Donovan D Ricks

(23 October 1918 - 23 September 2002)
     Donovan D Ricks was born on 23 October 1918 in Montana. He was the son of William Henry Ricks and Harriet Marie Bell.
     Report Date: 7 May 1942 Latest Report Date: 29 Oct 1945 Grade: Corporal Grade Notes: First Lieutenant or Chief nurse or Head dietitian or Head physical therapy aide or Corporal or Technician 5th Grade or Lt. Jr. Grade or First Class, Seaman Service Branch: Army Arm or Service: Medical Department Arm or Service Code: Medical Department Or Anc: Army Nurse Corps Organization Type: Medical Hospital, Field Hospital Parent Unit
Type: Hospital/Construction Headquarters Area Served: Southwest Pacific Theatre: Philippine Islands
Detaining Country: Japan Camp: Omori Headquarters Camp (Ofuna) Tokyo 35-139 STATUS: Returned to Military Control, Liberated or Repatriated Report Source: Individual has been reported through sources
considered official.
Donovan Ricks' Biographical Sketch
Graduated from St. Maries High School at St. Maries, Idaho, in May 1939. Joined Idaho CCC's and then enlisted in the Army 16 March 1940 at Ft George Wright, Spokane, Washington. Took basic Infantry training with 4th Infantry Regiment, Third division at Ft Wright. Worked in station hospital and as aid man. Was sent to the Philippines Sept. 1941; Stationed at Ft. William McKinley PI with Philippine Scouts.
Worked in the Dispensary holding sick call for Scouts and the 31st Infantry Service Co.
Delivered my first baby at dispensary Nov. 41. At the beginning of war was assigned as aid man. Was one of the last medics out of Manila on 31st of Dec. Was on Bataan. Got sick and was sent to Gen Hosp #2 at Limay which was my old outfit from McKinley. Stayed with them till my capture 8 April. Left Bataan May 10 for Bilibid. Moved to Cabanatuan 1st June 1942, One the first medic's to set up prison Hospital. Left Cabanatuan On the Noto Maru in Sept. was sent to Kemptai Headquarters Camp Omori Tokyo Japan. Was there at the fire bombing of Tokyo. Was brutally beaten by Watenabe two times in two days, that's a long story.
On August 18 was sent to duty in camp Dispensary under American control. Lt Goodman MD was in charge. Was great to be a medic again. 28th August 1945 helped sick POWs from Shinagawa hospital to hospital ship in Tokyo bay. Left Tokyo after signing of Surrender By Japanese. Stayed in Philippines till 1 Oct. Got home 10 Oct 1945, was discharged on 6 May 1946. Served in Korea 1953-54; Left Japan March 1956
     Donovan died on 23 September 2002 in Sacramento, California, aged 83.

Mary Margaret Ricks

(17 February 1921 - 18 May 1924)
     Mary Margaret Ricks was born on 17 February 1921 in Hysham, Montana. She was the daughter of William Henry Ricks and Harriet Marie Bell.
     Mary died on 18 May 1924 aged 3.