting, son of Henry Cutting and Margery or Mary Lewis, on 18 December 1718 in Christ Church, Barbados.

Uldine Adams

(1903 - )
     Uldine died in USA. She was born in 1903 in USA.
     Uldine Adams married Thomas Alexander Ross, son of Almon Thomas Johnson and Nellie Fayette Trefry, in USA.

Child of Uldine Adams and Thomas Alexander Ross

Mary Adams?

(circa 1748 - before 7 April 1822)
     Mary Adams? was born circa 1748.
     Mary Adams? married John Grimwood, son of Thomas Grimwood and Sarah Cuthbert, on 11 October 1771 in Combs, Suffolk. This wife is dubious according to Maggie Driver's detailed research - based on: Death of John gives him born c1747, an d there was a John bp1747, son of Thomas & Sarah in Ringshall.(The marriage of John Grimwood and Mary Adams in Combs reads as follows: John Grimwood of Bildeston, single man and Mary Adams of Combs, single woman married 11 Oct 1771. Witnesses Elizabeth Laflin and ? Adams
Both "X" Banns read at Bildeston using surname Grimwade were read 15, 22 and 29 September 1771)
There was a John Grimwade, son of John Grimwade and Alice bp Bildeston 25 May 1740 (Grimwade was the usual spelling in Bildeston), who I think is the one who married Mary Adams but his age does not agree with the one who died in Ringshall, so I think they are two different Johns.
John snr of Bildeston remarried (Grimwood, wdr) in 1765
A John died 1788 (pauper) in Bildeston
A John died 1809 widower in Bildeston
No sign of death of Ann or Mary in Bildeston, but I am guessing that 1788 is John snr and 1809 John jnr.
     Mary died before 7 April 1822 in Ringshall, Suffolk. Another Mary was buried on 7 April 1825 aged 75. She was buried on 7 April 1822 in Ringshall. Mary Grimwood, Ringshall, aged 75.

Children of Mary Adams? and John Grimwood

Rebecca Adamson

( - 28 April 1711)
     Rebecca Adamson married Archibald Dunbar, son of Archibald Dunbar and Elizabeth Hacket, in August 1703. She was the widow of Robert Mackenzie/Menzies, W S and daughter of the Rev James Adamson, minister of Ettrick.
Extract Post-nuptial Marriage Contract dated 9 August 1703 between Archibald Dunbar of Thunderton (Thundertoun) and Rebecca Adamson, only daughter of deceased James Adamson minister at Atrick (Ettrick) and Margaret Coltt (Colt), his spouse, whereby said Rebecca is to have in liferent an annuity of 500 merks, her tocher being 1,600 merks. Registered in Elgin Sheriff Court books, 16 August 1717.
     Rebecca died on 28 April 1711.

Children of Rebecca Adamson and Archibald Dunbar

Elizabeth Adcock

(say 1690 - after 23 August 1713)
     Elizabeth Adcock was born say 1690 in Tickmarsh, Northamptonshire. She was the sister of John Adcock of Tickmarsh.
     Elizabeth Adcock married Edward Bowker, son of William Bowker and Mary Clark, on 25 April 1709 in Northampton, Northamptonshire. She was a widow and had a daughter Elizabeth Hinton.
     Elizabeth Adcock made a will dated 23 August 1713 in Peterborough. I Elizabeth Booker of Peterborough, widow, sick & infirm: to my daughter Elizabeth Hinton "during her minority", my brother John Adcock of Tickmarsh Dyer.
     Elizabeth died after 23 August 1713 in Peterborough, Northamptonshire.

Ann Addison

(2 January 1671 - 14 November 1719)
     Ann Addison was christened on 2 January 1671 in Glatton, Huntingdonshire. This would make her only 13 at marriage if born near her baptism. She was the daughter of William Addison.
     Ann Addison lived at Glatton, HUN, 1684.
     Ann Addison and Thomas Bowker obtained a marriage licence on 10 December 1684 in Huntingdonshire.
     Ann Addison married Thomas Bowker, son of William Bowker and Susanna Unknown, on 11 December 1684 in Glatton, HUN.
     Ann was buried on 14 November 1719 in Yaxley, Huntingdonshire.

Children of Ann Addison and Thomas Bowker

Ann Addison

(13 October 1691 - )
     Ann Addison was christened on 13 October 1691 in Glatton, Huntingdonshire. As William and Ann continue having children until 1702, this may be another couple. She was the daughter of William Addison and Ann Hodson.

Ann Addison

(22 February 1623 - )
     Ann Addison was christened on 22 February 1623 in Gt Gidding, Huntingdonshire. She was the daughter of Thomas Addison.