Roberta Arthur

(circa 1817 - September 1899)
     Roberta Arthur was also known as Arthure in records. She was born circa 1817. She was the daughter of Thomas Athure MD.
     Roberta Arthur married Rev Elias Handcock, son of Rev Thomas Handcock MA and Olivia Potts, on 27 February 1838 in St Peter, Dublin. He was of Stradbally and she was of 30 Lower Mount St. Witnesses were G D Handcock and Arthur Benedick. Roberta Arthur was an executor of Rev Elias Handcock's estate on 1 June 1870 in the Principal Probate Registry, London.
     Roberta's death was registered in the quarter ending in September 1899 in Dublin South RD, Dublin, Ireland.

Children of Roberta Arthur and Rev Elias Handcock

William Clarke

     William Clarke married Emma Harriet Dunbar, daughter of Frederick Killigrew Dunbar and Harriet Ledger, on 17 July 1901 in Queensland.

Children of William Clarke and Emma Harriet Dunbar

Coroneeta Frances Clarke

(1902 - )
     Coroneeta Frances Clarke was born in 1902 in Queensland. She had 10 grnad children. She was the daughter of William Clarke and Emma Harriet Dunbar.