Benjamin Cocksedge

(20 May 1726 - )
     Benjamin Cocksedge was christened on 20 May 1726 in Rougham, Suffolk. He was the son of John Cocksedge and Mary Unknown (Cocksedge) (Cheavely).
     He is possibly the Ben Cocksedge mentioned with John Cocksedge in the Rougham Tithe and Glebe accounts 1771, 1774, 1777, 1779. He seems more likely to the one who married Sarah but at the mariage he was of Hessett, so I have assumed the Ben born there in 1731 rather than this man but I have my doubts.

Susan Cocksedge

(11 April 1736 - )
     Susan Cocksedge was also known as Susannah in records. She was christened on 11 April 1736 in Hessett, Suffolk. She was the daughter of John Cocksedge and Margaret Bird.
     Susan Cocksedge married William Mothersole on 11 December 1759 in Hessett, Suffolk. They were both of this parish (Susannah).
     She is not mentioned in her father?John Cocksedge of Stansfield & Hessett's will dated 1785.

Martha Cocksedge

(3 October 1754 - 18 March 1755)
     Martha Cocksedge was christened on 3 October 1754 in Hessett, Suffolk. She was the daughter of Michael Cocksedge and Mary Wilkin.
     Martha was buried on 18 March 1755 in Hessett, Suffolk.