Mary Handy

(1641 - 1660)
     Mary Handy lived at Wexford, Ireland.
     Contact wrote: She may the ancestor of the daughter of my grand-daughter Mary Smith in the will of Thomas Handy of 1688, He had this early daughter in Evesham and a youngest daughter Mary in Newcastle, which was executor?. She was born in 1641 in Evesham, Worcestershire. She was the daughter of Thomas Handy and Margaret Clements.
     Mary died Mary their daughter deceased 1660, was buried at Kilmuckridge, the 12th month. in 1660 in Kilmuckridge, Wexford, Ireland.
     In Thomas Handy's will dated before 4 December 1688 in Newcastle, Tikillin, Wexford, Ireland, Mary Handy was named as executrix of the estate; Thomas Handey, the elder, of Newcastle, co. Wexford. To be buried in Friends burying place.
To my wife Elizabeth Handey one half of all my goods and chattels except the lease of land of Newcastle and other lands taken from Joseph Sanders by lease.
To my son Thomas Handey the lease of Newcastle and said other lands, one third part of what it yields to my said wife, and one third to my daughter Mary and one third to my said son Thomas.
To said daughter Mary (sole executrix) the half of all my goods.
To my grandson Thomas Handey all that track of land I bought in New Jersey.
To my granddaughter Elizabeth Handey £5.
To 'the daughter of my granddaughter Mary Smith' 20/-.
To Thomas Wright's two sons, Thomas and Joseph, 10/- each.
To Susannah Sandwith's child "if it please the Lord it come to life and live " 20/-.
Francis Randall, John Tottenham and Jonas Chamberlin to be overseers. Dated the ninth month 1688.
F 6 17
     Perhaps this is his father, although the pedigree states that the immigrant father was married to Joan.
     Betham's abstract of the will of Thomas Handy of Meath Street, Dublin, merchant, mentions his cozen Samuel Handy, Johnathan Strettle, daughter Catherine Pim otherwise Handy, wife of John Pim; Sarah Pemberton, wife of John Pemberton, daughter Mary Handy, brother John Handy, father Thomas Handy, grand daughters Sarah, Mary, Elizabeth & Anna Pim, grand son Handy Pemberton, grandaughter Mary Pemberton, cousin Mary Wyly, daughter of Bridget Jessop nee Wyley. Brother in law Samuel Hillary, cousin Susanna Williams, nee Wright, cousin William Wright.

Margaret Clements

(before 1620 - )
     Margaret Clements was born before 1620 in Weston, England.
     Margaret Clements married Thomas Handy, son of Thomas Handy (of Evesham) and Joan (?), in 1640 in Worcestershire, England. Thomas Handy, son of Thomas Handy of Evesham in the county of Worcester, & Joan his wife, took to wife Margaret Clements, daughter of [blank] & [blank] his wife of Weston in a publick assembly of the People called Quakers on the [blank] month 1640, by whom he had Mary born at Evesham 1641.

Child of Margaret Clements and Thomas Handy

Jonathan Handy

(circa 1716 - before 6 October 1718)
     Jonathan Handy was born circa 1716. The parentage of this child is not proven. He was the son of Thomas Handy and Mary Hillary.
     Jonathan died before 6 October 1718 in Dublin, Ireland. He was buried on the 6th day of the 8th month 1718?.