Ann Cocksedge

(before 9 May 1650 - )
     Ann Cocksedge was born before 9 May 1650 in Bardwell, Suffolk. She was the daughter of John Cocksedge and Ann Unknown.
     Ann Cocksedge was mentioned in the will of John Cocksedge dated 13 January 1661/62.
     Ann Cocksedge married Robert Chapel on 27 April 1677 in Bardwell, Suffolk.

Henry Cocksedge

(8 May 1673 - )
     Henry Cocksedge was christened on 8 May 1673 in Barningham, Suffolk. He was the son of Henry Cocksedge and Margaret Unknown.

Edward Silvester

(before 1570 - 1623)
     Edward Silvester was born before 1570. He was the son of Robert Silvester and Elizabeth Unknown (Silvester). He was a churchwarden in Ecclesfield, Yorkshire, between 1591 and 1615.
     Edward Silvester married Anne Smith on 5 August 1593 in Ecclesfield, Yorkshire.
     Edward Silvester married secondly Lucy Oxspring on 29 January 1598/99 in Ecclesfield, Yorkshire. Edward Silvester was a church member in 1616 in Ecclesfield, Yorkshire. He was feoffee of the local church.
     Edward died in 1623 in High Green, Ecclesfield, Yorkshire.
     A footnote on p.24 of Gatty's Registers of Ecclesfield states that he was of High Green, in this parish. He was churchwarden for Grenofirth district in the years 1594 and 1615, and ffeofee in 1616. He was married twice.      Eastwood, in his History of Ecclesfield p.299, states that the Mortomley Lane End Hospital was founded by Edward Sylvester, of the Tower of London, Esq. who in April 21st 1693, conveyed for a term of 6000 years, certain lands at Womersley, in the county of York, to John Parkin, of Mortomley, Nicholas Sylvester, and John Allen in trust for the use of the Poor of Ecclesfield, to build for them an hospital as above described, and to pay thirty shillings a year to each of the occupants, or more if the estate produced more. Mr Nicholas Sylvester [died Sep 20, 1702] was to have the patronage during his life, and then the Vicar and Churchwardens of Ecclesfield (who were thenceforth to act as trustees), or any two of them, the Vicar being always one, to have the nomination.
The land at Womersley was sold in 1718 (the writings were signed at Barnsley Oct 3 1718, and registered at Wakefield) to Mr Tobiah Harvey, of Womersley, for 580/- ...
     Eastwood, p.300, states that a family of Silvester resided somewhere about High Green or Chapel Town, and the name occurs frequently in the parish records, the earliest being Robert Sylvester buried 1583, Edward Silvester, churchwarden in 1594, feoffee in 1616. The latter was described in the parish register as "of Hyegrene' in September 1599. A tombstone near the S E door of the church records the deaths of several members of the family: Thos: Silvester of Chapeltown, bur: Aug 21 1679; Eleanor his wife May 20 1669, Children by her, Mary bur 1668, Nicholas Sep 26 1702, Ann Aug 11, 1711. Mary wife of Nicholas Silvester July 4th 1702. Mary 2nd wife of Thos: Silvester Feb 15th 1679; by whom he had Hannah, bur. Oct 3 1677; Elizabeth March 20th 1682; Martha April 6 1683.

Children of Edward Silvester and Lucy Oxspring