Richard Darby

( - 12 November 1738)
     Richard Darby was the son of Joseph Darby and Jane (?).
     Richard was buried on 12 November 1738 in London. Richarduel, son of Jos & Jane Darby in Bread Street.

Robert Darby

(8 February 1737/38 - )
     Robert Darby was christened on 8 February 1737/38 in St Mildred, Bread St, London. He was the son of Joseph Darby and Jane (?).

Samuel Darby

(8 February 1737/38 - 14 February 1837)
     Samuel Darby was christened on 8 February 1737/38 in St Mildred, Bread St, London. He was the son of Joseph Darby and Jane (?).
     Samuel was buried on 14 February 1837 in London. Samuel, son of Joseph & Jane Darby in Bread Street.

William Darby

(21 January 1733/34 - 21 August 1769)
     William Darby was born on 21 January 1733/34 in St Peter, Paul's Wharf, London. He was the son of Joseph Darby and Jane (?).
     William was buried on 21 August 1769 in St Mildred, Bread St, London.

Susanna Darby?/Townsend?

( - 1829?)
     Susanna Darby?/Townsend? was the daughter of George? Darby.
Susanna Darby?/Townsend? married Isaac Slodden before 1804. On 9 Nov 1796, an Isaac Slodden married a Susanna Townsend at St Andrew by the Wardrobe. Witnessed by Martha Darby, Diana Weston and Jas Hoskin? The will does not actually state that she is George Darby's sister. Banns were called between Isaac Slodden, batchelor [sic] of the parish of St Ann Blackfriars and Susanna Townsend, spinster of the same parish.
     Susanna Darby?/Townsend? was mentioned in the will of George Darby dated 3 March 1804. George Darby left an annuity of 50 pounds to Sarah/Susanna Slodden the wife of Isaac/James Slodden (blank) for her life.
     Susanna died in 1829?. She may be the Susanna Slodden buried 3 March 1829 at St John, Hoxton, Hackney aged 52, who had died 1 March at Hoxton Square, accoring to the burial records..

Catherine Agatha Darcy

(circa 1867 - 22 March 1914)
     Catherine Agatha Darcy was born circa 1867. She was the daughter of Luke Darcy of Lichfield..
Catherine Agatha Darcy married John Edward Colbert, son of Edmund Colbert and Ellen Shannahan, in 1887 in Victoria.
     Catherine died on 22 March 1914 in Watchem, Victoria. She was buried in Watchem.
     The administration of her estate was granted on 2 October 1914 at Victoria.

Children of Catherine Agatha Darcy and John Edward Colbert

Ellen Margaret Darcy

(1904 - )
     Ellen Margaret Darcy was born in 1904 in Donald, Victoria. She was the daughter of Luke Darcy and Johanna Mary Colbert.

Francis James Darcy

(circa 1917 - 1974)
     Francis James Darcy was born circa 1917. He was the son of Luke Darcy and Johanna Mary Colbert.
     Francis died in 1974 in Heidelberg, Victoria.

Luke Darcy

(circa 1869 - 1929)
     Luke Darcy was born circa 1869 in Camperdown, Victoria.
Luke Darcy married Johanna Mary Colbert, daughter of Edmund Colbert and Ellen Shannahan, in 1902 in Victoria.
     Luke died in 1929 in Donald, Victoria.

Children of Luke Darcy and Johanna Mary Colbert

Mary Darcy

(1907 - )
     Mary Darcy was born in 1907 in Donald, Victoria. She was the daughter of Luke Darcy and Johanna Mary Colbert.

Norah Catherine Darcy

(1912 - )
     Norah Catherine Darcy was born in 1912 in Donald, Victoria. She was the daughter of Luke Darcy and Johanna Mary Colbert.

William Edward Darcy

(1903 - 1950)
     William Edward Darcy was born in 1903 in Donald, Victoria. He was the son of Luke Darcy and Johanna Mary Colbert.
     William died in 1950 in Fitzroy, Victoria.

Alfred Dardry

(21 August 1836 - )
     Alfred Dardry was christened on 21 August 1836 in Ipswich, Suffolk.
Alfred Dardry married Phoebe Grimwood, daughter of John Grimwood and Dinah Laflin, in 1854 in Ipswich RD, Suffolk.
     Alfred Dardry and Phoebe Grimwood were recorded on the 1861 census in St Matthew, Ipswich. She was aged 30 and he was aged 28, a paper hanager.

Frances Ida Jane Darley

(circa 1864 - 28 March 1943)
     Frances Ida Jane Darley was also known as Ida in records. She was born circa 1864.
Frances Ida Jane Darley married Rev Herbert Maziere Halahan, son of Dean John Halahan and Harriette Sargent, on 10 October 1912 in Belfast.
     Administration of the estate of Rev Herbert Maziere Halahan was granted to Frances Ida Jane Darley, on 12 December 1919 in London The Reverend Herbert Mezziere Halahan, of 9 Blackrock Terrace, Bantry, Cork, clerk, died 22 June 1919 at 49 Festing Road, Southsea, Hampshire. Administration to Ida Halahan, widow. Effects £291 in England.
     Frances died on 28 March 1943 in the West Somerset Hospital, Minehead, Somerset, England. Ida J Halahan.
     Her will was proved on 27 January 1944. Probate of the will of Frances Ida Jane Halahan formerly of 61 Granada Rd, Southsea co. Hants and late of 17 Blenheim Rd, Minehead, co. Somerset, widow, who died 28 March 1943, granted at Dublin, to Henry La T Darley retired Col. HMR Marines and Arthur La T Darley, surgeon Com (retired) RN. Effects £611/18/11d; also proved at the Llandudno registry 17 Sep 1943 effect £5810.

Harry Zouche Darrah

(1 August 1854 - 18 March 1909)
     Harry Zouche Darrah was also known as Henry Touch in records. He was born on 1 August 1854.
BA, LLB, Indian Civil Service. Educated at Rathmines School, Kingstown School and Tinity Collge, Dublin; appointed after exam of 1875; arriaved 24 oct 1877 and served in the NW Provine and Oudh as assistant mag. and collr., and asst - becoming director of the Department of Agriculture, Assam.
Harry Zouche Darrah married Edith Isabella Handy, daughter of Matthew Fleming Handy and Isabella Sarah Gamble, on 25 April 1887 in Bengal, India.
He is the presumed author of: Sport in the Highlands of Kashmir. Being a Narrative of an Eight Month's Trip in Baltistan and Ladak, and a Lady's Experiences in the Latter Country; together with Hints for the Guidance of Sportsmen. 1898 London pp.xviii, 506, 52 illustrations, 2 folding maps in pocket. A very good copy in original cloth, spine very slightly rubbed. A fine account of the author's trip from Srinagar to Leh based on his daily diaries. He was accompanied by his wife and recommends this to others - "it will be seen from the story that there is no reason why a lady should not accompany her husband while the latter is shooting in Ladak ... if the sportsman takes his wife ... the cost of his transport and food will be nearly doubled, but his servants will cost him but little more than if he were alone". He provides a full costing of his trip and detailed practical advice to those who might follow his trail.
     Harry died on 18 March 1909 in Burma? aged 54.

Jane Darrell

     Jane Darrell was born. She was the daughter and heir of William Darrell, of Andover, co. Hants, 1 wife, erroneously cllaed a daughter of William Barrett of Ardevera in Erisey ped. ante. p. 154..
Jane Darrell married Thomas Killigrew, son of John Killigrew (Thomas?) and Mary Boleigh.
     Jane Darrell and Thomas Killigrew were mentioned in a civil court action in Cornwall. Kyllygrewe v Harryes. Plaintiffs: Thomas Kyllygrewe, of Arwynnek, and Jane, his wife. Defendants: John Harryes and Richard Candyche. Subject: Detention of deeds relating to messuages and land in Dunmow and Olyff. Essex. 2 documents. Date: 1486-1493, or 1504-1515.

Child of Jane Darrell and Thomas Killigrew

John George Dartnell

     John George Dartnell married Clara Alicia Steer, daughter of Charles Steer and Caroline Thompson, on 27 July 1865 in Calcutta, West Bengal, India.

Elizabeth Darwent

(before 1790 - )
     Elizabeth Darwent was born before 1790.
Elizabeth Darwent married John Rich on 11 July 1808 in Anston, Yorkshire.

Child of Elizabeth Darwent and John Rich

Frances Daughtry

     Frances Daughtry married James Havelock Hooper, son of Dr William Wilberforce Hooper and Mary Jane Kearny, on 23 February 1880?.

Child of Frances Daughtry and James Havelock Hooper

Achilles Daunt

     Achilles Daunt married Elizabeth Hungerford, daughter of Capt Thomas Hungerford and Mary Unknown (Hungerford).

Ann Daunt

     Ann Daunt married John Becher Hungerford, son of Richard Hungerford and Mary Cranfield Becher, in 1771.

Children of Ann Daunt and John Becher Hungerford

Vice Admiral Robert Clutterbuck Davenport

( - 1966)
     Robert was nick-named Guns.
Vice Admiral Robert Clutterbuck Davenport married Gwladys Mabel Gwatkin-Williams on 2 October 1917 in Stebbington, Hampshire, England.
     Robert died in 1966.

Constance Eleanor Davey

(16 December 1886 - 16 August 1944)
     Constance Eleanor Davey was born on 16 December 1886 in Terranora, New South Wales. She was the daughter of Frederick John Davey and Robinah Jane Hooper.
Constance Eleanor Davey married Herbert Thomas Campbell.
     Constance died on 16 August 1944 in Grafton, New South Wales, aged 57.

Child of Constance Eleanor Davey and Herbert Thomas Campbell

Frederick John Davey

(circa October 1850 - 2 May 1913)
     Frederick John Davey was born circa October 1850 in Illogan or Redruth, Cornwall, England.
Frederick John Davey married Robinah Jane Hooper, daughter of John James Hooper and Sarah Elizabeth Horder, in 1872 in New Zealand.
     Frederick died on 2 May 1913 in Murwillimbah, New South Wales.

Child of Frederick John Davey and Robinah Jane Hooper

Georgina Olivia Davey

(26 December 1887 - 1 August 1929)
     Georgina Olivia Davey was born on 26 December 1887 in Wattisfield, Suffolk, England.
The marriage of Georgina Olivia Davey and Oliver Bland, son of Robert William Bland and Ellen Turner, was registered in Stow RD, Suffolk, in the December 1909 quarter.
     Georgina died on 1 August 1929 in Duke St, Stanton, Suffolk, aged 41.

Child of Georgina Olivia Davey and Oliver Bland

James Walter Davey

(circa 1842 - )
     James Walter Davey was born circa 1842 in Tiverton, Devon.
James Walter Davey married Mary Dawton, daughter of William Dawton and Elizabeth Ruby, on 23 February 1869 in Weston-super-Mare, Somerset, England.
     James Walter Davey and Mary Dawton were recorded on the 1871 census in 9 Gibson? Place, Paddington, London. James W Davey, 28 stationer, bookseller, born Tiverton, Devon; his wife Mary 26?, born Newton Abbott, Devon, children Clement W 1, born Exter and Sarah H Smallbridge?, visitor, unmarried, 24, dressmaker, born Exeter; with a lodger Henry A Graham, unmarried 58, formerly a lieutenant? in the Army, born Ireland.

Child of James Walter Davey and Mary Dawton

John Stanley Davey

     John Stanley Davey married Marian Elma Victoria Bland, daughter of John Bland and Victoria Elizabeth Hartwell, on 16 October 1926 in Queensland.

Angharad ferch David ap Llewelyn

     Angharad ferch David ap Llewelyn married Robert ap Meredith, son of Maredudd ap Hywel and Morfudd ferch Ieuan Goch ap David, in Wales. He was 80 when he married Anghared. Angharad ferch David ap Llewelyn was born in Cardiganshire, Wales. She was the daughter of David ap Llewelyn ap David.
Continue her line in Bartrum's Llowdden6..

Child of Angharad ferch David ap Llewelyn and Robert ap Meredith

Hywel ap David

     Hywel ap David was born. He was the third son. See for more information on the mix up of families. He was the son of David Lord of Friw Lly ap Gruffudd and Eva ferch Griffith Vaughan.
Hywel ap David married Efa ferch Ieuan ap Howel.

Child of Hywel ap David and Efa ferch Ieuan ap Howel

Amy Annie Davidson

(1879 - 7 August 1973)
      Her niece is Dee Nicholl of Yarramlea, Yarram.. Amy Annie Davidson was born in 1879 in Beechworth?, Victoria.
Amy Annie Davidson married William Hodgson MacKenzie, son of Donald Thomson MacKenzie and Mary Ann Hodgson, in 1911 in Victoria.
     Amy and William were registered as a farmer & home duties at Tarra Valley, Victoria, on the 1919 electoral roll.
     Amy was registered at 'Calrossie', near Yarram, on the 1966 electoral roll.
     Amy was registered as Amy Annie McKenzie, h.d. at 'Calrossie', Yarram, on the 1972 electoral roll.
     Amy died on 7 August 1973 in Victoria.