Elizabeth Rebecca Redding

     Elizabeth Rebecca Redding was born in England. She was the daughter of John Matthew Redding and Rachel Coleman.
     Elizabeth Rebecca Redding arrived in 1920 at Australia.
     Elizabeth Rebecca Redding married Walter Reginald Smart before 1921.
     Elizabeth died in New South Wales, Australia.

Maria Alexander

(circa 1823 - )
     Maria Alexander was also known as Ann Maria? in records. She was born circa 1823 in Bacton, Suffolk. Maria was one of three daughters of John Alexander and Sarah Bantick, both born in Bacton.|However James' father in law in 1851 was Zackariah Bantick.
     Maria Alexander married James Cocksedge, son of James Cocksedge and Hannah Sumner, on 5 November 1849 in Bacton, SFK. Margaret Blissett wrote: Maria Alexander already had two children: Elizabeth and Adeline Alexander born 1844 and 1850 respectively, according to the 1851 census, both girls were born in the Eye Union Workhouse; seems strange that if they Maria and James were married in 1849 that Adeline was born in the Eye Union.....
Other sources suggest they may be the James & Ann M who had children Sarah J 1856 at Parramatta & probably married John Huntley in 1877, Arthur J A 1861 at Parramatta who is probably the Arthur John Albert who died at West Kempsey aged 86 in 1948 & Angly A 1865 registered at Parramatta who probably is the Angelina who married Daniel Carney in 1893 at Ryde.
     Maria Alexander and James Cocksedge were recorded on the 1851 census in Town house, Bacton, Suffolk. James Cocksedge, jr. head, married, 23, ag lab., born Finningham; Maria 2nd marriage, 26, born Bacton; daughters Elizabeth 7, Adeline aged 1, born Eye Union House, with father in law Zackariah Bantick widower. 64, pauper, gardener. born Bacton, and Henry Osborn, lodger, born Cotton.

Children of Maria Alexander and James Cocksedge

Adeline Cocksedge

(circa 1850 - )
     Adeline Cocksedge was born circa 1850 in Eye Union Workhouse, Suffolk, England. She was the daughter of James Cocksedge and Maria Alexander. Elizabeth and Adeline were listed as the children of James Cocksedge in the 1851 census in Town house, Bacton, Suffolk.
     Adeline Cocksedge married Thomas Cranswick in 1868 in Sydney, New South Wales.