Margaret Cook

(circa 1740 - 22 August 1823)
     Margaret Cook was born circa 1740.
     Margaret Cook married John Trull on 22 May 1766 in St George Colegate, Norwich, Norfolk, England.
     Margaret died on 22 August 1823 in Norwich, Norfolk, England. She was buried on 26 August 1823 in the Octagon Presbyterian church, Norwich, Norfolk. Margaret Trull, widow of John Trull of St Peter's Mancroft died August 22 and was buried August 26 1823, aged 83 years.

Children of Margaret Cook and John Trull

Maria Ann Cook

( - before 6 November 1825)
     Maria Ann Cook married Charles Copperwheat, son of Robert Copperwheat and Martha Butler, on 16 July 1810 in St Giles without Cripplegate, London. They were both single of this parish and Sarah Cook was witness. Maria Ann made her mark..
     Maria died before 6 November 1825 in Bearbinder Lane, London. She was buried on 6 November 1825 in London. She was possibly buried on 23 January 1831 in St Mary Aldermary, London. Maria Copperthwaite, aged 27, of 7 Red Lion Court, died of palpitations of the heart.

Children of Maria Ann Cook and Charles Copperwheat

Mary Cook

(circa 1769 - before 27 June 1845)
     Mary Cook was born circa 1769 in Yorkshire.
     Mary Cook married Matthew Stanser, son of John Stanser, on 23 December 1800 in Worsbrough, Yorkshire.
     Mary Cook appeared on the 1841 census in Whiston, Yorkshire. Mary Stancer 72, Margaret Elliot 9, both born in the county.
     Mary Cook made a will dated 23 October 1844 in Worsbrough, Darfield. This is the last will and testament of me Mary Stancer late of Whiston but now Ousthethwait in Worsbrough in the parish of Darfield, widow..with my daughter Sarah the wife of Samuel Bradbury and .... and her appoint her sole executrix 23 Oct 1844 - signed in the present of Edwrd Newman and John Littlewood.
     Mary died before 27 June 1845 in Ecclesfield RD, Yorkshire.
     Her will was proved on 27 June 1845 at the Prerogative Court of Canterbury.

Children of Mary Cook and Matthew Stanser

Maurice Graham Cook

(1938 - 1996)
     Maurice Graham Cook was born in 1938 in Victoria. He was the son of Arthur Edward Cook and Mary Kathleen Colbert.
     Maurice died in 1996.

Reginald Francis Cook

(3 September 1932 - 3 October 1986)
     Reginald Francis Cook was born on 3 September 1932 in Leongatha, Victoria. He was the son of Arthur Edward Cook and Mary Kathleen Colbert.
     Reginald died on 3 October 1986 in 11 Ritchie Street, Leongatha, Victoria, aged 54. Cook, Reginald Francis (Reg), on Oct 3, at WDMH Leongatha, late of Ritchie St Leongatha, aged 54 years. Dearly loved husband of Mary, loving father of Jenny & Hans Rutjens, Robert, Wendy and Neil Townley, Kevin (dec) and Melissa. Dearly loved grandfather of Rebecca, Melanie and Luke.
Loved son of the late Arthur & Molly Cook, brother of Helen (Mrs Mead) Peter, John, Gwen (Mrs White) Maurie, Charles, Ted and Denise. Loved brother of Charlie and Kay, uncle of Steven, Paul, Vicki and Gavin

Child of Reginald Francis Cook

Sarah Ann Cook

(before 1870 - )
     Sarah Ann Cook was born before 1870 in Hessett, Suffolk.
     Sarah Ann Cook married George Bullett, son of Charles Bullett and Mary Ann Cocksedge, circa October 1886 in Hessett, Suffolk.
     Sarah Ann Cook and George Bullett appeared on the 1891 census in Hickett Heath, Hessett. Next door to Charles Bullett, in a four roomed house lived George Bullett, head, aged 29, agricultural labourer, his wife Sarah A, aged 26, and their daughter Susan M, aged 1, all born at Hessett.

Children of Sarah Ann Cook and George Bullett

Syliva Cook

(1894 - 1972)
     Syliva Cook was born in 1894. She was the daughter of Unknown Cook and Amelia Cocksedge.
     Syliva died in 1972.

Unknown Cook

     Unknown Cook married Amelia Cocksedge, daughter of Robert Cocksedge and Elizabeth Pearson.

Child of Unknown Cook and Amelia Cocksedge

William Cook

     William Cook married Rachel Ruby, daughter of Richard Ruby and Margaret Shover, on 8 May 1744? In St Andrew, Plymouth, Devon. This seems too early unless it was an adult baptism.

Eliza Cooke

(circa 1844 - )
     Eliza Cooke was born circa 1844 in Hessett, Suffolk. She was the daughter of Samuel Cooke and Elizabeth Noy. Eliza Cooke was christened on 13 July 1851 in Hessett.

Judith Cooke

(circa 1846 - )
     Judith Cooke was born circa 1846 in Hessett, Suffolk. She was the daughter of Samuel Cooke and Elizabeth Noy. Judith Cooke was christened on 13 July 1851 in Hessett.

Judith Cooke

     Judith Cooke married Stephen Chase on 18 March 1681/82 in Christ Church, Barbados.

Katherine Cooke

(circa 1530 - 1583)
     Katherine Cooke was born circa 1530 in Gidea Hall, Romford?, Essex, England. She was the daughter of Sir Anthony Cook (1504-1576) of Gidea Hall, Romford, Essex. Her brothers in law were Lord Burghley (William Cecil whose wife was Mildred Cooke (1526-1589), Sir Nicholas Bacon (the Lord Keeper) and John, Lord Russel & , Sir Thomas Hoby.
     Katherine Cooke married Sir Henry Killigrew, son of Capt John Killigrew and Elizabeth Trewinnard, on 4 November 1565 in Gidea Hall, Romford?, Essex.
     She is mentioned in her father's will dated 22 May 1576 as the wife of Henry Killegrewe and witnessed the document on 9 June 1576 at Westminster.
     She is mentioned in her brother Richard's will dated 31 July 1579 as the wife of Sir Henry Killigrew.
     Katherine died in 1583. She died 6 days after giving birth to a still-born child. She was buried on 27 December 1583 in St Thomas the Apostle in Vintry, London. Lady Catharine Killigrew, one of that most ancient and honourable family of the Killigrews in Cornwall.
     -Caroline M K Bowden wrote: Killigrew , Katherine (c.1542-1583)’ Oxford Dictionary of National Biography, Oxford University Press, 2004 [, accessed 25 Sept 2005] Killigrew [née Cooke], Katherine (c.1542-1583), gentlewoman and scholar, was the fifth daughter of Sir Anthony Cooke (1505/6-1576), Edward VI's tutor, of Gidea Hall in Essex, and Anne (d. 1553), daughter of Sir William Fitzwilliam, and widow of Sir John Hawes. Like her sisters Elizabeth, Anne Bacon, and Mildred Cecil, Katherine was educated in the classics by her father. She became famous for her knowledge of Hebrew, Greek, and Latin, and for her ability to write poetry, although she left little evidence in writing. There is no confirmation of her skill in Hebrew. Katherine was left her choice of books in her father's will of 1575; two in Latin and one in Greek. She married Henry Killigrew of Cornwall (d. 1603) on 4 November 1565. Henry was often abroad on diplomatic missions, mainly in France and Scotland, and was knighted in 1591 for his services to his country. Katherine remained in England, using her family connections to the Cecils to make requests on behalf of her husband. She wrote verse in Latin to her sister Mildred, asking her to use her influence with her husband William Cecil to excuse Henry from overseas service. In 1582, shortly before her death, Katherine wrote to Cecil on her husband's behalf asking his aid in obtaining lands for him. Henry Killigrew's concern for his wife can be seen in his purchase of an annuity for her from the crown, and his attempts to return to England for the birth of their children.
Katherine Killigrew was a committed puritan, maintaining a friendship with the preacher Edward Dering; she offered him hospitality even when he was in disgrace with the queen. Some clues to her adult life can be learned from Dering's correspondence. Several letters dating from 1575, which he wrote to her at Hendon where she lived with her three daughters, Nan, Bess, and Mary, were printed in his Godly Letters (1614). A fourth daughter, Dorothy, is not mentioned in the Dering letters. Katherine suffered from frequent bouts of ill health. In his writing Dering refers to her physical sufferings, and offers her spiritual support and comfort while telling her of his own illness and his problems with his lungs; he died in 1576 of tuberculosis.
Katherine herself died on 27 December 1583 after having given birth to a stillborn child. She left her own epitaph, a verse mainly in Latin demonstrating her certainty of the resurrection. She was buried in the church of St Thomas the Apostle, London, which was burnt down in the 1666 great fire. Her memorial contained four inscriptions which were printed by Stow: one of these, in both Greek and Latin, was composed by her sister Elizabeth Russell. The verse laments the untimely loss of a virtuous sister, commending her wit, learning and grace, and it looks forward to their reunion in heaven. The three other tributes were written by well-known puritan divines, and commented on her learning, modesty, purity, and religious zeal. Camden also praised her knowledge of Greek and Latin in an epitaph.
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Children of Katherine Cooke and Sir Henry Killigrew

Mary Cooke

(before 1710? - before 18 May 1767?)
     Mary Cooke was born before 1710?.
     Mary Cooke married John Stanser, son of Gervas Stanser and Isabel Unknown (Stanser), on 18 May 1736 in St Peter & St Paul, North Wheatley, Nottinghamshire.
     Mary died before 18 May 1767? In Thorpe Salvin, Yorkshire. She was buried on 18 May 1767 in Thorpe Salvin.

Mavis Lilian Mennin Cooke

(25 October 1919 - )
     Mavis Lilian Mennin Cooke was born on 25 October 1919.
     Mavis Lilian Mennin Cooke married Sydney George Fenton Halahan, son of Dr Samuel Handy Halahan and Constance May Shepperson, on 7 August 1938 in Durban, Natal, South Africa.

Children of Mavis Lilian Mennin Cooke and Sydney George Fenton Halahan

Rowland Cooke

(before 1712 - )
     Rowland Cooke was born before 1712. He was the son of Thomas Cooke and Daughter Handy.

Samuel Cooke

(circa 1810 - )
     Samuel Cooke was born circa 1810.
     Samuel Cooke married Elizabeth Noy on 26 March 1836 in Culford, Suffolk. They were both widowed.

Children of Samuel Cooke and Elizabeth Noy

Thomas Cooke

     Thomas Cooke married Daughter Handy, daughter of Jonathan Handy, before 1711.

Child of Thomas Cooke and Daughter Handy

William Cooke

(circa 1848 - )
     William Cooke was born circa 1848 in Hessett, Suffolk. He was the son of Samuel Cooke and Elizabeth Noy. William Cooke was christened on 13 July 1851 in Hessett.

Maria Coombe

(circa 1831 - 1898)
     Maria Coombe was born circa 1831 in Sampford Courtenay, Devon. She was the daughter of Thomas Coombe and Agnes Ruby.
     Maria Coombe appeared on the 1841 census in the household of John Ruby and Ann Cox in Sampford Courtenay, Devon. Maria Coombewas listed in the household of John Ruby as a grandchild in the 1851 census in Little Chapel in Sampford Courtenay. John Ruby, head, widower, aged 58, farm labourer, born Inwardleigh, with Maria(n) Coombe 19 gr-daughter, housekeeper, born Sampford Courtenay.
     Tandy Muir-Warden wrote: She married Peter John Kelland in 1862 in Newton Abbot & they had 3 children: Eva Dinah Kelland, Peter John Coombe Kelland (my gr grandfather) and Elizabeth (Bessie) Mary Kelland.
     Maria died in 1898 in Newton Abbot, Devon.

Matthew Coombe

(March 1846 - )
     Matthew Coombe's birth was registered in the quarter ending in March 1846 in Sampford Courtenay, Okehampton RD, Devon. He was the son of Thomas Coombe and Agnes Ruby. Matthew was listed as Thomas Coombe's son in the 1871 census in Sampford Chapel, Sampford Courtenay, Devon.

Thomas Coombe

(1806 - March 1879)
     Thomas Coombe was born in 1806. He was the son of William Coombe and Sarah Gordin.
     Thomas Coombe married Agnes Ruby, daughter of John Ruby and Ann Cox, on 16 November 1830 in Sampford Courtenay, Devon. Banns were published for Thomas Coombe of this parish adn Agnes Ruby of this parish on 17, 24 & 31 October 1830. They were married with consent of parents..
     Thomas Coombe and Agnes Ruby appeared on the 1841 census in Little Chapel, Sampford Courtenay, Devon. Thomas Coombe 35, carpenter, Agnes Coombe 30, Philip Coombe 7, John Coombe 4, Susana Coombe 2.
     Thomas Coombe and Agnes Ruby were recorded on the 1851 census in Sampford Courtenay, Devon. Thomas Coombe 45 ,Agness Coombe 40, born Exbourne, children Phillip Coombe 17 ,John Coombe 14, Susan Coombe 12, George Coombe 9 ,Thomas Coombe 7, Matthew Coombe 5, Eliza Jane Coombe 2.
     Thomas Coombe and Agnes Ruby appeared on the 1861 census in Sampford Courtenay. Thomas Coombe 55, carpenter, born SC, his wife Agness Coombe 51, born Exbourne, son Philip Coombe 27, Samuel Coombe 7.
     Thomas Coombe and Agnes Ruby appeared on the 1871 census in Sampford Chapel, Sampford Courtenay, Devon. Thomas Coombe 65, sawyer, born Sampford Courtney, his wife Agness Coombe 61, born Exbourne, son Mathew Coombe 25, thatcher, born Sampford Courtney.
     Thomas's death was registered in the quarter ending in March 1879 in Okehampton RD, Devon.

Children of Thomas Coombe and Agnes Ruby

Aimee Martha Cecilia Cooper (Pitt)

     Aimee Martha Cecilia Cooper (Pitt) married Charles Clarence Phillips, son of Clarence Irvine Phillips and Sarah Jane Hawker (Verge), on 23 December 1939 in St John's, Darlinghurst, New South Wales.

Arthur T. Cooper

(circa 1867 - )
     Arthur T. Cooper was born circa 1867 in Lt Finborough, Suffolk. He was the son of John Cooper and Sarah Unknown.

Brenda Cecil Cooper

(8 March 1885 - 11 September 1929)
     Brenda was nick-named Wendy. She was born on 8 March 1885. She was the daughter of Rev T S Cooper, MA & Alice Emma Sloggett, Rector of St Mary's Chiddingfold.
     Brenda Cecil Cooper married Capt Henry Crosby Halahan RN, DSO, son of Capt Samuel Handy Halahan and Hannah Croucher Engeham, on 2 January 1907 in Chiddingfold, Surrey.
     Brenda Cecil Cooper and Capt Henry Crosby Halahan RN, DSO appeared on the 1911 census in Old Pickhurst, Chiddingfold, Surrey.
     Brenda Cecil Cooper lived at Pickhurst, Chiddingfold, Surrey, 1929.
     Brenda died on 11 September 1929 in Elpis Private Hospital, Lwer Mount St, Dublin, Ireland, aged 44. On Sept 11 1929, suddenly, after an operation, Brenda Cecil, widow of Captain Henry C Halahan RN, of Old Pickhurst, Chiddingfold, beloved second daughter of the late Revd Stephen Cooper, FSA, and of Mrs Cooper of Rovehurst, Chiddingfold.
     Her will was proved on 6 January 1930 at London. Brenda Cecil Halahan, of Old Peckhurst, Chiddingfold, Sry, widow, died 12 Sep 1929. Probate to Edward Oliver Crosby Halahan,organ builder & Edith Phyllis Baker (wife of James Harry Baker). Effects £1009.

Children of Brenda Cecil Cooper and Capt Henry Crosby Halahan RN, DSO

Caroline (Connie) Cooper

(1/04 SEP 1877 - )
     Caroline (Connie) Cooper was born 1/04 SEP 1877 in Lt Finborough, Suffolk. She was the daughter of John Cooper and Sarah Unknown.
     The marriage of Caroline (Connie) Cooper and George Mann, son of Henry Mann and Ursula or Usla Grimwood, was registered in Stow, Suffolk, in the December 1898 quarter.

Children of Caroline (Connie) Cooper and George Mann

Catherine Cooper

(circa 1872 - )
     Catherine Cooper was born circa 1872 in Lt Finborough, Suffolk. She was the daughter of John Cooper and Sarah Unknown.

Charles Cooper

(circa 1880 - )
     Charles Cooper was born circa 1880 in Lt Finborough, Suffolk. He was the son of John Cooper and Sarah Unknown.

Christopher Cooper

(say 1700 - )
     Christopher Cooper was born say 1700.
     Christopher Cooper married Margaret Cocksedge, daughter of Peter Cocksedge and Elizabeth Ball or Balls, on 26 April 1727 in Bradfield St George, Suffolk.

Elizabeth Cooper

(before 1650 - before 17 February 1668/69)
     Elizabeth Cooper was born before 1650.
     Elizabeth Cooper married Samuel Ryther, son of Ottiwell Rider Ryther and Ellen Musgrave, on 21 June 1665 in St Peter's, Leeds, Yorkshire.
     Elizabeth died before 17 February 1668/69 in Leeds, Yorkshire. She was buried on 17 February 1668/69 in Northall bridge, Leeds, Yorkshire, England.

Child of Elizabeth Cooper and Samuel Ryther