John Clark

(1901 - 1970)
     John Clark was born in 1901 in Yarram, Victoria. He was the son of Owen Clark and Hannah Bullett.
     John died in 1970 in Heidelberg, Victoria.

John Clark

     John Clark married Jane Read in 1858 in Victoria.

Children of John Clark and Jane Read

Julia Ann Clark

(19 December 1869 - 24 June 1940)
     Julia Ann Clark was buried in Hazelwood, Victoria. Julia Ann Clark was also known as Annie in records. She was born on 19 December 1869 in Diamond Creek, Victoria.
     Julia Ann Clark married George Fox, son of Robert Fox and Eliza Knox or Knocks, in 1893 in Sale, Victoria.
     Julia died on 24 June 1940 in Morwell, Victoria, aged 70.

Children of Julia Ann Clark and George Fox

Louis Clark

(1876 - )
     Louis Clark was born in 1876 in Yarram, Victoria. He was the son of John Clark and Jane Read.

Mary Clark

( - before 20 January 1704/5?)
     Mary Clark was born in Yaxley, Huntingdonshire.
     Mary Clark married William Bowker, son of William Bowker and Susanna Unknown, on 18 June 1674 in Yaxley, Huntingdonshire.
     Mary died before 20 January 1704/5? In Yaxley, Huntingdonshire. She was buried on 20 January 1704/5 in Yaxley.

Children of Mary Clark and William Bowker

Mary Clark

(circa 1695 - )
     John Vodry witnessed the will of Dr Henry Clark 28 May 1721 who had an unmarried (less than 18) daughter Mary. A Msary Cowdry, widow, married Isaac Le Gay on 29 December 1723 at St Michael.. Mary Clark was born circa 1695.
     Mary Clark married John Vodry on 19 April 1713 in St Phillip, Barbados. Married by licence.
     Mary Clark and John Vodry were recorded on 22 July 1715 census in St Phillip, Barbados. John Vodry aged 23, Mrs Mary Vodry aged 20. A footnote states Mr John Vodry a childe born (boy) since I tooke an account of the famelys.
There was also a John Voydery aged 27 in the parish of St John

Children of Mary Clark and John Vodry

Maud Maria Clark

(1868 - 1868)
     Maud died aged 18 days in 1868. She was born in 1868 in Walhalla, Victoria. She was the daughter of John Clark and Jane Read.

Maude Maria Clark

(1871 - )
     Maude Maria Clark was born in 1871 in Yarram, Victoria. She was the daughter of John Clark and Jane Read.
     Maude Maria Clark married Alfred Parrott, son of Robert Parrott and Mary Hart, in 1891 in Yarram, Victoria.

May Levina Clark

(1864 - 1925)
     May Levina Clark was also known as Mary Lavinia in records. She was born in 1864 in Gippsland, Victoria. She was the daughter of John Clark and Jane nee Read. She was the daughter of John Clark and Jane Read.
     May Levina Clark married Robert Josiah Parrott, son of Robert Parrott and Mary Hart, in 1881 in Victoria.
     May died in 1925 in Yarram, Victoria.

Children of May Levina Clark and Robert Josiah Parrott

Owen Clark

(14 July 1859 - 22 December 1946)
     Owen Clark was born on 14 July 1859 in Yarram, Victoria. He was the son of John & Jane nee Read. He was the son of John Clark and Jane Read.
     Owen Clark married Hannah Bullett, daughter of George Bullett and Mary Ann Bloomfield, on 3 July 1884 in Devon North, Victoria.
     Owen was registered as a labourer at Devon North, Victoria, on the 1908 electoral roll.
     Owen was registered as a farmer at Devon North, Victoria, on the between 1935 and 1936 electoral roll.
     Owen died on 22 December 1946 in Yarram, Victoria, aged 87. Obituary: Mr Owen Clark, Death came as a happy release to Mr Owen Clark on December 22, at this residence North Devon, he having ailing for the past 5 years. Born at Yarram 87 years ago, he was the eldest son of the late Mr 7 Mrs Jack Clark, who in those days lived on one of the old houses on the "Aylesbury" property near the Tarra River. After working on the Walhalla gold fields and the Heyfield railway line, he returned to this district and married Miss Hannah Bullett. That was 62 years ago and at the time he selected his present property which is situated in the bush country between North Devon and Jack River. They reared a family of ten, Ethel (Mrs Porter), Bertha (Mrs Whitford), Annabelle (Mrs Turnbull), John, George, Edie (Mrs Powell), Bessie (Mrs Jones), James, Henry and Walter, the youngest being killed on the Komodo Ridge during the New Guinea campaign. For the last 40 years of his active life, Mr Clark cut and carted wood to Yarram in a horse and dray. During the disastrous fires of six years ago, he and his wife lost their home and effects, and re-established their home on the same property. The remains were interred in the Yarram cemetery on December 24. Rev McCraw read the service at the graveside, and Mr M Pearson had charge of the arrangements. [The Standard, Dec 1946]. Notes : Mary Jane (Clark) Whitford 1858-1938; Owen Clark 1859-1946; "Aylesbury" property was owned by Abraham Bland who married in England to Bertha Whitford's aunt (nee H.

. He was buried on 24 December 1946 in Yarram.

Children of Owen Clark and Hannah Bullett

Samuel Clark

(27 March 1806 - )
     Samuel Clark was christened on 27 March 1806 in Tostock, Suffolk. He was the son of Samuel Clark and Ann Rampley.
     Samuel Clark married Sophia Cocksedge, daughter of William Cocksedge and Mary Bauly, on 26 February 1827 in Tostock, Suffolk. He was a thatcher. They had 8 children - John born circa 1827, Sophia born c. 1830, William c. 1832, Ann aMaria c. 1835, Samuel c. 1837, Mary Anne c. 1840, Thomas c. 1843, Charles c. 1848. See further information on this line.

Sarah Clark

     Sarah Clark married John Bland on 14 November 1764 in Framlingham, Suffolk.

Susanna Henrietta Clark

     Susanna Henrietta Clark married Herbert Frederick Dempster, son of Percival Wilkes Dempster and Mary Ann Sophia Elizabeth Dean, in March 1905 in Hemel Hempstead RD, Hertfordshire.
     Susanna Henrietta Clark and Herbert Frederick Dempster appeared on the 1911 census in 68 Dynevor Road, Stoke Newington, Middlesex. Hubert Dempster, head 35, Shop assistant, born London Camden Town; wife Susanna, 32, born Herts, Bovingdon; daughter Florence, 6, born Herts Sarratt.

Child of Susanna Henrietta Clark and Herbert Frederick Dempster

Walter Allan Clark

(25 August 1912 - 8 September 1942)
     Walter Allan Clark was born on 25 August 1912 in Yarram, Victoria. He was the son of Owen Clark and Hannah Bullett.
     Walter was killed in action on 8 September 1942 in Owen Stanley Range, Papua New Guinea, aged 30. He was buried on 12 October 1942 in the Bomana War Cemetery, Papua New Guinea.

(?) Clarke or Turner

     (?) Clarke or Turner married Ada Ellen Bland, daughter of Charles Bland and Sarah Willis Groom, in 1885 in Suffolk.

(?) Clarke

     (?) Clarke married Mary Stancer before 1813.

Child of (?) Clarke and Mary Stancer

Ann Clarke

( - before 5 May 1682)
     Ann Clarke married Jeffery Addison as his second wife, on 23 April 1654 in Glatton, Huntingdonshire.
     Ann died before 5 May 1682 in Glatton, HUN. She was buried on 5 May 1682 in Glatton. Anne, wife of Jeffrey Addisson.

Children of Ann Clarke and Jeffery Addison

Anne Clarke

(1743 - 30 May 1795)
     Anne Clarke was born in 1743 in Wilmington, New Hanover, North Carolina, USA. Anne Clark was the daughter of Thomas Clark and Barbara Murray. Anne Clark of Wilmington was the sister to Thomas Clarke Jr., Colonel and Brevet-Brigadier-General in the Revolutionary army.
     Anne Clarke married William Hooper, son of Rev William Hooper and Mary Dennie, on 16 August 1767 in King's Chapel, Boston, Suffolk county, Massachusetts, USA.
     Anne Clarke made a will dated 31 March 1793 in Hillsborough, North Carolina. See A Goodwin's website at: lor a transcript of his will and further information on this line.
     Anne died on 30 May 1795 in Hillsborough, Orange county, North Carolina, USA.

Children of Anne Clarke and William Hooper

Annie Eliza Clarke

(29 January 1868 - )
     Annie Eliza Clarke was born on 29 January 1868 in Haliburton, Ontario, Canada.
     Annie Eliza Clarke married Henry James Carpenter Walling, son of Reuben Thomas Walling and Harriett Ruby, on 29 January 1889 in Haliburton, ONT, CAN.
     Annie Eliza Clarke and Henry James Carpenter Walling were listed in the 1901 census in Dysart township, Peterborough district, Ontario.
     Annie Eliza Clarke and Henry James Carpenter Walling were listed in the 1911 census in Haliburton, Dysart Township, Haliburton county, Ontario.

Children of Annie Eliza Clarke and Henry James Carpenter Walling

Charles Clarke

     Charles Clarke married Rita Marjory Cocksedge, daughter of Frederick Ernest Cocksedge and Ada May Parrott.

Coroneeta Frances Clarke

(1902 - )
     Coroneeta Frances Clarke was born in 1902 in Queensland. She had 10 grnad children. She was the daughter of William Clarke and Emma Harriet Dunbar.

Elizabeth Clarke

     The marriage of Elizabeth Clarke and Anthony John Stancer, son of John Stanser and Martha Unknown, was registered in Bristol, Gloucestershire, in the December 1861 quarter. Their issue are listed on the IGI.

Elizabeth Clarke (Crookshank?) (Wybrow) (Tindal)

( - August 1844)
     She was transported as a convict arriving on 15 November 1808 in New South Wales, Australia, per Speke.
     Elizabeth Clarke (Crookshank?) (Wybrow) (Tindal) married William Whybrow in 1809 in Sydney, New South Wales, Australia. She married as Elizabeth Crookshank, William Wybrow (Ganges, 1797) at St Phillip's Sydney in 1809. Their son James is the ancestor of Angela Finnerty..
     Elizabeth died in August 1844 in Penrith, New South Wales, Australia.

Children of Elizabeth Clarke (Crookshank?) (Wybrow) (Tindal) and William Whybrow

Children of Elizabeth Clarke (Crookshank?) (Wybrow) (Tindal) and John Poad Tindale

Ellen Clarke

(circa 1850 - 1935)
     Ellen Clarke was born circa 1850.
     Ellen Clarke married Richard Moorfield in Victoria, Australia.
     Ellen died in 1935 in Yarram, Victoria, Australia.

Children of Ellen Clarke and Richard Moorfield

Ellen Clarke

     Ellen Clarke married Joseph Leeks Grimwood, son of Joseph Grimwood and Sarah Anne Leeks, on 4 October 1878 in Hadleigh, Suffolk.

Frances Clarke

( - after September 1775)
     Frances Clarke was born in Watford, Northamptonshire. See the Visitation of Northamptonshire for further details.
     Frances Clarke married William Bowker, son of Thomas Bowker and Mary Burgess, on 31 March 1741 in Daventry, Northamptonshire. William Bowker of Yaxley, Huntingdonshire & Frances Clarke, of Watford, by licence.
     Frances died after September 1775.
     Frances Clarke was mentioned in the will of William Bowker dated 14 September 1775.

Children of Frances Clarke and William Bowker

Frederick James Clarke

(circa 1888 - )
     Frederick James Clarke was born circa 1888 in Stanton All Saints, Suffolk.
     Frederick James Clarke married Laura Jane Bland, daughter of Robert William Bland and Ellen Turner, on 12 May 1913 in Stanton All Saints. They had a daughter Nelly M registered in the June quarter of 1914.

Irene Phillis Clarke

(1914 - 1977)
     Irene Phillis Clarke was born in 1914.
     Irene Phillis Clarke married Ronald Bland Devonshire, son of Walter George Devonshire and Charlotte Marion Sedunary, in 1935.
     Irene died in 1977.

Child of Irene Phillis Clarke and Ronald Bland Devonshire

Maria Clarke

     Maria Clarke was born in Suffolk.
     Maria Clarke married Thomas Hunt on 1 April 1706 in Occold, Suffolk.

Children of Maria Clarke and Thomas Hunt

Mary Clarke

(before 1710 - )
     Mary Clarke was born before 1710 in Suffolk, England.
     Mary Clarke married Robert Cocksedge, son of John Cocksedge and Mary Spicer, on 30 September 1729 in Stanton St John, Suffolk.