Corf ap Caenog

     Corf ap Caenog was born in Wales. He was the son of Caenog ap Tegonwy.

Child of Corf ap Caenog

Sarah Cage

(before 1795 - )
     Sarah Cage was born before 1795 in Suffolk, England.
Sarah Cage married an unknown person on 27 March 1810 in Hessett, Suffolk. They were both single of this parish..
Sarah Cage married William Cocksedge, son of William Cocksedge and Charlotte Fulcher, on 27 March 1810 in Hessett, Suffolk. They were both single of this parish..

Catherine Cahill

     Catherine Cahill married Thomas Colbert before 1802.

Child of Catherine Cahill and Thomas Colbert

Ann Caister

     Ann Caister was the daughter of Henry Caister and Ann Popplewell.

Elizabeth Caister

(28 November 1677 - )
     Elizabeth Caister was christened on 28 November 1677 in Broughton by Brigg, Lincolnshire. She was the daughter of Henry Caister and Ann Popplewell.

Henry Caister

     Henry Caister married Ann Popplewell, daughter of David Popplewell and Jane Brewer, circa 18 August 1671 in Bottesford, Lincolnshire. He may have remarried and had a daughter by Faith baptised 13 October 1693 at Broughton by Brigg. But this is more likely his son Henry. Henry Caister was mentioned in the manor court roll dated 5 February 1714/15, in Epworth re property at Belton. Manor of Epworth: Surrender by Robert & Richard Poplewell, in the presence of John Poplewell and Robert Moody, to the use of John Silvester Esq. and Henry Caister.
Property: all the copyhold properties of Robert & Richard in Belton, subject to trusts expressed in a deed bearing even date herewith, between Robert & Richard of the first part, John and Henry of the second part, and Elizabeth Smith, daughter of John Smith of Ecclesfield, Yorks., gent. deceased, and niece to John Silvester, of the third part

Children of Henry Caister and Ann Popplewell

Henry Caister

(17 December 1675 - )
     Henry Caister was christened on 17 December 1675 in Broughton by Brigg, Lincolnshire. He was the son of Henry Caister and Ann Popplewell.

Isabel Caister

(23 June 1672 - )
     Isabel Caister was christened on 23 June 1672 in Broughton by Brigg, Lincolnshire. She was the daughter of Henry Caister and Ann Popplewell.

John? Caister

     John? Caister married Cecilia Popplewell, daughter of Richard Popplewell, before 1538.

Mary Caister

(22 August 1684 - )
     Mary Caister was christened on 22 August 1684 in Broughton by Brigg, Lincolnshire. She was the daughter of Henry Caister and Ann Popplewell.

Robert Caister

(circa 1540 - )
     Robert Caister was born circa 1540.
Joanna or Janet Unknown (Sealand) married secondly Robert Caister on 16 September 1565 in Belton, Lincolnshire. Joana Poplewell & Robert Caister.

Stephen Caister

(13 May 1681 - )
     Stephen Caister was christened on 13 May 1681 in Broughton by Brigg, Lincolnshire. He was the son of Henry Caister and Ann Popplewell.

Margaret Caithness

     Margaret Caithness married William Sutherland, son of Alexander Sutherland, in 1579.

Child of Margaret Caithness and William Sutherland

Catherine Calder

(before April 1859 - )
     Catherine Calder was born before April 1859 in Dundee, Angus, Scotland.
Catherine Calder married Thomas Handy, son of Thomas Handy and Ann Daly, in 1878 in Dundee, Angus.
     Catherine Calder and Thomas Handy were recorded on the 1881 census in 18 Brewery Lane, Dundee, Angus, Scotland. Thomas Handy, married, 23, born Dundee, Forfar, head, Calendar Worker; Catherine Handy, 22, born Dundee, wife, Joseph Handy, 1, son, born Dundee.
     Catherine Calder and Thomas Handy were recorded on the 1901 census in 35 Lawrence St, Dundee, Angus. Thomas Handy 44, Jute calenderer; Catherine C Handy 40, Joseph Handy 21, railway servant, Andrew Handy 18 jute batcher; Francis Handy 16 jute batcher, Stephen Handy 15 jute piecer, Thomasina Handy 11, Jane Ann Handy 13, scholars, all born in Dundee.

Child of Catherine Calder and Thomas Handy

Margaret Calder

     Margaret Calder married Alexander Dunbar, son of Robert Dunbar, before 1700. They had 7 sons & 1 daughter.
Margaret Calder married Roderick MacKenzie (VI of Redcastle) as her second husband, in 1707..

Margaret Calder

     Margaret Calder married Paul MacPherson on 30 June 1848 in Forres, Moray.

Jane Grant Calderhead

(circa 1856 - )
     Jane Grant Calderhead was born circa 1856 in Lossiemouth, Moray.
Jane Grant Calderhead married Samuel Emslie, son of Peter Emslie and Ann Watt, in 1880 in Montrose, Angus.
     Jane Grant Calderhead and Samuel Emslie were recorded on the 1881 census in Vale Cotage, Airth, Stirlingshire. Samuel Emslie, 29, railway clerk, born Cluny, Abd; wife Jane Grant, 25, born Morayshire.
     Jane Grant Calderhead and Samuel Emslie were recorded on the 1901 census in Parkview Terrace, 4 Forfar Rd, St Andrew, Angus. Samuel Emslie, 49, fishing tackle maker born Cluny, Abd; wife Jane G, 45, born Lossiemouth, children Peter, 19, architect draughtsman, Annie 15, Fly dresser, Gertrude, 11, scholar (all 3 born at Alloa, Stirlingshire), Jessie, 9, born Stirling, Ann Calderhead, mother in law, widow, 81, annuitant, born Cromarty.

Christian Calendar

     Christian Calendar married Sir William Livingston, son of Sir William Livingston and daughter of Sir John Erskine. Christian Calendar was the daughter of Patrick de Callendar.

Child of Christian Calendar and Sir William Livingston

Elizabeth Ann Callaghan

(1890 - )
     Elizabeth Ann Callaghan was born in 1890 in Murchison, Victoria. She gave Michael Colbert as her father at her marriage. She was the daughter of James Callaghan and Mary Jane Fudge.

James Callaghan

     James Callaghan married Mary Jane Fudge in 1877 in Kapunda, South Australia. They had 4 children between 1878 - 1886 South Australia and another Elizabeth Ann born in Victoria.
Elizabeth has James Callaghan as her father on her birth cert, but Michael Colbert as father on her marriage certificate.

Child of James Callaghan and Mary Jane Fudge

Anna Maria Callanan

(circa 1845 - 11 July 1891)
     Anna Maria Callanan was born circa 1845.
Anna Maria Callanan married William Kirk, son of George Kirk and Martha Wing, in 1873 in Victoria.
     Anna died on 11 July 1891 in Balaclava, Victoria. Kirk. On the 11th inst at Kirkvale, Gourlay Street, Balaclava, Anna Maria, wife of Wiliam Kirk and sister of Mrs J Cameron and Mr R B Skamp..

Children of Anna Maria Callanan and William Kirk

Patrick de Callendar

     Patrick de Callendar was born in Scotland.

Child of Patrick de Callendar

Hugues Calvacamp

     Hugues Calvacamp was also known as Hugo in records.

Child of Hugues Calvacamp

Elizabeth Calverley

     Elizabeth Calverley was born in Yorkshire?. She was the daughter of Sir Anthony Calverley.
Elizabeth Calverley married Sir William Vavasour, son of John Vavasour and Ann Scrope. See Betham for more detail on this family with discrepancies over the children's marriages.

Children of Elizabeth Calverley and Sir William Vavasour

Harriett Calvert

     Harriett Calvert married Daniel Squirrell before 1832.

Children of Harriett Calvert and Daniel Squirrell

Mary Calvert

(circa 1731? - before 13 June 1803?)
     Mary Calvert was born circa 1731? In Suffolk.
Mary Calvert married Charles Bland, son of Charles Bland and Mary Unknown (Deer), on 5 January 1764 in St Mary, Bury St Edmunds, Suffolk.
     Mary died before 13 June 1803? In Bury St Edmunds, Suffolk. She was buried on 13 June 1803? In St James, Bury St Edmunds.

Children of Mary Calvert and Charles Bland

Alexander Cameron

(circa 1840 - )
     Alexander Cameron was born circa 1840.
Alexander Cameron married Isabella MacPherson, daughter of John MacPherson and Margaret Stewart, on 18 December 1867 in the Free Church, Strathbraan, Little Dunkeld, Perthshire, Scotland. At the Free Church Manse of Strathbraan, on the 18th inst., by the Rev Cosmo Macpherson, uncle of the bride, Alexander Cameron, Esq., Ballinlish, to Isabella Macpherson, fifth daughter of the late Mr J Macpherson, farmer, Ellick.

Alice Jessie Cameron

(1888 - 7 November 1977)
     Alice Jessie Cameron was commonly known as Queenie. She was born in 1888 in Bunkers Hill, North Cray, Kent. She was the daughter of Donald Cameron and Elizabeth Coleman.
Alice Jessie Cameron married Gerald Long in 1916 in Moncton, New Brunswick, Canada.
     Alice Jessie Cameron was employed as a shop-assistant.
     Alice died on 7 November 1977 in St Lambert, Quebec, Canada. She was buried after 7 November 1977 in Mt Hermon, Sillery, Quebec, Canada.

Allison G Cameron

(1903 - )
     Allison G Cameron was born in 1903 in Leichhardt, New South Wales. She was the daughter of Rev Ronald J Cameron and Lilly Wafford Dempster.
Allison G Cameron married William A Bryam Mansell in 1928 in Sydney, New South Wales.

Child of Allison G Cameron and William A Bryam Mansell

Ann Cameron

     Ann was present at son MacPherson als Dowl's christening on 12 April 1753 in Kirkmichael, Banffshire, Scotland.

Child of Ann Cameron and William MacPherson als Dowl