Lucy Bertram Cunningham

     Lucy Bertram Cunningham was the daughter of Albert Berwick Cunningham and Georgiana Steer. Lucy Bertram Cunningham was also known as Lady Lucy Markham in records.
Lucy Bertram Cunningham married Sir Albert Basil Markham on 17 September 1898 in London, Paddington RD, Middlesex, England.

Violet Cunningham

     Violet Cunningham married Osborne Edwin Townsend before 1932.

Child of Violet Cunningham and Osborne Edwin Townsend

Sir William Cunningham

     Margaret Gifford married secondly Sir William Cunningham.

Janet Cunnningham

     Janet Cunnningham married Gavin Dunbar, son of Archibald Dunbar.

Child of Janet Cunnningham and Gavin Dunbar

John Loftus Cuppage

( - 15 April 1797)
     John Loftus Cuppage married Dorothy Handcock, daughter of Rev Richard Handcock and Sarah Toler, on 17 December 1768 in St Anne, Dublin, Ireland.
     John died on 15 April 1797.

Faustin Cuppaidge

     Faustin Cuppaidge married Mary Low, daughter of Major William Low. They had issue mentioned on the memorial tablet at Chapelizod, Dublin - Here lie also the bodies of William, William, Elizabeth, Joan Low, Catherine Low, Ebenezer, John, Joseph son of [Faus]tin Cuppaidge, gent. by Mary his wife, daughter of Major William Low.

Robert Cupples

(1 May 1914 - 27 May 1970)
     Robert Cupples was born on 1 May 1914.
     Robert Cupples was employed as a T.A.B. agent, Yarram.
     Robert died on 27 May 1970 in Yarram, Victoria, aged 56. He was buried in the Anglican section, Yarram.

Alice de Curci

(circa 1170? - circa 1225)
     Alice de Curci was born circa 1170?. She was the only daughter & heiress, possessed in her own right the Manor of Harewood and Stoke Curcy in Somersetshire.
Relict of Henry de Cornhill & sister of William de Curcy IV on whose death c.1195 she became heir to the Curcy inheritance and to the pourparty of the Meschin inheritance which had fallen to her grandmother Avice, daughter & coheir of Wm de Meschin. She was the daughter of William de Curci III and Gundreda de Warenne.
Alice de Curci married Henry de Cornhill before 1193. Alice de Curci was widowed in 1193 on the death of her husband Henry de Cornhill.
Alice de Curci married Warin FitzGerald as her second husband, in 1195..
1199-1216: Warin FitzGerold, king's chamberlain, and Henry FitzGerold, his brother. n.d. [temp. John]
Warin has granted Speresholt and Badeleking to Henry, to hold for the service of one knight, in fee.
Witnesses: Alice de Curc', wife of Warin, Ralph Foliot, John de Wich, Andrew of the Exchequer (de Scaccario), Henry Foliot, Peter the clerk, Hugh de Mara, Stephen de Badeleking, Ailmer de Sevahanton, John son of John de Wich, Robert de Warcebec, Sir Eimeric the chaplain, John the clerk. Alice de Curci was widowed in July 1216 on the death of her husband Warin FitzGerald.
     Alice died circa 1225.

Child of Alice de Curci and Henry de Cornhill

Child of Alice de Curci and Warin FitzGerald

John de Curci

     John died. He died without issue so his sister Alice became his heiress. He gave a yard of land with his body to the monks at Esseby
. John Governor of Ulster. He conquered Ulster for King John (reigned 1199-1216) who constituted him Governor thereof. He was the son of William de Curci III and Gundreda de Warenne.

William de Curci II Baron

( - after 1140)
     William de Curci II Baron was the son of William de Curcy and Emma, Daughter of William de Falaise.
William de Curci II Baron married Avice or Amice de Romelli or Meschin, daughter of William de Meschin Lord of Copeland and Cecily de Romelli, circa 1125.
Baron of Stoke Courcy. "Dapifer" or steward to to King Henry I (reigned 1100-35). Supposed founder of Harewood Church 1116. 1140 Lord of Harewood. Sewer to King Henry II (reigned 1154-89) and witness to King Stephen (reigned 1135-54) in charter to Westminster Abbey. Probably Robert as heir to his brother William.
     William died after 1140. Slain at Coleshill, Wales in 1157?? He died without issue and was succeeded by his brother Robert. He was succeeded by his son William before 1156.

Child of William de Curci II Baron and Avice or Amice de Romelli or Meschin

William de Curci III

(before 1130 - __1186 or ___ 1171)
     William de Curci III was born before 1130. He was the son of William de Curci II Baron and Avice or Amice de Romelli or Meschin.
William de Curci III married Gundreda de Warenne. She married first Roger, earl of Warwick (1119-53), by whom she had issue two sons and two daughters. It appears that she had a third son Henry who is mentioned in a charter with his brother William.
     William died __1186 or ___ 1171. 32 Henry II.

Children of William de Curci III and Gundreda de Warenne

William de Curci IV

(circa 1168 - shortly after 1194)
     William de Curci IV was born circa 1168. He was the son of William de Curci III and Gundreda de Warenne.
     William died shortly after 1194.

Richard de Curcy Baron

     Richard died in Newnham, Oxfordshire, England. He was born in England.
Baron of Stoke Courcy. Privy Counsellor to King William Rufus (reigned 1087- 1100). [which de Curci?]. He was of Newnham.
Richard de Curcy Baron married Wandelmode,.

Child of Richard de Curcy Baron and Wandelmode,,

William de Curcy

( - circa 1114)
     William de Curcy was born in Stoke Curcy, Somerset, England.
Honor of Curcy : William de Curcy I, sewer to Henry I inherited the manor of Nuneham [Newenham, Cockayne] Oxford & other lands which Richard de Curci his father had held at the date of the Domesday survey and by his marriage to a daughter & co-heir of Wm de Falaise of Stoke Curcy. He acquired the lands in Dorset & Somerset of her said father. These lands and some others of which Wm de Curci was enfeoffed by Henry I, composed the honor of Stoke Curcy held by the service of 25 1/2 knights. [Honors & Knights fees / W Farrer, Vol.1, p.103]
. He was the son of Richard de Curcy Baron and Wandelmode.
William de Curcy married Emma, Daughter of William de Falaise.
     William died circa 1114.

Child of William de Curcy and Emma, Daughter of William de Falaise

Honora Curren

(before February 1821 - 13 February 1908)
     Honora Curren was born before February 1821 in Ireland.
Honora Curren married Thomas Colbert before 1839. 27 Nov 1841 at Cappoquin according to the Price family tree on Ancestry which also states they emigrated to SA in 1846 aboad the Canton..
     Honora died on 13 February 1908 in Kapunda, South Australia. Hanorah, aged 87, widow of Thomas Colbert.

Children of Honora Curren and Thomas Colbert

Blanche Rosina Currey

Children of Blanche Rosina Currey and Albert Edward Bennington

Isott Curry

(say 1680 - 12 January 1734/35)
     Isott Curry was born say 1680 in Devon.
Isott Curry married John Leach on 18 May 1701 in Chagford, Devon.
     Isott was buried on 12 January 1734/35 in Chagford, Devon.

Children of Isott Curry and John Leach

James Curry

     James Curry was born in Ixworth, Suffolk. James was a wheelwright, Ixworth, Suffolk, England.
James Curry married Elizabeth Bullett, daughter of John Bullett and Frances Wilkin, on 4 June 1796 in Ixworth, Suffolk.

Muriel Gwendoline Curry

(15 December 1918 - )
     Muriel was a sales clerk. She was born on 15 December 1918 in Moncton, New Brunswick, Canada.

Mary Curson

(circa 1700 - 1746?)
     Mary Curson was born circa 1700.
Mary Curson married Richard Ruby on 26 October 1727 in St Leonard's, Exeter, Devon. Richard Ruby of Sampford Courtney, husbandman & Mary Curson of ye same, spinster were married.
     Mary died in 1746?. She may be the Mary Ruby who was buried Nov 1st 1746 at Okehampton, the surname is hard to read.

Children of Mary Curson and Richard Ruby

Alice Curtis

     Alice Curtis married Richard Bullett on 31 January 1591 in St Mary, Woodbridge, Suffolk.

Mary Curtis

(before 1740 - before 8 August 1775)
     Mary Curtis was born before 1740 in Suffolk.
Mary Curtis married John Bullett, son of John Bullett and Christian Noble, on 18 April 1767 in Buxhall, Suffolk. He was of Hessett.
     Mary died before 8 August 1775 in Buxhall, SFK. She was buried on 8 August 1775 in St Mary, Buxhall.

Children of Mary Curtis and John Bullett

Mary Curtis

     Mary Curtis married John Heatherly, son of Rev Seawell Heatherly and Hester or Esther Beesly, 25 or 28 Dec 1786 in Witham, Essex.

Child of Mary Curtis and John Heatherly

Ann Cusack (Fitzgerald)

     Ann Cusack (Fitzgerald) was the daughter of John Cusack and Elizabeth Armstrong.

John Cusack

     John Cusack was born in Rathgar, Dublin, Ireland.
John Cusack married Elizabeth Armstrong, daughter of William Armstrong and Alice Coghlan, in 1731.

Child of John Cusack and Elizabeth Armstrong

Hon Peregrine Francis Cust

(13 August 1791 - 15 September 1873)
     Hon Peregrine Francis Cust was born on 13 August 1791.
Hon Peregrine Francis Cust married Frances Steer, daughter of Charles William Steer and Mary Wood, on 20 August 1860 in Ashridge, Hertfordshire. She may have also married Lt Col P F Brownlow, uncle of the Earl of Brownlow.
     Peregrine died on 15 September 1873 aged 82.

John Cutforthey

(say 1714 - )
     John Cutforthey was born say 1714 in Rotherham, Yorkshire. He was the son of Robert Cutforthey, of Rotherham, plumber and Sarah his wife..
John Cutforthey married Jane Steer, daughter of Rev William Steer and Ann Banks, before 1753. John was a surgeon in Rotherham, Yorkshire.

George Cuthbert

(circa 1818 - )
     George Cuthbert was born circa 1818 in Burton Pidsea, Yorkshire.
     George Cuthbert and Mary Rythers obtained a marriage licence on 13 June 1839 in Burton Pidsea, Yorkshire.

Sarah Cuthbert

(before 1720 - before 31 May 1762?)
     Sarah Cuthbert was born before 1720.
Sarah Cuthbert married Thomas Grimwood, son of Thomas Grimwood and Elizabeth Boar, in 1737 in Battisford, Suffolk.
     Sarah died before 31 May 1762? In Ringshall, Suffolk. She was buried on 31 May 1762? In Ringshall.

Children of Sarah Cuthbert and Thomas Grimwood

William Cuthbert

(circa 1817 - )
     William Cuthbert was born circa 1817.
William Cuthbert married Elizabeth Phoebe Grimwade, daughter of William Grimwade and Elizabeth Sheppard, on 26 January 1847 in St Mildred, Bread Street, London.