Nicholas Middleton Handy

(before February 1836 - 20 February 1886)
     Nicholas Middleton Handy was born before February 1836. The Ballintober connection suggests that he is of the Orme family. He was the son of Samuel Wesley Handy and Mary Farrington Middleton.      
Nicholas Middleton Handy paid the Griffith Valuation between 1856 and 1857 in Ballintober, Kilfian, Tyrawley barony, Mayo. He owned 415 acres in Ballintober valued at £157 net annual value. His house was worth £8.00 p.a. He also had property in fee at Knocknagon in the same parish.
This may refer to a different Nicholas, as he would have only been 14-20.
     Nicholas Handy was a tenant of the townlands of Garraghcloon (Garvacloon) and Drumfadda, owned by his father Samuel Wesley Handy who occupied Ballintobber, Curranmore & Curran (Caraun or Knocnagan).
     The Irish Times on 12 April 1859 reported from the Landed Estates Court, co. Mayo: In the matter of the estate of Samuel Wesley Handy, owner and petitioner. Part of the lands of Ballintubber, together with the mill of Ballitubber and the subdenominations of Garraghcloon, Curranmore, Curran & Drumfadda, barony of Tyrawley, and county of Mayo, 496 acres, held ih fee, yearly rent 80 pounds. Bought by Mr Nicholas Handy, for 6,000 pounds.
     Nicholas Middleton Handy lived at 'Glencarn', Ardcarn, Boyle, Roscommon, 1861.
     Nicholas Middleton Handy married Frances Mary Greer on 28 February 1861 in St Mary's Church of Ireland, Dunsfort, Down, Ireland. Nicholas Middleton Handy, of full age, bachelor of Glencarn, co. Roscommon, son of Samuel Wesley Handy, Gent. to Frances Mary Greer, of full age, spinster of Corbally, daughter of James Greer, gent. by licence. Both signed in the presence of Samuel W Handy & James Silcock, clk? .
     In 1876 Nicholas M Handy of Killala owned 330 acres 3 roods of land in county Tipperary.
     Administration of the estate of Samuel Wesley Handy was granted to Nicholas Middleton Handy, on 9 July 1878 in Dublin, Ireland, Samuel Wesley Handy jr, late of Killala, co. Mayo, surgeon in the 61st Regt of Foot, a bachelor, deceased, who died 27 July 1877 at same whose letters of administration were granted at the Principal Registry to Nicholas Middleton Handy of Ballintobber co. Mayo, the nominee of the father of said deceased, on 9 July 1878.
     Nicholas Middleton Handy lived at 27 Corrig Ave, Kingstown, Dublin, circa 1880. Nicholas Handy, esq.
     Names of 60 of the largest cess payers, in order of rating, whose names do not appear on the Grand Jury Panel: County Mayo: Nicholas Handy, Ballintubber, occupier of 129 [accres?] resident, Samuel Handy, Doonarrow,Upper, 83 [acres?] non resident.
     Nicholas Middleton Handy was mentioned on 30 November 1883. An unknown person was a creditor of the estate of Samuel Wesley Handy, 18 February 1885. Letters of administration of the estate of Samuel Wesley Handy, late of Ballintubber House, Killala, co. Mayo, esq, who died 8 January 1883 at same were granted at the Prinicipal Registry to Nicholas Middleton Handy of same place, esq. the father. Effects £25.
     Nicholas died on 20 February 1886 in Crossmolina, Roscrea RD, Offaly & Tipperary, Ireland. F Crossmolina, co. Mayo, widower, gentleman. He was buried in Deansgrange cemetery, Blackrock, Dublin. Their memorial inscription reads: The above Nicholas Handy, Esq. of Balllintuber, co. Mayo, died 20 February 1885.
     His will was proved on 19 April 1886 at Dublin. Will of Nicholas Middleton Handy, late of Ballintubber House, Crossmolina, Mayo, Esq. who died 20 February 1886 at Roscrea, co. Tipperary, proved at Principal Registry by Orme Wm Handy, of Park House, Kinnegad, Meath, esq & Rev Leslie Alexander Handy of 1 Fitzwilliam St, Dublin, clerk, the executors. Effects £347/7/-.

Children of Nicholas Middleton Handy and Frances Mary Greer

Frances Mary Greer

(before February 1834 - 20 February 1880)
     Frances Mary Greer was born before February 1834 in Corbally, Down, Ireland. She is described as the 4th daughter.      
Frances Mary Greer paid the Griffith Valuation for property in Limerick St or Burgo in the 1850s in Roscrea, Offaly & Tipperary, Ireland.
     Frances Mary Greer married Nicholas Middleton Handy, son of Samuel Wesley Handy and Mary Farrington Middleton, on 28 February 1861 in St Mary's Church of Ireland, Dunsfort, Down, Ireland. Nicholas Middleton Handy, of full age, bachelor of Glencarn, co. Roscommon, son of Samuel Wesley Handy, Gent. to Frances Mary Greer, of full age, spinster of Corbally, daughter of James Greer, gent. by licence. Both signed in the presence of Samuel W Handy & James Silcock, clk? .
     Frances died on 20 February 1880 in Kingstown, Rathdown RD, Dublin. Frances Mary, wife of Nicholas M Handy, of Ballintubber House, co. Mayo. who died 20 February 1880 aged 46 years.. She was buried in Deansgrange cemetery, Blackrock, Dublin.

Children of Frances Mary Greer and Nicholas Middleton Handy

John Heatherly

(before 8 November 1773 - 13 December 1839)
The Library on Eastbourne's seafront was in the hands of John Heatherly (1774-1839) from 1817
     John Heatherly was born before 8 November 1773 in Eastbourne, Sussex. He was the son of Robert Heatherly and Ann Smith? John Heatherly was christened on 6 January 1774 in St Mary, Eastbourne. He had been privately baptised 8 November 1773.
     A guide to all the watering and sea-bathing places ... 1813 by John Feltham, noted: Among the amusements of East Bourne may be reckoned the Circulating Library, which was established here in 1795 by Mr Heatherly, which is most pleasantly situated, facing the sea. Here the daily papers and various publications of interest or amusement are to be read. There is likewise a billiard-table which is frequented by gentlemen only, and for mere amusement. He and Elizabeth Denman, Harriet Denman and Ann Denman witnessed John Denman and Ann Heatherly's wedding on 20 December 1796 in Eastbourne, Sussex.
     John Heatherly married Mary Norris on 14 November 1797 in St Marylebone, Westminster, London. John Heatherly of this parish, bachelor and Mary Norris of the same parish spinster, were married in this church by banns. Both signed in the presence of James Lay and Jane Norris.
     2 Nov 1801: By the same lords to John Heatherley of Eastbourne, librarian - in consideration of the surrender of a lease of 31 Dec., 1793 to Robert Heatherley the father of the said John, for 21 years and the costs of altering, repairing and amending of the messuage or tenement, shop and premises - of a messuage or tenement and shop with the ground and appurtenances belonging situate at or near the Sea side in Eastbourne, in the occupation of the said John Heatherley containing in front 48 ft. and in depth 47 ft., bounding to the High Road, E., to lands of Harriet Willard, W., to a messuage of Sarah Webb, N. and to a messuage of Abraham Wood, S. Term 61 years; rent £14.
     In John Heatherly's will dated 24 November 1813 in Willingdon, Sussex, John Heatherly was named as executor of the estate. He was an executor of John Heatherly's estate on 2 January 1815 in Lewes Archdeaconry, Sussex.
     John Heatherly lived at Sea Houses/Marine Parade, Eastbourne, Sussex, 1817. David Simkin wrote: By 1817, the Library on Eastbourne's seafront was in the hands of John Heatherly (1774-1839), the son of a milliner and haberdasher of Eastbourne.
John Heatherly was a bookseller and bookbinder by trade with a shop in Church Street. When he acquired The Library, Heatherly developed the Lounge into a Reading Room. The Reading Room was supplied with periodicals and daily newspapers which "arrive the same day by coach." Heatherly also added a Billiard Room and provided 'Apartments', consisting of 3 sitting rooms and 11 bedrooms, to accommodate visitors to Eastbourne.
In 1819, John Heatherly published " A description of East-Bourne and its Environs". In this early guide book, Heatherly gives an account of what The Library had to offer local residents and visitors to Eastbourne :
" ... a good library kept by Heatherly with an excellent lodging-house over it having the accommodation of the daily papers and periodical publications. The Library itself is a very spacious apartment, and for a small sum the subscriber has the benefit and amusement of reading as well as the room to lounge in if thought proper. This is a great accommodation to those who prefer lodging at a distance from the sea, yet wish occasionally to contemplate the grandeur of that element. In the adjoining room is an excellent billiard table kept quite select for the use of gentlemen only."
After John Heatherly died in 1839, The Library was run first by his widow and then by his three nieces - Ann, Caroline and Georgiana Lay - who were known as "The Three Misses Lay".
Ann Lay (born 1795 Marylebone London ) died 1870 Eastbourne, aged 75
Caroline Lay (born 1803 Marylebone London ) died 1888 Eastbourne, aged 84
Georgiana Lay ( born 1809 Marylebone London ) died 1888 Eastbourne, aged 78
The Lay sisters operated The Library until about 1845.
Around 1845, the "Three Misses Lay" were succeeded by another trio of sisters - Elizabeth Hopkins (born 1815, Newington, Surrey), Marian Hopkins (born 1821, Newington, Surrey) and Emma Hopkins (born 1824, Newington, Surrey). A younger sister Georgina Harriot Hopkins (born 1832, Newington, Surrey) worked as an assistant in the shop.
The Library passed to Frederick Hopkins in 1857 and finally to Thomas Stafford Gowland in 1862.
     By 1817 the library was run by John Heatherly, remarkable for his black suit, knee breeches, silk stockings and powdered hair.
In his guidebook of 1819, A description of Eastbourne and its environs, he describes it as ‘a good library, delightfully situated facing the sea, with one of the best lodging houses above, daily papers each day and periodical publications. The Library is very spacious, and in the adjoining room is an excellent Billiard Table kept quite select for the use of gentlemen only.’
Heatherly ran the library and a shop until his death in 1839, and his widow and nieces, the Misses Lay, continued to 1845 after which the Misses Hopkins kept the shop for another 12 years.
     30 Dec 1822 Lease: Signature, John Heatherley, and seal: By the same Lords and Trustee to Abraham Wood of Eastbourne, coal merchant, of a messuage or lodging house at the Sea Side in Eastbourne abutting to a messuage in the tenure of John Heatherley, N. to land late Willard's, W. partly to a leasehold messuage late of Mrs. Susannah Gilbert and partly to a leasehold messuage holden by the said Abraham Wood of the said Inigo Thomas, S. and partly to the said messuage held of the said Inigo Thomas and partly to the highway, E; which premises were formerly devised by the Lords to Wm. Webb for 40 years which expired on 29 Sep., 1821. Term 21 years; rent £20. He was listed in a directory dated 1823 as John Heatherly, bookseller; John Heatherley, Librarian of Eastbourne; J. Heatherly, Fire &C. Office Agents of Eastbourne; John Heatherly, Toy & Tunbridge Warehouse of Eastbourne; John Heatherly, Bookseller, Binder & Stationer of Eastbourne at binder & stationer, Sea Houses, Eastbourne, Sussex, England.
     John Heatherly made a will dated 25 May 1830. His will mentions his wife Mary, his nephew Arnold Denman of Willingdon, his half brothers - James Lay of South Moulton St, Middlesex, Thomas Lay deceased & William Lay deceased, his half nephews and half nieces - the children of James Lay - Ann, Caroline, Henry, Louisa, the wife of James Hunt of Upper York St, Bryanstown Square, Mdx, Georgiana; the children of Thomas Lay - Matilda Ann, William Henry; the children of William Lay, Frances Heatherley, wife of Arnold Denman, Mary Ann; the only children of my sister Ann Denman, widow - Mary Ann Dempster, the wife of Robert Dempster of Willingdon, Louisa Denman; executors - Arnold Denman, Mary Heatherley, James Lay; witnesses - William Head of Eastbourne, baker, John Head of Eastbourne, baker, Samuel Putland of Eastbourne, shoemaker.
     John Heatherly was mentioned in the manorial court roll dated 11 November 1831 Court Roll dated 11 Nov 1831: Of the Manor of Eastbourne Nether Inn of a Court Baron of George Henry, Earl of Burlington, and Davies Gilbert, esq., lords of the said manor, of the Admission of THOMAS JAMES BREEDS as devisee in trust under the will of ABRAHAM WOOD dated 6 June, 1829 and proved at Lewes, 2 Dec., 1829, to a piece of ground lying behind the messuage, tenement or lodging house late of the said Abraham Wood at the Sea houses in Eastbourne containing from N. to S. at the W. end 43 ft. 3 in. and at the E. end 39 ft. 6 in. and from E. to W. at the N. end 41 ft. 9 in. and at the S. end 40 ft., abutting to the said messuage, E., to a piece of ground of James Thorncroft, S., to a new carriage road W., and to a piece of ground of John Heatherley, N; rent 2d by apportionment, of which premises Abraham Wood senr., who survived his wife Sarah Wood, died seised. Fine £2.
     John was registered as John Heatherly, Eastbourne Town, freehold house at Eastbourne, Sussex, on the 1837 electoral roll. He was listed in a directory dated 1839 as John Heatherly, at Church St & Sea Houses, Eastbourne. He was listed under Libraries: with the note that he was also a bookseller with reading & billiard rooms.
     John's death was registered in the quarter ending on 13 December 1839 in Eastbourne SD, Sussex. He was buried on 20 December 1839 in Eastbourne.
     His will was proved on 25 February 1840 at Lewes Archdeaconry, Sussex.
     John Heatherly was assessed under the Tithe Commutation Act of 1836 in 1841. John Heatherly (landowner) & John Heatherly & others were listed as occupiers of 2 plots in Eastbourne.
     Manor of Eastbourne Nether Inn - Court of William, Earl of Burlington and the Hon. Ann Dorothea Gilbert, guardian of Carew Davies Gilbert, esq., a minor. Admission of Leonard Kilham Willard, esq., brother and devisee under the Will of Nicholas Willard dated 11 Jan., 1845, to a piece of land containing 2 ac. 15 p. enclosed near the Seaside Houses in Eastbourne, with a messuage, coach house and buildings thereon, late Burrells and before Thomas Willard's (except such parts of the said piece of land as were surrendered by the said Nicholas Willard to the use of John Heatherly and Mary his wife, Abraham Wood and Sarah his wife, James Thorncroft, Mary Chapel Turber, Charles Vine, Matthew Terry and Sarah Ann his wife and Sarah How) of which residue was held by the apportioned rent of 2s. 4d. Fr. Harding Gell, steward.
     The administration of his estate was granted to Henry Lay on 5 February 1862 Letters of administration with will (as HIL/5/12/2) annexed ... of John Heatherley of Eastbourne, Sussex, librarian, who died 13 Dec 1839 at Eastbourne, left unadministered by Mary Heatherly, widow, the relict and James Lay the brother by the half-blood two of the executors named in the said will were granted to Henry Lay, of Eastbourne afsd, gentleman, one of the residuary legatees substituted in the said will he having been first sworn. Former grant PCC Feb 1840.

Child of John Heatherly and Mary Norris