Christy MacKenzie

(20 January 1803 - )
     Christy MacKenzie was born on 20 January 1803 in Portleich, Kilmuir Easter, Ross & Cromarty, Scotland. She was the daughter of William MacKenzie and Isobell Bain. Christy MacKenzie was christened on 31 January 1803 in Kilmuir Easter. William McKenzie, mason, Portlich had by his spouse Isabell Bain, a child baptised named Christy. Wit: William & John McKenzie. Born 20th.
She may have married there Rocderick McKenzie on 20 Nov 1826 or James Ross on 03 Jun 1831.

Margaret MacKenzie

(15 March 1805 - )
     Margaret MacKenzie was born on 15 March 1805 in Cromarty, Ross & Cromarty, Scotland. She was the daughter of William MacKenzie and Isobell Bain. Margaret MacKenzie was christened on 18 March 1805 in Cromarty. Margaret , lawful daughter to William Mackenzie, mason & Isobel Bain in town, born 15th and baptised 18th March 1805.

William MacKenzie

(15 January 1809 - 2 November 1877)
     William MacKenzie was born on 15 January 1809 in Cromarty, Ross & Cromarty, Scotland. He was the son of William MacKenzie and Isobell Bain. William was a mason by 1830..
     William MacKenzie was named in the militia list taken on 26 January 1831 in Cromarty. William jr, a mason, under 30.
     William MacKenzie married Isabella Tindal, daughter of Thomas Tindal and Catherine Ross, on 17 October 1834 in Cromarty, ROC, SCT. William MacKenzie did not a ppear on the 1841 census. William, Donald and their parents are out of the county for the 1841 census, although Donald may be at Avoch.      
William MacKenzie paid the poor tax between October 1846 and April 1847 in Cromarty. William McKenzie, junior, mason, P of Robertsons Mason Lodge, was listed on the Roll of Assessment for the relief of the poor of the parish of Cromarty for the half year October 1846 to April 1847. He was listed for £12 as an owner, and also £32 amount assessed, means & substance, tenants of lands & heritages.      
William MacKenzie paid tax in 1849 in Cromarty. In 1849 he was listed for £30, paying 10 shillings, 3 pence ha'penny along with his brother Donald and William senior, for £3/12/- paying 3 shillings, 6 pence ha'penny.      
William MacKenzie paid tax from 25 November 1849 to May 1850 in Cromarty. William sr & Donald, both masons were paying tax on £2/10/-, paying 3/6 each. William jr. paid 2/6 on £2/10/- value.
     William MacKenzie and Isabella Tindal were recorded on the 1851 census in Calrossie Street, Cromarty. William McKenzie, head, married, 41, mason; Isabella, wife, 39; John son, 15, mason; Donald son 13, scholar; William, son, 10, scholar; Catherine, daughter, 8, scholar; Thomas, son, 6, scholar; Isabella, daughter, 3, scholar; James, son, 1. All born in Cromarty. Also Hector Munro, lodger, married, carpenter, born Alness, Ross; George Ross, lodger, unmarried, born Alness.      
William MacKenzie and Donald MacKenzie was listed in the Valuation Roll from 1855/6 in Cromarty. William and Donald McKenzie (presumably the brothers) were listed in the Valuation rolls for Cromarty in 1855/6 where they owned and lived jointly in a house in Calrossie St, both being described as masons. From 1856/7 it was called Barkly's Lane. From 1858 Donald rented out part of his share. In 1871/2 Donald had 4 tenants and William had emigrated to Victoria.      
William MacKenzie was listed in the 1858 Valuation Roll Burgh of Cromarty:
#202 - One half of house in Barkly's Lane, William MacKenzie, mason, Cromarty £3/8/-.
#203 - One room & one attic of above house, do, Donald MacKenzie, mason, Cromarty £2. [his son Donald went to Aistralia in 1857]
#204 - One room, ditto, ditto. --- Ditto. £1/10 (This entry is confusing. in 1858 in Cromarty, Ross & Cromarty. He was the informant at the death of Catherine Ross, on 19 January 1859.
     William MacKenzie and Isabella Tindal appeared on the 1861 census in 5 Barclay Lane, Cromarty. They had 5 windowed rooms plus four (apartments): William McKenzie, head, married, 50, mason; Isabella, wife, 49; Thomas, son, 15, pupil teacher; James, 11, scholar; Robert, son, 9, scholar; George, 5, scholar; Catherine, daughter, 17, scholar; Isabella, daughter, 12, no occupation; all born at Cromarty. Also David Forbes, apprentice, unmarried, 18, mason, born Rosemarkie, Ross; Jean Gilmour, visitor, unmarried, 18, domestic servant, born Forfar, Montrose. His brother Donald lived in the same building and his son John lived at no. 7.
     William MacKenzie lived at Barkly's Lane, Cromarty, 1865. William Mackenzie, mason, Cromarty, half of house, with Donald Mackenzie, 2 rooms and an attic. The Donalds are listed separately so not the same person?
     William MacKenzie was granted land from 1868 in Won Wron, Victoria, Australia, under the Selection Act. William Mckenzie senior also held 167 acres & 20 perches known as lot 68 - file no.11668/33 in the parish of Won Wron. In 1877 he was licenced for 30 acres at Won Wron, which was taken over by D T McKenzie. By 1880/7 it was leased or purchased by D T McKenzie. He built a 15 x 22 ft, 2 roomed timber house with slab floor and bark roof on the property to fulfil the lease agreement but lived on an adjacent property [Fern Bank?] with his son. Note that there was a hamlet called Heathfield in Kilmuir Easter.
     The Valuation rolls for Cromarty in 1868/9 list a William McKenzie owning a house & shop at East end near shore, occupied by John McKenzie senr, merchant.
     William MacKenzie and Isabella Tindal arrived per "Great Britain" in December 1870 at Victoria, Australia. In 1857 Donald Thomson arrived in Victoria and was followed by his brother William in 1863. Siblings Catherine & James also emigrated to Victoria in 1864, thus the family were reunited except for Thomas who may have died or moved away for a teaching career.
     William MacKenzie in Port Albert, Victoria, Australia, sent a letter dated 16 January 1871. Jessie MacLeod held a letter from William McKenzie to Mr Snadden (husband or father in law of his daughter Catherine) addressed from Port Albert.
     From June 1871 to January 1872 William, John & Robert McKenzie were listed as building Gellion's house "Woodlands". See the account books at the Port Albert Maritime Museum.
     William MacKenzie was granted land on 17 October 1876 in Won Wron, Victoria. William McKenzie's application for a lease by licensee, Care of D T McKenzie, Ship Hotel, Port Albert. - I William McKenzie of Won Wron being the holder of a licence to occupy the above - mentioned allotment, declare upon oath as follows: that I have paid £31/4/- being all fees due on the said licence... The occupiers of the adjoining lands are D T McKenzie & Wm McKenzie jr. ... Holds another 6 acres at Won Wron, cultivated with wheat, barley, peas & beans, being half a mile away. Residence subject to floods. The land has 70 acres enclosed the remainder bounded by the creek. Signed William McKenzie, farmer. 17 Oct 1876.
     William MacKenzie in Won Wron, Victoria, sent a letter dated 20 September 1877. Sir, Referring to your correspondence no. 30683 19/20 no. 76/11132 of the 30th December last in which I was allowed four months from that date to complete the fencing and cultivation on my selection of 104 acres in this parish, I have the honor most respectfully to inform you that the requirements of that letter were performed within the prescribed time and that I received my application for a lease of the said allotment in the month of April last, since which I have heard nothing respecting it. I am now anxious to know when my lease is to issue as I wish pay up the rent. I have the honor to be Sir, your most obdt servant William McKenzie.
     A report [ref 5964 held under Sect 19 26-9-73] on the improvements mentions a dwelling house 22 ft X 16 ft separated into two rooms, one with lath & plaster inside, two brick chimneys, slab floor, bark sides and roof. Cost of construction about £15. 5 acres cleared, 5 acres under cultivation - potatoes, English grass & clover. Mr McKenzie does not reside on this land at present but is improving his dwelling for the purpose of doing so. He resides on the adjoining allotment with his son. Believe him to be a bona fide holder.
     William MacKenzie made a will dated 6 October 1877 in Won Wron, Victoria. He left his estate to his son Donald Thomson with a life interest to his wife Isabella, his son William McKenzie appeared to be witness. Note that William senior used the Mackenzie spelling while William junior used McKenzie.
     William died of senile decay on 2 November 1877 in Won Wron, Victoria, aged 68. DEATH. McKENZIE. - At his residence, Wonwron, South Gippsland, William McKenzie, native of Cromarty, Scotland and father of the McKenzie family of Port Albert. Aged 69 years. He was buried on 4 November 1877 in the Church of England section by a Presbyterian minister, Alberton. A large memorial stone states: Erected By Donald Thomson McKenzie, Calrossie. In Loving Memory Of his father & mother, both of Cromarty, Scotland. Also of, his wife's father & mother both of Watford, England. And of his own five children who died in infancy.
     His will was proved in 1877 at Victoria. Probate was granted to his son Donald Thomson who completed the terms of the leases and received the grant of his father's 104 acres of land.

Children of William MacKenzie and Isabella Tindal