Daniel Colbert

(before 1795 - )
     Daniel Colbert married Helen Spillane. Daniel Colbert was born before 1795.

Child of Daniel Colbert and Helen Spillane

Daniel Colbert

(22 March 1802 - )
     Daniel Colbert was christened on 22 March 1802 in Youghal, Wateford. His sponsors were Dermott Keeffe & Honor Leahy.. He was the son of Thomas Colbert and Catherine Cahill.

Daniel Colbert

(23 March 1819 - )
     Daniel Colbert was christened on 23 March 1819 in Lismore, Wateford. He was th sn of James Colbert & E Molloy, sponsors were J Donell & Margaret keane..

Daniel Colbert

(19 December 1830 - )
     Daniel Colbert was christened on 19 December 1830 in Athea, Limerick. He was the son of John Colbert & Bridget Mangan, sponsors were John Mangan & Helen Mangan..

Daniel J Colbert

(1886 - )
     Daniel J Colbert was born in 1886 in New South Wales, Australia. He was the son of Jabez Colbert and Elizabeth Latimer.

Daphne Everetta Colbert

(1896 - )
     Daphne Everetta Colbert was born in 1896 in Prahran, Victoria, Australia. She was the daughter of John Francis Colbert and Everetta Maud Wilkinson.

Darcy?? / Jerry?? Colbert

     Darcy?? / Jerry?? Colbert married Mary Colbert.

Child of Darcy?? / Jerry?? Colbert and Mary Colbert

David Colbert

(1879 - 29 November 1926)
     David Colbert was born in 1879 in Buninyong, Victoria. He was the son of Joseph Colbert and Harriet Hannah Beamond. David was a stoker, in Ballarat.
     David Colbert married Susan MacArthur in 1908 in Victoria. David Colbert was listed in a directory dated between 1918 and 1919 at Wilson Street, Ballarat East. He was listed in a directory dated 1920 at 205 LaTrobe Street, Ballarat.
     David Colbert lived at Ballarat, 1922.
     David died on 29 November 1926 in Ballarat, Victoria. He was buried in the New Cemetery, Ballarat.

Children of David Colbert and Susan MacArthur

David Colbert

(8 July 1854 - 1854)
     David Colbert was born on 8 July 1854 in Cumberland Street, Sydney, New South Wales. He was the son of Patrick Colbert and Johanna Bourke. David Colbert was christened on 30 July 1854 in St James, Sydney.
     David died in 1854 in New South Wales.

David Colbert

(circa 1857 - )
     David Colbert was born circa 1857 in en route. He was aged 3 months? in 1857, born on the voyage. He was the son of Thomas Colbert and Elizabeth Unknown.
     David Colbert arrived per "Golconda" in 1857 at Sydney, New South Wales, Australia.
     David died in New South Wales, Australia.

David Colbert

(1879 - 1937)
     David Colbert was born in 1879 in Newtown district, New South Wales. He was the son of Thomas John Colbert and Harriet Boots.
     David died in 1937 in Marrickville district, New South Wales.

David Colbert

(before 1827 - after 1850)
     David Colbert was born before 1827 in Cork, Ireland.
     David Colbert married Margaret Cotter before 1843. David was present at James Colbert (of Conna)'s christening on 2 May 1846 in Conna, Cork, Ireland.      
David Colbert paid the Griffith Valuation in 1850 in Longueville Nth, Ballynoe, Cork, Ireland. He is probably the David Colbert who is listed in 1850 at Longueville North, Ballynoe in the Griffith Valuation leasing a house and garden worth a total of 14/- from Patrick Cotter, who leases 114 acres from the Duke of Devonshire. Ballynoe is in the R C parish of Conna.
     David died after 1850 in Conna, Cork.

Children of David Colbert and Margaret Cotter

David Colbert

(circa 1840 - )
     David Colbert was born circa 1840 in Cork. He was the son of John Colbert and Ellen Cleary. Edmond, David, Michael and Mary were listed as the children of John Colbert in the 1851 census in Ballinrush Upper, Kilworth/Kilcrumper, Cork.
     In the mid 1890s, the area around Kilworth was cleared for a military training ground. Among those who were 'bought out' were David & Michael Colburt, who had land in Ballinrush (Kilworth parish - part of the parish was in Kilcrumper) where David had 27 acres (worth £120) and Michael 8 acres (£125), Graigue where Michael had 43 acres value included with Ballinrush & David had 7 acres (worth £27/10/-) & Whitebog where Michael had 7 & 9 acres included with Ballinrush.
     Caroline Colbert wrote: David Colbert moved to Billeragh West (Colbert incorrectly spelt in 1911 census as ‘Cobbert’). David’s son John was my Grandfather. We have no knowledge of Mary (more difficult to trace if she married)..

David Colbert (of Fermoy)

(circa 1814 - )
     David Colbert (of Fermoy) was born circa 1814 in Fermoy, Cork, Ireland.
     David Colbert (of Fermoy) married Helena O'Keefe in 1835 in Fermoy, Cork.

David Archibald Colbert

(4 November 1921 - November 1993)
     David Archibald Colbert was born on 4 November 1921 in Coburg, Victoria. He was the son of Ivanhoe James Thomas Colbert and Mary MacKenzie.
     David served in the Army (V501111) from July 1942 to June 1946. David was a painter.
     David Archibald Colbert lived at 84 Waverly Parade, Pascoe Vale South, 1991.
     David died in November 1993. He was cremated on 22 November 1993 in Fawkner, Victoria.

Child of David Archibald Colbert

Denis Colbert

(circa 1858 - February 1908)
     Denis Colbert was born circa 1858 in South Australia. He was the son of Thomas Colbert and Johanna Baldwin.
     Denis died in February 1908 in Richmond, Victoria. He was buried on 26 February 1908 in Melbourne.

Denis Colbert

(12 January 1864 - )
     Denis Colbert was born on 12 January 1864 in Midleton RD, Cork, Ireland. He was the son of Patrick Colbert (of Midleton RD) and Ellen Sullivan.

Denis Colbert (of Kilworth)

(before 1815 - )
     Denis Colbert (of Kilworth) was born before 1815.
     Denis Colbert (of Kilworth) married Bridget Ahern before 1833 in Ireland.

Children of Denis Colbert (of Kilworth) and Bridget Ahern

Denis Colbert (of Macroney)

(before 1806 - after 1827)
     In the 1850 valuation, no Denis is listed but Joseph rents a house, offices and
9 acres of land in the towland of Crinnaghtane, a James leases an 8/- house in Coolmoohan, and Thomas leases a house and small garden worth 5/- at Billeragh East.

. Denis Colbert (of Macroney) was born before 1806 in Cork, Ireland.
     Denis died after 1827 in He lived at farm of Cren.tha, Macroney, Cork, Ireland.

Dennis Colbert (of Clonmult)

(before 1760 - after 1802)
     Dennis Colbert (of Clonmult) was born before 1760 in Cork, Ireland.
     Dennis Colbert (of Clonmult) married an unknown person before 1781.
     Dennis died after 1802 in Clonmult, Cork, Ireland.

Child of Dennis Colbert (of Clonmult)

Desmond Colbert

     Desmond Colbert was the son of Bernard Stephen Colbert.

Desmond Francis Colbert

(1917 - 10 August 1923)
     Desmond Francis Colbert was born in 1917 in Leongatha, Victoria. Another with the same name on the WWII records was born 8 June 1920 at Waverley, NSW. He was the son of Michael Joseph Colbert and Catherine Mary Bermingham.
     Desmond died of diptheria on 10 August 1923 in Korumburra, Victoria. His sisters Molly & Patricia were also hospitalized at the same time with diptheria, but survived.
The Age announced on 13 Aug 1923: COLBERT - On the 10th August. at Bridge-road, Korumburra, Desmond Francis, the darling only son of Michael and Cathrine Colbert. loving brother of Kathleen, Terese, Mary and Patricia, aged 6 years and eight months. R. I. P..

Doris Irene Colbert

(1908 - 1968)
     Doris Irene Colbert was born in 1908 in Carlton, Victoria. She was the daughter of Johanna Colbert.
     Doris Irene Colbert married Alan Keith Gray in 1926 in Victoria.
     Doris Irene Colbert married (?) Robinson.
     Doris died in 1968 in Royal Park, Victoria.

Dorothy May Colbert

(26 July 1914 - )
     Dorothy May Colbert was born illegitimate on 26 July 1914 in Adelaide, South Australia. She was the daughter of Nora Mary Colbert.

Dromtariffe Colbert

Children of Dromtariffe Colbert

Dupree A Colbert

(circa 1865 - 22 November 1895)
     Dupree A Colbert was born circa 1865. He was the son of William Colbert.
     Dupree A Colbert married Catherine A Wilcockson in 1888 in Condobolin, New South Wales.
     Dupree died on 22 November 1895 in Sydney, New South Wales, Australia.
     His will was proved at New South Wales. His residence was given as Ungarie.

Children of Dupree A Colbert and Catherine A Wilcockson

Edmond Colbert

(12 March 1814 - 29 December 1885)
     Edmond Colbert was born on 14 March 1810 in Ballytrahan, Cloyne, Cork, Ireland. But if aged 29 at marriage as stated he was born c. 1824 and son of Patrick Colbert & Bridget A'Hearn. Aged 74 at death which suggests an 1807 birth. He was christened on 12 March 1814 in Ballybrahir, Cloyne, Cork. He was the son of Patrick Colbert and Bridget A'Hearn. Edmond was a surveyor and gentleman from 1855.
     Edmond Colbert married Susan Berry on 6 August 1855 in St James Church of England, Melbourne, Victoria. They were aged 29 & 36, both of North Melbourne.
     Edmond was registered as as Edmund Colbert, surveyor at Leveson St, Royal Park, Melbourne, Victoria, on the 1856 electoral roll. He was listed in a directory dated between 1871 and 1884 at Rowena Parade, Richmond, Victoria. He was widowed on 28 July 1885 on the death of his wife Susan Berry.
     Edmond died on 29 December 1885 in Elizabeth St, Richmond, Victoria, aged 71. He was described as Edmund, son of Garrett Colbert & Bridget Hearne, aged 74. The Argus reported: — On the 29th December at his residence no. 40 Elizabeth-street, North Richmond, Edmond Colbert, aged 75 years. He was buried on 30 December 1885? In Kew.
     His will was proved in February 1886. His executors were John Carrodas and John Wm Allen. His heirs were his nephew Edmond Colbert of Kyabram East and his niece Bridget the wife of William Gilmore of Tooborac and Catherine Shadwick.

Edmond Colbert

(circa 1850 - 26 July 1902)
     Edmond Colbert was born circa 1850 in Shanagarry, Cloyne, Cork, Ireland. Shanagarry is a town and townland in Kilmahon parish, Middleton Poor Law Union. He was the son of William Colbert (of Cloyne) and Margaret Kinealy or Kennealy.
     Edmond Colbert and Bridget Colbert arrived per "Vimiera" on 3 April 1868 at Melbourne, Victoria, Australia. He was aged 17 and travelled with Bridget Colbert aged 20.
     Edmond Colbert married Catherine MacRae on 24 November 1874 in Springfield, Victoria, Australia. Edmond Colbert was listed in the rate book between 1878 and 1885 for property. He is probably the Edmond/Edmund/Edward listed at Warange leasing Crown property between 4 Jun 1878 and 2 Jun 1885. He was listed in a directory dated 1900 as was a farmer at Merrigum, Victoria. There was also an Edm. grazier, Witchipool. Edmond was a farmer.
     Edmond died on 26 July 1902 in Pine Lodge South, Shepparton, Victoria, Australia. He was buried on 26 July 1902 in Mooroopna. Aged 52, farmer of Pinelodge South, RC section.
     His will was proved on 28 July 1903 at Victoria. His will directed that he be buried at Mooroopna with his late son Thomas.

Children of Edmond Colbert and Catherine MacRae

Edmond Colbert

(18 November 1864 - )
     Edmond Colbert was born on 18 November 1864 in Walshtown More E, Cork, Ireland. He was the son of James Colbert (of Walshtown More RD) and Ellen Ahern.

Edmond Colbert

(10 April 1866 - )
     Edmond Colbert was born on 10 April 1866 in Walshtown More E, Cork, Ireland. He was the son of William Colbert (of Walshtown More RD) and Margaret Ahern.