Dorothy Cocksedge

(7 April 1639 - )
     Dorothy Cocksedge was christened on 7 April 1639 in Buxhall, Suffolk. She was the daughter of George Cocksedge and Mary Unknown.
     Dorothy Cocksedge married Richard Gotbald on 20 December 1660 in Buxhall, SFK.

Ann Baker

(say 1645 - before 24 June 1709)
     Ann Baker was born say 1645.
     Ann Baker married Peter Cocksedge, son of John Cocksedge and Hannah Devereaux, in 1664 in Gedding, Suffolk.
     Ann died before 24 June 1709 in Bradfield St George, Suffolk. She was buried on 24 June 1709 in Bradfield St George. She is assumed to be the "widow Cocksedge."

Children of Ann Baker and Peter Cocksedge

Peter Cocksedge

(30 September 1678 - before 6 March 1725/26)
     Peter Cocksedge was christened on 30 September 1678 in Bradfield St George, Suffolk. He was the son of Peter Cocksedge and Ann Baker.
     Peter Cocksedge married Elizabeth Ball or Balls on 9 November 1701 in Felsham, Suffolk.
     Peter Cocksedge made a will dated 25 September 1724.
     Peter died before 6 March 1725/26 in Felsham, Suffolk. He was buried on 6 March 1725/26 in Felsham.

Children of Peter Cocksedge and Elizabeth Ball or Balls