Rev Nathan Ashby

(circa 1818 - 25 August 1853)
     Rev Nathan Ashby was born circa 1818 in West Indies. He was the son of Nathan Ashby and Sarah Harbourn Nowell. Nathan was a clergyman at Jamaica, in 1838. Nathan Ashby and W N Ashby (who was a curate at St James - Montego Bay were listed in the Letters and papers of individual missionaries, catechists and others - C.W./0,13-100 of the Church Missionary Society, who were in Jamaica prior to and during 1838
The printed register of Church Missionary Society Clerical and Lay missionaries describes him as Nathan Ashby, of Jamaica. 1838, taken up in Jamaica as a catechist. 1841 ordained deacon by Bishop of Jamaica. In local connexion. 1842, transferred to colonial establishment, and connexion closed, on the withdrawal of the Mission. The West Indies Mission catalogue of the CMS describes him as the brother of W N Ashby: Jamaica, Birman Wood (St George) 1838; Elstree (Manchester) 1839; Salt Savannah 1840 [closed down October 1840]; Normal School, the Grove, St Andrews) 1840-41; Kinston 1850. He is mentioned in letters 1840 & 1850, and quarterly reports 1838-1840. He christened Louis Fullarton Mackinnon on 3 November 1848 in Kingston, Surrey, Jamaica. He was baptised by Nathan Ashby. Nathan Reverend Nathan Ashby, island curate, St. Michael's Chapel at Kingstown, in 1851. He christened Ellen Mary Mackinnon on 9 February 1852 in Jamaica. Ellen Mary, born 18 August 1851, daughter of Lewis Fullarton MacKinnon of Halse Hall, and Sarah his wife, by the Rev Nathan Ashby.
She married Charles Frederick Douet on 17 Jan 1882 at Kingston.
     Nathan's death was registered in the quarter ending on 25 August 1853 in Bath, Somerset.

Bernard Stephen Colbert

(22 January 1917 - 7 March 1999)
     Bernard Stephen Colbert was born on 22 January 1917 in Nhill, Victoria. He was the son of John Colbert and Lilian Robina Allen.
     Bernard died on 7 March 1999 in Victoria, aged 82.
     His will was proved on 20 July 1999 at Victoria. He was a retired farmer of Nhill.

Child of Bernard Stephen Colbert