John Milton Allan

(1895 - 1964)
     John Milton Allan was born in 1895 in Carisbrook, Victoria. He was the son of John Robertson Allan and Eliza Lillian Davis.
     John Milton Allan married Elizabeth Louisa Howlett in 1922.
     John died in 1964 in Victoria.

Child of John Milton Allan and Elizabeth Louisa Howlett

John Robertson Allan

(4 June 1861 - 11 May 1943)
     John Robertson Allan was born on 4 June 1861 in Maryborough, Victoria. He was the son of Robert Allan and Elisabeth Robertson.
     John Robertson Allan married Eliza Lillian Davis on 31 December 1884 in Charlotte Plains, near Maryborough, Victoria. John was a farmer in Carisbrook.
     John died on 11 May 1943 in Carisbrook, Victoria, aged 81. He was buried on 12 May 1943 in Maryborough.

Children of John Robertson Allan and Eliza Lillian Davis

Mary Ann Allan

(circa 1856 - )
     Mary Ann Allan was commonly known as Polly. She was born circa 1856 in Maryborough, Victoria. She was the daughter of Robert Allan and Elisabeth Robertson.
     Mary Ann Allan married Robert Reid in 1878 in Victoria.

Raymond George Allan

(4 November 1921 - 10 April 1991)
     Raymond George Allan was born on 4 November 1921 in Maryborough, Victoria. He was christened in Carisbrook. He was the son of George Frederick Allan and Anne Selina Hall.
     Raymond George Allan married Inez Jean Fairbrother on 13 November 1943 in Hawthorn, Victoria. Raymond was a farmer in Carisbrook.
     Raymond died on 10 April 1991 in Maldon, Victoria, aged 69. He was buried on 12 April 1991 in Maldon.

Robert Allan

(28 February 1824 - 19 September 1874)
     Robert Allan was born on 28 February 1824 in Larbert, Stirlingshire, Scotland. He was the son of William Allan from St Ninians, who was an Army pensioner in the 1841 census. See Lis Allan for details of his ancestry.
     Robert Allan married Elisabeth Robertson, daughter of John Robertson and Elisabeth MacIntosh, on 1 December 1853 in Port of Menteith, Perthshire, Scotland. The original marriage entry states 1 Dec 1854 but 1853 is more likely as they arrived Pt Phillip 19 Oct 1854.
     Robert Allan and Elisabeth Robertson arrived per "Black Eagle" on 19 October 1854 at Melbourne, Victoria, Australia. Robert was a miner. He was the informant at the death of Elisabeth Robertson, on 7 September 1874.
     Robert died on 19 September 1874 in the hospital, Maryborough, Victoria, aged 50. He was buried on 22 September 1874 in Maryborough.

Children of Robert Allan and Elisabeth Robertson

Robert William Allan

(1885 - 1961)
     Robert William Allan was born in 1885 in Maryborough, Victoria. He was the son of John Robertson Allan and Eliza Lillian Davis.
     Robert died in 1961 in Colac, Victoria.

Marjorie Olive Hilda Allard

(31 March 1916 - )
     Marjorie Olive Hilda Allard was born on 31 March 1916 in Longton, Staffordshire.
     Marjorie Olive Hilda Allard married Reginald Arthur Piper, son of George Piper and Alice May Cobbald, on 21 June 1947.

William Allbones

(before March 1811 - )
     William Allbones was also known as Allbons in records. He was born before March 1811 in Mareham on the Hill, Lincolnshire.
     Mary Stancer married secondly William Allbones in 1832.
     William Allbones and Mary Stancer were recorded on the 1851 census in Mareham on the Hill, Lincolnshire. William Allbons, head, 40, ag. labourer, born Mareham on the Hill, his wife Mary aged 39?, born Lincs, Baumber, daughter Elizabeth Alllbons, unmarried 16?, house servant, born Mareham on the Hill, Ann Stancer, grand daughter 9 or 19, born Langton by Horncastle, scholar, and Benjamin Stancer, grandson, aged 6, ditto.
     William Allbones and Mary Stancer appeared on the 1861 census in Mareham on the Hill, Lincolnshire. Wiliam Allbones, head, mar, 49, ag. lab., born Mareham le Hill; wife Mary aged 69, born Baumber, Lincs; mother Ann, widow, aged 80 born Greetham, and a visitor.

Thomas Allbons or Allborns

     Thomas Allbons or Allborns married Margaret Stanser, daughter of Jarvis Stancer and Sarah Douce, on 13 December 1819 in Fishtoft, Lincolnshire. Thomas Allbons (BT has Allbons) PR & Margaret Stancer of Skirbeck.

Amy Emily Allday

(before 1835 - )
     Amy Emily Allday was born before 1835 She was the fifth daughter of John Alitlay [Allday), Esq., of Warneford House, near Birmingham in Birmingham, Warwickshire, England.
     Amy Emily Allday married John Rich as his third wife, on 15 December 1855 in St Luke's, Liverpool, New South Wales. 15 Dec 1855 parish of St Luke Liverpool, John Rich of the parish of Trinity, Sydney widower & Amy Emily Allday of district of Liverpool, spinster, married by licence. Witnessed by J T & C E Taylor of Liverpool. No issue recorded NSW or Vic.
     On 27 Jan 1859 the Sydney Morning Herald reported: FOSTER—ALLDAY—August 21st, at Aston, by the Rev. George Peake, vicar, Thomas Gregory Foster, Esq., of Lincoln's Inn and the Temple, barrister-at-law, only son of the Rev. Thomas Foster, rector of Fetcham, Surrey, to Sophia, youngest daughter of John Allday, Esq., Warneford House, Birmingham, England.. Amy Emily Allday was widowed on 26 April 1868 on the death of her husband John Rich. She does not appear to have died or remarried in Victoria.
     Amy Emily Allday was mentioned in a civil court action in 1872. Civil Case Files: 1872/4424. William Lyndhurst Vardy v Amy Emily Rich.

Caroline Louisa Allen

(1879 - 31 October 1952)
     Caroline Louisa Allen was also known as Fletcher in records. She was born in 1879 in Colac, Victoria. She was the daughter of Charles Allen & Louis anee Necomen.
     Caroline Louisa Allen married Hubert Evans, son of John Evans and Eleanor Lucy Whitty, in 1904 in Victoria.
     Caroline died on 31 October 1952 in Applecross, Western Australia.

Florence Ivy Allen

     Florence Ivy Allen married Frederick Augustus Ruby, son of John Ruby and Mary Ann Opie, in 1924.
     Florence died. She may be the Florence May Ruby, born 29 Oct 1906 who died in the Plymouth RD in May 1995 aged 88.

Child of Florence Ivy Allen and Frederick Augustus Ruby

George Allen

     George Allen married Elizabeth Silvester, daughter of Unknown (Edward?) Silvester, on 3 November 1650 in Ecclesfield, Yorkshire.

James Allen

     James Allen married Rosina Cocksedge, daughter of Thomas Cocksedge, before April 1861. James Allen was listed as the son-in-law of Thomas Cocksedge in the 1861 census in 18 Park St, Islington.

Jane Allen

(circa 1867? - )
     Jane Allen was born circa 1867?.
     Jane Allen married Robert Stanser Templeton, son of Robert Templeton and Mary Elizabeth Slade, on 11 July 1882 in Malone, Antrim, Ireland. Templeton-Allen. On July 11, at Malone, R. Stanser, eldest son of Robert Templeton, Deputy-Inspector-General, F.R.C.S.I., of Cranmore, Belfast, to Jane eldest daughter of Arthur Chichester Allen, JP., of Collin, Co Antrim. (Medical Times and Gazette 1882 p.144. header: July 29 1882).

Child of Jane Allen and Robert Stanser Templeton

John Allen

     John Allen married Mary Farr on 21 June 1745 in Thorpe Salvin, Yorkshire, England. John Allen farmer & Mary Stansal, widow, both of this parish..

Lilian Robina Allen

(1895 - 10 December 1970)
     Lilian Robina Allen was born in 1895 in Ballarat, Victoria.
     Lilian Robina Allen married John Colbert, son of John Colbert and Susan Jane Jarred, in 1916 in Victoria.
     Lilian died on 10 December 1970 in Nhill, Victoria. She was buried on 11 December 1970 in Nhill.
     Her will was proved on 11 June 1971 at Victoria.

Children of Lilian Robina Allen and John Colbert

Mary Allen

(before November 1772 - before 16 November 1853)
     Mary Allen was born before November 1772 in Edith Weston, Rutland.
     Mary Allen married William Stancer in 1795 in Edith Weston, Rutland. Banns were called from 17 May 1795 between William Stanser & Mary Allen both of this parish. He made his mark.
     Mary Allen and William Stancer appeared on the 1841 census in Edith Weston, Rutland. William Stancer, 70, ag. lab., Mary 70, Mary 35, Stephen 30, ag. lab., all born in the county.
     Mary Allen and William Stancer were recorded on the 1851 census in Edith Weston. William & Mary Stancer, head & wife, both aged 78; Stephen aged 43, son. William was born at Ketton and the others at Edith Weston.
     Mary died before 16 November 1853 in Edith Weston, Rutland. She was buried on 16 November 1853 in Edith Weston.

Children of Mary Allen and William Stancer

Mary A Allen

     Mary A Allen married Thomas Henry Handy, son of Thomas Handy and Susan Craig, on 9 March 1886 in the RC chapel, Stradbally, Laois, Ireland. Thomas Handy & Mary A Allen, both of full age, single, clerk & shopkeeper, Stradbally, son of Thomas Handy, farmer & daughter of Robt Allen, farmer.

Sarah Allen

(say 1790 - )
     Sarah Allen was born say 1790.
     Sarah Allen married Lt George Edward Cocksedge on 9 February 1809 in St Nicholas, Brighton, Sussex.

Children of Sarah Allen and Lt George Edward Cocksedge

Elizabeth Alline

(circa 1580 - )
     Elizabeth Alline was born circa 1580.
     Elizabeth Alline married William Rich, son of William Rich, on 1 June 1597 in St Mary (Priory), Worksop.

Children of Elizabeth Alline and William Rich

Marjorie Wills Allison (Gavacoll)

(23 May 1930 - 6 October 2000)
     Marjorie Wills Allison (Gavacoll) was born on 23 May 1930.
     Marjorie Wills Allison (Gavacoll) married Ronald Charles Colbert, son of Michael Joseph Colbert and Catherine Mary Bermingham, circa 1960. She was a widow with 2 sons..
     Marjorie died on 6 October 2000 in Victoria, aged 70. She was unwell and often in intensive care.
     Her will was proved on 1 February 2001 at Victoria. She was of Essendon, home duties.

Margaretta W? Alliston

( - before 31 January 1782?)
     Margaretta W? Alliston was born in Northamptonshire. She was the daughter of Bryan Miston.
     Margaretta W? Alliston married Holden Bowker as his second wife, on 14 September 1749 in St Giles, Northampton, Northamptonshire. Holden Bowker & Margaretta Alliston, both of All Saints parish, by licence. She subsequently married Mr Johnson of Northampton (the executor of her husband's will Thomas Johnson ?).
     Margaretta died before 31 January 1782?. She may be the Margaret Booker buried 31 Jan 1782 at St Giles, Northampton, but if she remarried Johnson this cannot be so. Margaret Bowker, of Northampton, widow had a will proved in 1782.

Susanna Alliston

(before 1674 - before 4 May 1698)
     Susanna Alliston was born before 1674 in Lincolnshire, England.
     Susanna Alliston married John Popplewell as his second wife, on 7 April 1692 in Scotton, Lincolnshire, England.
Scotton - 7 Apr 1692
Only found it with a wildcard search:*%20%2Bmarriage_place%3Aengland~%20%2Bmarriage_year%3A1692-1695~%20%2Bspouse_givenname%3Asusannah~.
     Susanna died before 4 May 1698 in Belton, Lincolnshire. She was buried on 4 May 1698 in Belton, LIN.

Children of Susanna Alliston and John Popplewell

Sarah Allott

(say 1726 - 23 July 1791)
     Sarah Allott was born say 1726 in Lincolnshire, England. She was the daughter of Rev John Allott, MA, vicar of South Kirkby, who died 29 Jul 1738. See pedigree..
     Sarah Allott married Charles Steer as his second wife, on 2 July 1753 in South Kirkby, Yorkshire. Mr Charles Steer of Wakefield & Mrs Sarah Allot of South Kirkby.
     Sarah died on 23 July 1791. She was buried on 25 July 1791 in St Helen, Sandal Magna, Yorkshire. Mrs Sarah Steer, of Wakefield, widow.

Children of Sarah Allott and Charles Steer

Barbara Allwood

( - 21 March 1984)
     Barbara died on 21 March 1984 in Penrith, New South Wales.

John Allwood

     John Allwood married secondly Hannah Stanser on 1 January 1774 in St George, Bloomsbury, London. They were both widowed, she was of the parish of St Martin in the Fields and they were married by licence with both signing.

Helen Elizabeth Stanfield Allwright

( - November 2002)
     Helen Elizabeth Stanfield Allwright married William Dudley Duncan Refshauge, son of Francis Christopher Refshauge and Margaret Isabella Craig, in August 1942 in Victoria. They had four sons and a daughter.
     Helen died in November 2002.

Elizabeth Alsop

     Elizabeth Alsop married Stephen Chase, son of Thomas Chase and Elizabeth Joy, on 29 December 1707 in Christ Church, Barbados.

Children of Elizabeth Alsop and Stephen Chase

Benjamin Crowall Alston

(1 January 1854 - )
     Benjamin Crowall Alston was born on 1 January 1854.
     Benjamin Crowall Alston married Charlotte Elizabeth Hooper, daughter of Dr William Wilberforce Hooper and Mary Jane Kearny, on 28 January 1880. They had issue listed on a web site..