Ralph de Cromwell

(circa 1315 - before 28 October 1364)
     Ralph de Cromwell was born circa 1315. He was the son of Ralph de Cromwell and Joan de la Mare.
     Ralph de Cromwell married Anice de Bellers, daughter of Roger de Bellers, before 1344.
     Ralph died before 28 October 1364. He was off Cromwell & West Hallam.

Child of Ralph de Cromwell and Anice de Bellers

Ralph de Cromwell

     Ralph de Cromwell was the son of Ralph de Cromwell.
     Ralph de Cromwell, of Cromwell, Notts, West Hallam, co. Derby etc.
He held West Hallam, 1 fee, and Cromwell 1 fee, both of the Bishop of Lincoln: he held nothing of the King in chief, save of the inheritance of his second wife ... her purparty of Barrow-on-Soar, co. Leicester, and Campden, co. Gloucester

Child of Ralph de Cromwell

Ralph de Cromwell 3rd Baron

(circa 1368 - 1417)
     He was summoned to Parliament from 19 Aug 1399 to 3 Sep 1417 by writ. Constable of Castle Rising 1404 till his death.. Ralph de Cromwell 3rd Baron was born circa 1368 in Tattershall, Lincolnshire, England. He was aged 30 at his father's death.. He was the son of Lord Ralph Cromwell (2nd Baron) and Maud Bernake.
     Ralph de Cromwell 3rd Baron married Joan Unknown (Cromwell). He left issue..
     Ralph died in 1417.

Maud Cromwell

(before 1360 - )
     Maud Cromwell was born before 1360 in Tattershall, Lincolnshire, England. She was the daughter of Lord Ralph Cromwell (2nd Baron) and Maud Bernake.
     Maud Cromwell married Sir William Fitzwilliam, son of Sir John Fitzwilliam and Elizabeth Clinton, before 1379. Maud Cromwell was listed in the household of Sir William Fitzwilliam paying tax in Sprotborough, Yorkshire, England, in 1379.

Lord Ralph Cromwell (2nd Baron)

(circa 1340 - 27 August 1398)
     Lord Ralph Cromwell (2nd Baron) was born circa 1340. He was the son of Ralph de Cromwell and Anice de Bellers.
     Lord Ralph Cromwell (2nd Baron) married Maud Bernake, daughter of John Bernake and Joan Marmion, before 20 June 1366 in Lincolnshire. He married before 20 June 1366, Maud, sister & heir of William, and daughter of John Bernake of Tattershall afsd, by Joan, daughter & co-heir of John Marmion (Lord Marmion). By his wife's right he became lord of the manor of Tatshall, co. Lincoln, by lineal succession from the heirs female of Rpbert de Tatshall, sometime owner thereof, whereupon he fixed his chief residence there.
     Ralph de Cromwell acquired with his wife the estate of Tattershall, Lincoln, livery being granted to them 18 Mar 1366/7, it having been in the King's hands owing to the death of Sir John de Kirketon.
     He was summoned to Parliament from 28 Dec (1375) 49 Edw III to 6 Nov (1397) 21 Ric II, by writs directed Radulfo de Crombwell or Cromwell, whereby he is held to have become Lord Cromwell. In 10 Ric II (1386-7) he was a Banneret, and retained to served the King in the event of invasion.
     Ralph died on 27 August 1398 in Lincolnshire.

Children of Lord Ralph Cromwell (2nd Baron) and Maud Bernake

Jock McPherson Crook

(before 1930 - )
     Jock McPherson Crook was born before 1930.
     Jock McPherson Crook married Sheila O'Rorke, daughter of Hugh Michael O'Rorke and Dorothy Elizabeth Dunbar, after September 1950. On 2 Sep 1950 the engagement was annouinced: O'RORKE—CROOK. — Sheila, younger daughter of Mr and Mrs H M O'Rorke, "Killigrew," Westmere, to Jock Macpherson, only son of Mrs. A. F Crook, 19 Widford street, Hawthorn, and the late Mr Roy Crook.

Annie Croot

(1894 - 1962)
     Annie Croot was born in 1894 in Yanac, Victoria.
     Annie Croot married Thomas Bernard Colbert, son of John Colbert and Susan Jane Jarred, in 1922 in Victoria.
     Annie died in 1962 in Broughton, Victoria.

Child of Annie Croot

Gwendoline Annie Croot

(1911 - )
     Gwendoline Annie Croot was born in 1911 in Fitzroy North, Victoria. She was the daughter of Annie Croot. She was the daughter of Annie Croot.
     Gwendoline Annie Croot married Ernest William Colbert, son of John Colbert and Susan Jane Jarred, in 1934 in Victoria.

Beatrice Cropper

(say 1895 - before 3 August 1977)
     Beatrice Cropper was born say 1895 in Liverpool, Lancashire. Her surname is possibly WILLINK.
     Beatrice Cropper married Christopher Maude Chavasse, son of Bishop Francis James Chavasse and Edith Jane Maude, on 15 July 1919 in St Paul's, Prince's park, Liverpool, Lancashire.
     Beatrice died before 3 August 1977 in Oxfordshire?. Beatrice Chavasse, Widow of prominent Oxford Clergyman. Obituary. Oxford Mail, 3.8.1977. p.7 & 5.8.1977 p.2.

Child of Beatrice Cropper and Christopher Maude Chavasse

Dorothy Crosby

(circa 1674 - 31 December 1748)
     Dorothy Crosby was born circa 1674 in Suffolk, England.
     Dorothy Crosby married Thomas Noble, son of John Noble and Frances Nunn, on 23 April 1704 in Ingham, Suffolk.
     In Thomas Noble's will in Gt Livermere, Dorothy Crosby was named as executrix of the estate; Extract of the will of Thomas Noble of Gt Livermere 1722: being weak & sick but of sound mind leave my house and land to my son Thomas and to my son John Noble the land which was John Nunns. My wife Dorothy to be my sole executor.
     Dorothy died on 31 December 1748 in Gt Livermere, Suffolk, England. South of the nave in Gt Livermere church: Dorothy wife of Thomas Noble, died 31st December 1748 aged 74 years.. She was buried on 2 January 1748/49 in Gt Livermere, Suffolk.

Children of Dorothy Crosby and Thomas Noble

Mary Crosby

(before 1800 - )
     Mary Crosby was born before 1800 in Suffolk, England.
     Mary Crosby married John Cocksedge before 1814 in Suffolk. He was of Bury St Edmunds.

Children of Mary Crosby and John Cocksedge

Mary Crosley

     Mary Crosley married Richard Ryther (of Epworth), son of Richard Ryther (of Epworth) and Ellen Fox, on 22 November 1618.

Children of Mary Crosley and Richard Ryther (of Epworth)

Eliza Jane Cross

(before April 1842 - )
     Eliza Jane Cross was born before April 1842 in St Martin in the Fields, Westminster, Middlesex, England. She was the eldest daughter of Robert Cross, Esq, MD, (of New St, Spring Gardens at her marriage).
     Eliza Jane Cross married Thomas Bowker, son of Thomas Bowker J.P., Squire and Sarah Eagles Cowley, on 18 January 1865 in St Martin in the Fields, Westminster.
     Eliza Jane Cross and Thomas Bowker appeared on the 1881 census in 28 Tregunter Road, Kensington. Thomas Bowker, head, aged 45, born Whittlesea, Cambridge, solicitor with his wife Eliza Jane, aged 39, born at St Martin's in the Fields, Middlesex and two servants.

Mary Cross

(say 1740 - before 18 May 1767)
     Mary Cross was born say 1740 in Aston, Yorkshire, England.
Marriage banns for Mary Cross and John Stanser were published on 7 November 1759 in Wales, Yorkshire. Banns were called in 4, 11 & 18th Nov 1759 re the marriage of John Stanser & Mary Cross at Wales, no marriage date provided..
     Mary Cross married John Stanser as his second wife, on 26 November 1760 in Aston, YKS, ENG.
     Mary died before 18 May 1767 in Thorpe Salvin, Yorkshire, England. She was buried on 18 May 1767 in Thorpe Salvin.

William Cross?

Child of William Cross? and Martha Copperwheat

Mary Crosse

(6 December 1642 - before 9 May 1669)
     Mary Crosse was christened on 6 December 1642 in Woolpit, Suffolk.
     Mary Crosse married Thomas Seaton, son of William Seaton and Elizabeth Unknown (Seaton), on 30 November 1662 in Woolpit, Suffolk.
     Mary died before 9 May 1669 in Woolpit, Suffolk. She was buried on 9 May 1669 in Woolpit.

Children of Mary Crosse and Thomas Seaton

Alice Crossley

(before 1672 - before 23 September 1720)
     Alice Crossley was born before 1672 in Yorkshire, England.
     Alice Crossley married Jonas Rich, son of John Rich and Martha Rich, on 12 February 1692/93 in Bradfield, Yorkshire.
     Alice died before 23 September 1720 in Bradfield, YKS. She was buried on 23 September 1720 in Bradfield, YKS. Allis wife of Jonas Rich, of Bradfield.

Children of Alice Crossley and Jonas Rich

Mary Crossly

     Mary Crossly married James Daniel on 24 October 1717 in Haynes, Bedfordshire.

Child of Mary Crossly and James Daniel

William Crossman

(circa 1750? - )
     William Crossman was born circa 1750?.
     William Crossman married Ann Ruby, daughter of Philip Ruby and Martha Picke, on 21 December 1770 in Tavistock, Devon. They had issue at Tavistock: Ann, William, George, Elizabeth, John Rubby, Philip & Martha.

Thomas Orton Croudace

(2 July 1905 - 8 September 1971)
     Thomas Orton Croudace was born on 2 July 1905 in Croudace Bay, Lake Macquarie, New South Wales.
     Thomas Orton Croudace married Barbara Bowker, daughter of Edward Ballard Bowker and Laura Lillian Shelley, on 25 February 1933 in Toronto, New South Wales. Thomas Orton Croudace moved circa 1953 to manage/develop a goldmine to Western Australia. Thomas was mine manager of Aberdare, Aberdare, near Cessnock, New South Wales. No. 2 colliery.
     Thomas died on 8 September 1971 in Nedlands, Western Australia, aged 66.

Catherine Crow

     Catherine Crow married William Bowker on 5 May 1762 in Sutton St Mary/Long Sutton, Lincolnshire.

Sarah Crowan

(circa 1790 - )
     Sarah Crowan was born circa 1790 in Norfolk?, England. The 1861 census lists a Sarah Weston, widow aged 78 at Downham Market, Norfolk, born Wendling with her grand-daughter Eliza Mallet, The 1851 census lists William 74 & Sarah Weston aged 70 there, so unlikely to be the right couple. However there is another Sarah aged 56 born at Old Buckingham, Nft, with Emma Rebbecca & Harriett, 26, 24, 22, milliners born at Downham Mkt.
     Sarah Crowan married Robert Weston before 1812 in England.

Child of Sarah Crowan and Robert Weston

Anne-Julia Crowder

     Anne-Julia Crowder married Sir Matthew Smith Dodsworth, son of Charles Edward Smith (3rd Bart) and Elizabeth Armstrong, on 23 September 1852.

Child of Anne-Julia Crowder and Sir Matthew Smith Dodsworth

Rev John Beverly Crowell

     Rev John Beverly Crowell married Anna Barklie Trull, daughter of Rev George Harvey Trull and Donna Adele Irvine, on 2 February 1929 in Elizabeth, New Jersey, USA.

Cassandra Jemima Crowhurst

( - 3 August 1919)
     Cassandra Jemima Crowhurst married William James Bowker, son of George Robinson Bowker and Eliza Redmile, on 9 March 1874 in Woodchester, South Australia. BOWKER — CROWHURST. On the 9th March, at Woodchester, by the Rev. J. H. Williams, Mr, W. J. Bowker, of Laura, builder, to Cassandra Crowhurst, eldest daughter of Mr. Thomas Crowhurst, of Woodchester, farmer.
     Cassandra died on 3 August 1919 in Osborne Ave, Burnside, South Australia. BOWKER - On the 3rd August (suddenly), at Osborne-avenue, Burnside, Cassandra Jermina, relict of William James Bowker, of Water Newton, Laura. She was buried on 5 August 1919 in Laura, South Australia. BOWKER.The FRIENDS of the late MRS CASSANDRA JERMINA BOWKER are respectfullv informed that her Remains will be removed from the Laura Railway-station on arrival of Tuesday morning's train from Adelaide, for interment in the Laura Cemetery.

Children of Cassandra Jemima Crowhurst and William James Bowker

Elizabeth Crowle

(before April 1817 - )
     Elizabeth Crowle was born before April 1817 in Laneast, Cornwall.
     Elizabeth Crowle married John Ruby, son of Richard Ruby and Alice Bennett, on 4 April 1843 in Altarnun, Cornwall.
     Elizabeth Crowle and John Ruby were recorded on the 1851 census in Altarnun. John Ruby, head, 34, labourer, born Davidstow, with his wife Elizabeth aged 31, born Landeast?, children Mary 6, John, 4, James, 2, all born at Altarnun, mother Alice, aged 77, widow, alms woman, born Davidstow and Henry Crowel, visitor, unmarried, 21, farm servant, born St Cleather.
     Elizabeth Crowle and John Ruby appeared on the 1861 census in the Pitts, Altarnun. John Ruby, 44, ag. lab. born Davidstow, with his wife Elizabeth 42, born Laneast, and sons Richard 10 scholar, William 4, & James 12, ag. lab., all born at Altarnun.
     Elizabeth Crowle and John Ruby appeared on the 1871 census in Altarnun. John Ruby aged 52, head, born Davidstow, Elizabeth his wife aged 51 born Laneast and their son William aged 13 scholar, born Altarnum.
     Elizabeth Crowle and William Henry Ruby appeared on the 1881 census in Hurdon Pits, Altarnun. Elizabeth Ruby, aged 64, widow, head, born at Laneast with son William H aged 23, tin miner, born Altarnun and mother Ann Crowell, aged 88, widow, born Davidstow.
     Elizabeth Crowle and William Henry Ruby appeared on the 1891 census in Altarnun. William Ruby, head, S, 30, agricultural laborer, born Altarnun Cornwall & Elizabeth Ruby, Mother, Widow, 75, born Laneast Cornwall. Elizabeth Crowle was buried on 12 November 1905 in Altarnun, Cornwall. Elizabeth Ruby, aged 88, of Hurdon Pitts.

Children of Elizabeth Crowle and John Ruby

'Widow' Crowse

     'Widow' Crowse married Rev? Eliah Handcock, son of Thomas Handcock and Dorothy Green.

Harriet Crowson

(1841 - )
     Harriet Crowson was born in 1841 in Duddington, Northamptonshire. She was the daughter of Aaron Crowson.
     Harriet Crowson married William Stancer, son of James Stanser and Mary Plowright, on 9 October 1865 in Easton on the Hill, Northamptonshire.
     Harriet Crowson and William Stancer appeared on the 1871 census in The Grange, Tixover, Rutland. Aaron Crowson, widower, 71, servant, labourer, born Duddington; William Stancer, 26, servant, born Easton & wife Harriett Stancer, 28, servant, born Duddingon. They are probably employed by the Wyles family farmers of 122 acres at Tixover Lodge.
     Harriet Crowson and William Stancer appeared on the 1891 census in Irnham, Lincolnshire. William Stancer 47, farm labourer, born Easton Northamptonshire; his wife Harriet Stancer 49, born Duddington, Northants, daughter Ethel Stancer 7, born Nottingham, Thomas Crowson 65, brother in law, farm labourer, born Luffenham, Rutland.

Barbara Crozier

     Barbara Crozier married Alexander Weir, son of Robert Weir, in 1745.

Children of Barbara Crozier and Alexander Weir

Carlton J Cruickshanks

     Carlton J Cruickshanks married Constance G Lamb, daughter of Ernest Lamb and Agnes Kate Easthope, in 1915 in Sydney, New South Wales.