Arthur T. Cooper

(circa 1867 - )
     Arthur T. Cooper was born circa 1867 in Lt Finborough, Suffolk. He was the son of John Cooper and Sarah Unknown.

Brenda Cecil Cooper

(8 March 1885 - 11 September 1929)
     Brenda was nick-named Wendy. She was born on 8 March 1885. She was the daughter of Rev T S Cooper, MA & Alice Emma Sloggett, Rector of St Mary's Chiddingfold.
Brenda Cecil Cooper married Capt Henry Crosby Halahan RN, DSO, son of Capt Samuel Handy Halahan and Hannah Croucher Engeham, on 2 January 1907 in Chiddingfold, Surrey.
     Brenda Cecil Cooper and Capt Henry Crosby Halahan RN, DSO were recorded on the 1911 census in Old Pickhurst, Chiddingfold, Surrey.
     Brenda resided at Pickhurst, Chiddingfold, Surrey, 1929.
     Brenda died on 11 September 1929 in Elpis Private Hospital, Lwer Mount St, Dublin, Ireland, aged 44. On Sept 11 1929, suddenly, after an operation, Brenda Cecil, widow of Captain Henry C Halahan RN, of Old Pickhurst, Chiddingfold, beloved second daughter of the late Revd Stephen Cooper, FSA, and of Mrs Cooper of Rovehurst, Chiddingfold.
     Her will was proved on 6 January 1930 at London. Brenda Cecil Halahan, of Old Peckhurst, Chiddingfold, Sry, widow, died 12 Sep 1929. Probate to Edward Oliver Crosby Halahan,organ builder & Edith Phyllis Baker (wife of James Harry Baker). Effects £1009.

Children of Brenda Cecil Cooper and Capt Henry Crosby Halahan RN, DSO

Caroline (Connie) Cooper

(1/04 SEP 1877 - )
     Caroline (Connie) Cooper was born 1/04 SEP 1877 in Lt Finborough, Suffolk. She was the daughter of John Cooper and Sarah Unknown.
The marriage of Caroline (Connie) Cooper and George Mann, son of Henry Mann and Ursula or Usla Grimwood, was registered in Stow, Suffolk, in the December 1898 quarter.

Children of Caroline (Connie) Cooper and George Mann

Catherine Cooper

(circa 1872 - )
     Catherine Cooper was born circa 1872 in Lt Finborough, Suffolk. She was the daughter of John Cooper and Sarah Unknown.

Charles Cooper

(circa 1880 - )
     Charles Cooper was born circa 1880 in Lt Finborough, Suffolk. He was the son of John Cooper and Sarah Unknown.

Christopher Cooper

(say 1700 - )
     Christopher Cooper was born say 1700.
Christopher Cooper married Margaret Cocksedge, daughter of Peter Cocksedge and Elizabeth Ball or Balls, on 26 April 1727 in Bradfield St George, Suffolk.

Elizabeth Cooper

(before 1650 - before 17 February 1668/69)
     Elizabeth Cooper was born before 1650.
Elizabeth Cooper married Samuel Ryther, son of Ottiwell Rider Ryther and Ellen/Ellenor Musgrave, on 21 June 1665 in St Peter's, Leeds, Yorkshire.
     Elizabeth died before 17 February 1668/69 in Leeds, Yorkshire. She was buried on 17 February 1668/69 in Northall bridge, Leeds, Yorkshire, England.

Child of Elizabeth Cooper and Samuel Ryther

Elizabeth Mary Cooper

(7 November 1858 - 17 March 1946)
     Elizabeth Mary Cooper was born on 7 November 1858 in Burton on Trent, Staffordshire.
Elizabeth Mary Cooper married Richard Ryther Steer (Popplewell) Bowker, son of Dr Robert Stanser Bowker and Betsey Marshall, on 31 August 1900 in St Matthias, Stoke Newington, Hackney RD, Middlesex. The marriage licence was issued 28 August 1900: Appeared personally Richard Ryther Steer Popplewell Bowker of the parish of St Matthias, Stoke Newington in the county of Middlesex, a bachelor of the age of 21 years & upwards and prayed a licence for solemnization of matrimony in the parish church of St Matthias, Stoke Newington, afsd between him and Elizabeth Mary Cooper of the same paris, spinster of the 21 years & upwards ... .
     Elizabeth Mary Cooper and Richard Ryther Steer (Popplewell) Bowker were recorded on the 1901 census in 210 Ashby Rd, Winshill, Staffordshire. Mary Cooper, head, widow, 78, living on own means, born England; Richard Bowker, son in law, 36, ditto, own account, born England, Lizzie Bowker, daughter married 32, born Burton upon Trent, Staffordshire and William Bowker, grandson, 4 months, born Derbyshire, Winshill, and a servant.
     Elizabeth died on 17 March 1946 in Burton on Trent, Staffordshire, aged 87.

Children of Elizabeth Mary Cooper and Richard Ryther Steer (Popplewell) Bowker

George Cooper

(circa 1834 - )
     George Cooper was born circa 1834.
Julia Meadows married secondly George Cooper before 31 March 1901 in Newmarket RD.
     George Cooper and Julia Meadows were recorded on the 1901 census in Dunstall P Rd, Ousden, Suffolk. George Cooper, head, married, 67, agricultural labourer, born Wickham Market, with his wife Julia, 65, born Troston.

Henry Cooper

     Henry Cooper married Alice Ruby on 11 September 1786 in Charles, Plymouth, Devon.

James Cooper

(circa 1885 - )
     James Cooper was born circa 1885 in Lt Finborough, Suffolk. He was the son of John Cooper and Sarah Unknown.

James Cooper

(before 1872 - )
     James Cooper was born before 1872.
James Cooper married Harriet E Roberts, daughter of James Roberts and Harriet Elizabeth Handy, in November 1893 in Dalkey, Dublin, Ireland. James Cooper of full age, bachelor, shoemaker, of 10 Castle? St, Dalkey son of Thomas Cooper, shoemaker, &, Harriet E Roberts, minor, spinster, of 62 Glasthule Rd, Sandy Cove, daughter of James Roberts, labourer, married by licence, both signed in the presence of Emily Roberts and Frederick Green?.
     James Cooper and Harriet E Roberts were recorded on the 1901 census in Coldwell St, Glasthule. James Cooper, 29, boot & shoe maker, wife Harriet E Cooper, 24, sons William A, 7, Hanry J, 2, Charles C, 3 months, and William Roberts, brother in law, 26, tram conductori, married. All bor in Dublin and Anglicans..

Jeremiah Cooper

     Jeremiah Cooper married Ann Grimwood, daughter of Richard Grimwood and Elizabeth Parmenter, on 27 March 1743 in Newton, Suffolk. Married by licence.

John Cooper

(circa 1837 - )
     John Cooper married Sarah Unknown. John Cooper was born circa 1837 in Felsham, Suffolk.

Children of John Cooper and Sarah Unknown

John Cooper

(circa 1874 - )
     John Cooper was born circa 1874 in Lt Finborough, Suffolk. He was the son of John Cooper and Sarah Unknown.

Leonard Cooper

     Leonard Cooper married Harriet Putland, daughter of Edward Putland, on 17 June 1801 in Willingdon, Sussex.

Lucy Cooper (Tindall)

Child of Lucy Cooper (Tindall) and John Poad Tindale

Rex Cooper

(31 May 1906 - )
     Rex Cooper was born on 31 May 1906.
Rex Cooper married Eileen Halahan, daughter of Dr John Halahan and Edith Emily Bristowe, on 30 May 1930.

Rose Cooper

(circa 1888 - )
     Rose Cooper was born circa 1888 in Lt Finborough, Suffolk. She was the daughter of John Cooper and Sarah Unknown.

Sarah Cooper

(circa 1883 - )
     Sarah Cooper was born circa 1883 in Lt Finborough, Suffolk. She was the daughter of John Cooper and Sarah Unknown.

Susanna Cooper

     Susanna Cooper was born in Suffolk.
Susanna Cooper married Isaac Grimwood, son of Isaac Grimwood and Mary Parr, on 7 August 1804 in Buxhall, Suffolk.

Children of Susanna Cooper and Isaac Grimwood

Mary Cope

(circa 1741? - before 27 September 1816)
     Mary Cope was born circa 1741?.
Mary Cope married Joseph Popplewell on 12 October 1772 in St Mary, Nottingham, Nottinghamshire.
     Mary died before 27 September 1816 in Kennel Hill, Nottingham, Nottinghamshire, England. She was buried on 27 September 1816 in Nottingham, Nottinghamshire.

Children of Mary Cope and Joseph Popplewell

Jean Copeland

(circa 1851 - )
     Jean Copeland was born circa 1851.
The marriage of Jean MacCullogh and Jeremiah Halahan, son of Patrick Halahan, was registered in St Anne's Church of Ireland, Belfast, Antrim, Ireland, in the December 1879 quarter. He was a sergeant in the North Down Rifles.

Elizabeth Copelin

(before 1765 - 1796)
     Elizabeth Copelin was born before 1765.
Elizabeth Copelin married Mark Noble, son of Thomas Noble and Mary Duffield, on 12 February 1781 in Bressingham, Suffolk. They were both single and made their marks. They had 7 children at Bressingham and 2 at Roydon in Norfolk.      
Elizabeth Copelin claimed settlement at Hopton on 1 April 1781 from Bressingham, Suffolk. The Bradeston parish records described him as a wheelwright.
     Elizabeth died in 1796.

Child of Elizabeth Copelin and Mark Noble

Percy Copley

     Percy Copley married Rita Hunichen, daughter of John Henry Hunichen and Isabella Sinclair Allan, circa 1920.

Ann Copperwheat

(25 December 1780 - )
     Ann Copperwheat was christened on 25 December 1780 in Lt Berkhampstead, Hertfordshire. She was the daughter of Robert Copperwheat and Martha Butler.

Charles Copperwheat

(circa 1779 - December 1853)
     Charles Copperwheat was born circa 1779.
     Charles's death was registered in the quarter ending in December 1853 in Islington RD, Middlesex.

Charles Copperwheat

(18 April 1790 - before 14 May 1826)
     Charles Copperwheat was christened on 18 April 1790 in Essendon, Hertfordshire. He was the son of Robert Copperwheat and Martha Butler.
Charles Copperwheat married Maria Ann Cook on 16 July 1810 in St Giles without Cripplegate, London. They were both single of this parish and Sarah Cook was witness. Maria Ann made her mark.. Charles Copperwheat was insured as Charles Copperwheat, gent on 31 January 1815 at 51 Grubb Street, London.
He was excutor to the will of Jeremiah Friend(s) of Finchley, with Jeremiah's wife Sarah. mother Sarah & sister Mary Dixon. He was insured on 1 April 1816 at 5 Bearbinder Lane, London. [CR:]Charles Copperwheat was listed as a Freeman of the city of London on 1 July 1817. Charles Copperwheat was admitted to the Company of Cooks, paying 46 shillings & 8 pence. He was of George St, Mansion House, London, cook. [CR:]Charles Copperwheat was listed as a Freeman of the city of London on 1 July 1817. Upon the humble request of Charles Copperwheat who obtained an order of this court of the 28 Sep 18.. to be made free of the city by redemption in the Company of Cooks paying...forty six shillings and eight pence. It is now ordered that he be admitted... He was insured on 8 June 1818 at London. He was insured on 26 May 1825 at London.
     Charles died before 14 May 1826 in London. He was buried on 14 May 1826 in London. Charles Copperwheat, aged 37, of Grub St.

Children of Charles Copperwheat and Maria Ann Cook

Charles Copperwheat

(1715? - 6 July 1778)
     Charles Copperwheat was born in 1715?. He may be the Charles Copperwheat baptised 2 Jan 1715 at Kempston, son of William, or, Charles son of Charles & Elizabet nee Willis (illegitimate?) baptised at Houghton Conquest on 14 Apr 1721.
Charles Copperwheat married Mary Tomlyn on 6 November 1748 in Upper Stondon, Bedfordshire.
Charles Copperwheat and Mary Tomlyn were named on a removal order on 27 March 1750 in Ampthill, Bedfordshire. Charles Copperwheat, wife. Mary, children. Wm, Hannah, Robert [no ref.] 22:3:1750; Cardington.
     Charles was buried on 6 July 1778 in Cardington, Bedfordshire.
The following refers to the Copperwheats of Ampthill, no likely connection at this stage:
Abstract of Title to land late of W Stonbridge deceased purchased by William Beech
(I) Copy admission at Ampthill Manor court of 4 May 1751 of Daniel Wright and Isaac Coote:
- presenting surrender out of court on 26 Apr 1744 of Charles Copperwheat of Ampthill, maltster to use of his will;
- death of Charles Copperwheat on 11 Dec 1750 seized of messuage in Mill Street or Sluts End, Ampthill, formerly one tenement, now divided into three;
- will of Charles Copperwheat of 1 Mar 1748 charging certain real estate with an annuity of 12 to his wife Judith and devising his properties in Mill Street, Ampthill, in occupation of James King to Daniel Wright and Isaac Coote in trust to receive rents during his wife's life, after her death to be devised to his brother John Copperwheat of Toddington
(II) Surrender out of court on 31 Dec 1765 by John Copperwheat of Toddington, labourer, John Copperwheat, Charles Copperwheat, Ann Copperwheat, spinster and Thomas Litchfield and Martha his wife (nee Copperwheat) to use of Daniel Wright of Ampthill, innholder of two cottages with barns, stables, outhouses etc. in Ampthill in occupation of William Jones and Robert Manfield

Children of Charles Copperwheat and Mary Tomlyn

Charles Copperwheat

(2 January 1763 - )
     Charles Copperwheat was christened on 2 January 1763 in Upper Stondon, Bedfordshire. He was the son of Charles Copperwheat and Mary Tomlyn.