Mary Phyllis Colbert

(10 December 1915 - 4 April 1995)
     Mary Phyllis Colbert was commonly known as Phyl. She was born on 10 December 1915 in Leongatha, Victoria. She was the daughter of Edward Michael Colbert and Margaret Robertson. Mary Phyllis Colbert was educated in May 1928 in the State School in Fitzroy. Her previous school was St Brigid's. They were living at 72 Johnston Street, Fitzroy. Her age was put down as 10 Jan 1916 - a month younger. She also attended the Catholic School in Sydney Rd, Coburg (opposite St Paul's) among others. At 14 she left school to help in the home consisting of her parents, brothers and grandma Robertson.
     Mary Phyllis Colbert married Donald MacKenzie, son of Henry Refshauge MacKenzie and Mavis Bland Ruby, on 7 August 1937 in St Bartholomew's Church of England, Burnley, Victoria.
     Mary and Mavis were registered at 39 Hastngs Rd, Hawthorn, Kooyong, Victoria, on the 1943 electoral roll.
     Mary was registered as She was lving with her 'in-laws'. at 30 Hastngs Rd, Hawthorn, Camberwell, Victoria, on the 1949 electoral roll. Phyl was granted a divorce from Donald MacKenzie on 15 September 1952.
     Mary Phyllis MacKenzie married John Joseph Desmond Dunbar as her second husband, on 24 September 1952 in the Registry Office, Melbourne, Victoria. They were of 5 Salisbury Street, Coburg.
     Mary Phyllis Colbert lived at 14 Kirbister Street, Pascoe Vale, from 1958 to 1995.
     Her will was proved on 28 August 1985 at Victoria. She was an executor of James MacIntosh Colbert's estate on 26 June 1986.
     Phyl died of heart, lung & kidney failure on 4 April 1995 in John Fawkner Hospital, Moreland, Victoria, aged 79. She was cremated on 6 April 1995 in New Melbourne General Cemetery, Fawkner.