Rose Unknown

(circa 1550? - circa 18 January 1621/22)
     Rose Unknown was born circa 1550? In Suffolk, England.
     Rose Unknown married Thomas Bland circa 1569.
     Rose Unknown married John Willett as his third wife, circa 1582 in Lt Saxham, Suffolk, England. As of 1582, Rose Unknown was also known as Willett in records.
     Marianne McKenna wrote: Rose Bland was the third wife of John Wllett and married about 1582 as a widow. This marriage took place in 1582, ? Little Saxham, County Suffolk.
This information is from John Willet’s will which is dated 16/11/1586 Archdeaconry Court Sudbury. John died on 22/11/1586.
John left Rose three roodes of meadow and six poles, three half acres lying by the same meadow, tow acres at Barrowe waie, and three roodes at the Crosse Lane. ? Sorrell nag I give to Rose my wife. Three cowes I give also to my wife.
John bequeathed to Agnes Bland Margery Bland my wife’s daughter Grissell Weylett and Agnes Roger my daughter. Corne in the ground to wife; bed and bolster to Grissell Weylett; foure behives to wife.
Rose my wife Executor; Thomas Croftes Esquire supervisor (Archdeaconry Court Sudbury)
Rose survived her husband by 35 years.
     Rose Unknown was mentioned in the will of James Bland dated 6 December 1613.
     Rose Unknown made a will dated 16 January 1621 in West Stow. Memoranda 16th daye of January, 1621 I Rose Willett of Westoe, in the County of Sufflolk, last will:
1st I give to Agnes Sowter and Susan Sowter her grandchildren twenty shillings a piece;
To Thomas Bland, Rbte Bland, Stephen Bland, Mary Bland, Susan Bland, and Agnes Bland her grandchildren, Thirtene shillings and fourpence a piece;
To Dorothy Howe, Thomas Howe, John Howe, Elizabeth Howe, Agnes Howe, and Susan Howe, her grandchildren thirteen shillings and four pence a piece;
To Agnes Sowter, her daughter a flock bed and coverlet.
All the residue to Margery Howe, my daughter, who I make Exectrix. Witnesses: Thomas Bland, Rbte Bland.

     Rose died circa 18 January 1621/22 in West Stow, Suffolk. She was buried on 18 January 1621/22 in West Stow. Rose Bland alias Willet, widow.
     Her will was proved at the Archdeaconry of Sudbury, Suffolk.

Children of Rose Unknown and Thomas Bland

Dorothy Ella Lillian Cocksedge

(between 11 February 1903 and 1904? - 1990)
     Dorothy Ella Lillian Cocksedge was commonly known as Ella. She was born between 11 February 1903 and 1904? In Yarram, Victoria. She was the daughter of Albert Cocksedge and Ada Ellen Moorfield.
     Dorothy was educated at Won Wron. Ella D Cocksedge.
     Dorothy Ella Lillian Cocksedge married Stanley Frederick Runcimann in 1926 in Victoria.
     Dorothy Ella Lillian Cocksedge lived at 7 Walsh St, Coburg, 1982.
     Dorothy died in 1990.

Thomas Bland

(before 1571 - before 28 May 1632)
     Thomas Bland was born before 1571 in Hengrave, Suffolk. He was the son of Thomas Bland and Rose Unknown.
     Thomas Bland married Susan Lukyn on 2 November 1600 in Ingham, Suffolk. Thomas was a tailor, in Ampton. M2.
     Thomas Bland made a will dated 23 May 1632 in Ampton, Suffolk. His will mentions his wife Susan and his children Thomasine Rose the wife of Thomas Rose, Robert Bland, Mary Bland, Steven Bland, Susan Bland & Anne Bland.
     Thomas died before 28 May 1632 in Ampton, Suffolk. He was buried on 28 May 1632 in St Peter, Ampton.
     His will was proved on 4 June 1632 at Bury St Edmunds, Sudbury.

Children of Thomas Bland and Susan Lukyn