George Bullett

(25 September 1836 - 11 February 1906)
     George Bullett was christened on 25 September 1836 in Hessett, Suffolk. He was the son of James Squirrell Bullett and Sarah A Grimwood.
     George Bullett appeared on the 1841 census in the household of James Squirrell Bullett and Sarah A Grimwood in Hessett. George was listed as the son of James Squirrell Bullett in the 1851 census in the Street, Hessett, Suffolk.
     George Bullett married Mary Ann Bloomfield on 13 January 1861 in Kilham, Leicestershire.
     George Bullett and Mary Ann Bloomfield appeared on the 1861 census in Middle St, Kilham, Yorkshire. George Bullet, head, married 25, ag. labourer, born Sfk, St Edmunds ..; Mary Ann, wife, 26, born Kirkham, Lincs.
     On 3 May 1866, Harriett Bland paid into the immigration deposit account for the passage of her brother George Bullett and his wife Mary Ann & their daughter Annie aged 3, to Victoria.
     George Bullett and Mary Ann Bloomfield arrived per "Red Jacket" on 27 November 1866 at Melbourne, Victoria, Australia. George, Mary Ann & their children Emma and Elizabeth.
     George Bullett was granted land on 1 November 1875 in Devon, Victoria. He purchased 70 acres - allotment 46, Devon, leased 1 Nov 1878, purchased 11 May 1885.
     George died on 11 February 1906 in Devon North, Victoria, aged 69. He died of heart failure, being found dead in the paddock where he went threshing peas. He was buried on 13 February 1906 in the Church of England section, Alberton.
     His will was proved on 22 March 1906 at Victoria. George Bullett, late of the parish of Devon in Victoria, farmer. His estate was valued at £2000. Beneficiaries were his wife Mary Ann, Emma Booker of 89 Forest St, Kalgorrlie, WA, Elizabeth Fox of Devon, Hannah Clark of Devon, Harriet Fox of Gunn';s Plains, Tasmania and Betsy Bullett of Devon, al daughters of the deceased.

Children of George Bullett and Mary Ann Bloomfield

John Harold Lacey Booker

(1906 - 1907)
     John Harold Lacey Booker was born in 1906 in Carlton, Victoria. He is unlikely to be the biological son of Wm Booker who was serving a 15 year prison sentence from 1901. He was the son of William Booker and Emma Bullett.
     John died in 1907 in Collingwood, Victoria.

William Booker

(6 November 1878 - circa 1906)
     William Booker was born on 6 November 1878 in Devon, Victoria. He was the son of William Booker and Emma Bullett.
     William died circa 1906 in gaol, Kalgoorlie, Western Australia. He was described as a rogue.