Ann Carver

(before 1760? - )
     Ann Carver was born before 1760?.
Ann Carver married George Stanser, son of George Stanser and Elizabeth Okeland or Hokland, on 4 August 1778 in Littleborough, Nottinghamshire, England.

Children of Ann Carver and George Stanser

Derek (Dyrrycke) Carver

     Derek (Dyrrycke) Carver married Eleanor Geere, daughter of Thomas Geere and Barbara Berde, on 13 May 1611 in Ovingdean, Sussex. A Derrick Carver was eligible to vote in the 1705 poll for the knights of the shire of Sussex for New Shoreham in 1705. He may be a descendant.

Roger Carver

(say 1605 - )
     Roger Carver was born say 1605.
     Roger Carver and Joan or Jeanne or Jane Geere obtained a marriage licence on 20 December 1630 in Ovingdean, Sussex. Roger Carver & Jeane Geere - entries follows her brother's on 21 December 1630.

Ernest Earl Carveth

(11 April 1921 - 4 October 1980)
     Ernest Earl Carveth was born on 11 April 1921 in Canada.
     Ernest died on 4 October 1980 in Canada aged 59.

Mary Cary

( - before 1654)
     Mary Cary was born in Devon. She was the daughter of George Cary of Clovelly, Devon.
Mary Cary married John Arundell, son of John Arundell and Gertrude Dennis. They had other issue: William, Francis, Agnes.
     Mary died before 1654.

Children of Mary Cary and John Arundell

Mary Casavill

     Mary Casavill married Christopher Killigrew on 27 May 1686 in St Petrox, Dartmouth, Devon.

Ellen Neta Casbolt

     Ellen Neta Casbolt married Albert Emerson Coulthard, son of James Emerson Coulthard and Maria Jane Gay, in 1911 in Victoria.

Anthony G Case-Morris

     The marriage of Anthony G Case-Morris and Margaret J W Stanser, daughter of Captain James Reginald Stanser MC and Cecile Gwendoline Morris, was registered in Rother Valley RD, Yorkshire, in the September 1947 quarter.

Margaret Casey

     Margaret Casey married Maurice Colbert before 1843.

Child of Margaret Casey and Maurice Colbert

Patrick Casey

(circa 1840 - )
     Patrick was a farmer in Kanturk, Dromtarriff, Cork, Ireland. He was born circa 1840 in Kanturk, Dromtarriff Cork.
Patrick Casey married Joanna Colbert, daughter of John Colbert (of Dromtarriff) and Joanna Mahony, on 7 December 1878 in the Roman Catholic church, Kanturk, Dromtarriff, Cork, Ireland. Witnessed by Maurice & Maggie Colbert. Hannah, daughter of John Colebert, decd, farmer.

Robert Edward Casey

(19 May 1907? - )
     Robert Edward Casey was born on 19 May 1907?.
Robert Edward Casey married Lyla May Colbert (Moffat?), daughter of John Colbert and Mary Jane Robertson, in 1935 in Victoria.
     Robert and Lyla were registered as Robert Edward Casey, butcher, & Lyla May Casey, home duties at 98 Powlett St, East Melbourne, on the 1937 electoral roll.

Llary ap Casnar Wledig

(circa 530 - )
     Llary ap Casnar Wledig was born circa 530 in Powys, Wales. He was the son of Casnar Wledig.

Child of Llary ap Casnar Wledig

Frederick William Hugh Caspar

(19 March 1918 - )
     Frederick William Hugh Caspar was born on 19 March 1918 in Victoria. Lynn MacQueen states that he was the son of William Louis Caspar (born 13 May 1880 at Trentham & buried 5 Aug 1950 at Maddingley cemetery, Bacchus Marsh) who married Alice Curay. His father was Francis Charles Caspar whose father was Louis Caspar of Schallhausen, Switzerland..
Frederick William Hugh Caspar married Edna Mary Ruby, daughter of Keith Evans Ruby and Ivy Wood, in 1950 in Victoria.
     Frederick resided at 5/3 King Edward Avenue, Sunshine, 1990.

Frederick Cass

( - August 1933)
     Frederick Cass married Muriel Elisabeth Dobson, daughter of Godfrey St Aubyn Dobson and Mary Ann Louisa Thomas, in 1927 in Victoria.
     Frederick died in August 1933.

Harold Gordon Nelson Cassell

(circa 1892 - 1968)
     Harold Gordon Nelson Cassell was born circa 1892.
Harold Gordon Nelson Cassell married Edith Robertson, daughter of Robert Robertson and Emma Pyke, on 18 February 1920 in Creswick, Victoria. Married at Maryborough according to Julie Meyers.
     Harold died in 1968 in Heidelberg, Victoria.

Children of Harold Gordon Nelson Cassell and Edith Robertson

Harold James Cassell

(12 June 1923 - )
     Harold James Cassell was born on 12 June 1923 in Ballarat, Victoria. He was the son of Harold Gordon Nelson Cassell and Edith Robertson.
     Harold resided at Scarborough, Queensland, November 2010.

Raymond Leslie Cassell

(12 or 13 Feb 1925 - 2009)
     Raymond Leslie Cassell was born 12 or 13 Feb 1925 in Ballarat, Victoria. He was the son of Harold Gordon Nelson Cassell and Edith Robertson.
     Raymond resided at 22 Elphin St, Newport.
     Raymond died in 2009 in Newport, Victoria.

Russell Robert Cassell

(10 July 1926 - )
     Russell Robert Cassell was born on 10 July 1926 in Ballarat, Victoria. He was the son of Harold Gordon Nelson Cassell and Edith Robertson.
     Russell resided at 14/5 Higginbotham Road, Gladesville, New South Wales, November 2010.

Elizabeth Charlotte Cassidy

(before 1850 - )
     Elizabeth Charlotte Cassidy was born before 1850.
Elizabeth Charlotte Cassidy married Henry Parker Handy, son of Stray Handy, before 1869.

Child of Elizabeth Charlotte Cassidy and Henry Parker Handy

Arnold Cassie

     Arnold Cassie married Kathleen Halahan, daughter of Thomas Dufour Halahan OBE and Ethel Louisa Preston.

Martha Ellen Casson

(circa 1877 - )
     Martha Ellen Casson was born circa 1877 in Sheffield.
The marriage of Martha Ellen Casson and George Stancer was registered in Sheffield, Yorkshire, in the 1884 quarter.
     Martha Ellen Casson and George Stancer were recorded on the 1891 census in 21 Grove Rd, Ecclesall Bierlow, Sheffield. George aged 25, steel warehouseman, with his wife Martha aged 23, file cutter and their daughter Martha E aged 7 months, all born at Sheffield.

Child of Martha Ellen Casson and George Stancer

Marguerite de Castelnau

     Marguerite de Castelnau married Francois del la Queuille in France. Marguerite de Castelnau was born in France. Daughter of Jean de Castelnau, seigneur de Castelnau de Bretenoux et de Saint Sentin de Caumont in Quercy..

Child of Marguerite de Castelnau and Francois del la Queuille

Rebecca Castledurrow

     Rebecca Castledurrow married James Agar (of Ringwood), son of James Agar and Mary Wemyss. Rebecca Castledurrow was born in Ireland?. She was the daughter of Lord Castledurrow..

Children of Rebecca Castledurrow and James Agar (of Ringwood)

Albert Catchpole

(before 3 March 1872 - )
     Albert Catchpole was born before 3 March 1872 in Hessett, Suffolk. He was the son of Amos Catchpole and Harriet Rosbrooke.

Amelia Catchpole

(13 December 1876 - before 8 February 1878)
     Amelia Catchpole was born on 13 December 1876 in Hessett. She was the daughter of Amos Catchpole and Harriet Rosbrooke. Amelia Catchpole was christened on 2 March 1877 in Hessett.
     Amelia died before 8 February 1878 in Hessett.

Amos Catchpole

(before 21 October 1838 - )
     Amos Catchpole was born before 21 October 1838 in Hessett, Suffolk. He was the son of John Catchpole and Miriam Austin.
Marriage banns for Amos Catchpole and Harriet Rosbrooke were published before 24 January 1859 in Hessett.
Amos Catchpole married Harriet Rosbrooke on 20 March 1859 in Felsham, Suffolk.

Children of Amos Catchpole and Harriet Rosbrooke

Amos Catchpole

(22 March 1870 - )
     Amos Catchpole was born on 22 March 1870 in Hessett, Suffolk. He was the son of Amos Catchpole and Harriet Rosbrooke. Amos Catchpole was christened on 5 June 1870 in Hessett, Suffolk.

Arthur Catchpole

(circa 1861 - )
     Arthur Catchpole was born circa 1861. He was the son of Amos Catchpole and Harriet Rosbrooke.

Charles Catchpole

(circa 1834 - )
     Charles Catchpole was born circa 1834. He was the son of Richard Catchpole and Sophia Cocksedge.

Edward Catchpole

(circa April 1862 - )
     Edward Catchpole was born circa April 1862 in Gedding, Suffolk, England. He was the son of Amos Catchpole and Harriet Rosbrooke. Edward Catchpole was christened on 9 November 1862 in Hessett, Suffolk.