Gwenneth Fahey/Fay Roberts

(6 September 1926 - 10 January 2015)
     Gwenneth Fahey/Fay Roberts was born on 6 September 1926.
     Gwenneth Fahey/Fay Roberts lived at Yarram Road, Devon North, Victoria, 1982.
     Gwenneth died on 10 January 2015 in Victoria, aged 88. She was buried on 22 January 2015 in Yarram.

Daisy May King

(1890 - 3 September 1962)
     Daisy May King was born in 1890.
     Daisy May King married William Weston MacKenzie, son of William MacKenzie and Lily Weston, in 1920 in Victoria. Daisy arrived in the area to teach piano and singing to Molly McKenzie and her sisters Jean and Annie.
     Her nephew George came to stay with them. He was the son of Daisy's sister Lilly. During 1926/27 at the age of nine or ten, George Andrew Beecher arrived at William and Daisy's to help out at the dairy and many other chores. George's older brother James Raymond- known a Ray - had previously been on the farm to help out and on his return to Melbourne was replaced by George. (Ray died of TB after the Second World War and George was a P.O.W. in the Japanese Changi camp for many years until the end of the war returning home to live with his Mother and Father - marrying many years later).
On George's first day of school at Mack's Creek, he was thrown on the back of Stan Davis' horse for the ride on the sand track to school to meet his new teacher - Mr. Lofts? Being from the city George was encouraged by the other children to wander through the rabbit traps they had set up for a bit of a laugh.
George remembers leaving the skinned rabbits out under hessian bags to be collected for pocket money, sometimes using it to go to the pictures at the Regent in Yarram by walking along the railway line. it was quicker this way as you could not be sure of a lift into town along the road. Daisy would go into town with horse (Clydesdale) and jinker as the farm did not have any vehicles. On a Saturday night with kero lamps in hand they would all walk over to D.T.'s and George would play with the children, Don, David and Lilly.
In his teenage years George returned from Melbourne to holiday at Mack's Creek. In training for professional cycle racing he would follow the postie - Tommy Cook on his run from Yarram to Traralgon trying to catch up with the vehicle as Tommy delivered mail, nuts and bolts and other specialty items requested by the neighbours.
George has fond memories of fun and hard working times at Mack's Creek and was thrilled to be at the Muster 13th June, 1999 - renewing old acquaintances and arranging return visits to reminisce.
     Daisy died on 3 September 1962 in Macks Creek, Won Wron, Victoria. She was buried on 5 September 1962 in Yarram.

George Daniel Speed

(1873 - 17 June 1955)
     George Daniel Speed was born in 1873 in Warrnambool, Victoria. He was the son of William Speed & Jane Sutherland.
     George Daniel Speed married Isabella MacKenzie, daughter of William MacKenzie and Lily Weston, in 1902 in Victoria.
     George was registered as as owner of land in Boodyarn, and farmer at Won Wron, on the 1949 electoral roll.
     George died on 17 June 1955 in Won Wron, Victoria. He was buried after 31 July 1988 in the Presbyterian section of the cemetery, Yarram.

Children of George Daniel Speed and Isabella MacKenzie