Thomas Cocksedge

(17 September 1674 - 10 January 1727/28)
     Thomas Cocksedge was christened on 17 September 1674 in Drinkstone, Suffolk. He was the son of Thomas Cocksedge and Bridget Lambe.
     Thomas Cocksedge married Ann Beals on 6 July 1699 in Gt Cornard, Suffolk.
     Thomas Cocksedge and Henry Cocksedge, Ann Cocksedge, William Cocksedge, John Cocksedge, Simon Cocksedge and Jane Cocksedge were beneficiaries in Thomas Cocksedge's will dated 23 October 1707 in Drinkstone. He was a churchwarden in Stowlangtoft, in March 1707/8.
     Thomas Cocksedge made a will dated 24 March 1726/27 in Stowlangtoft. The last will and testament of Thomas Cocksedge of Stowlangtoft in the county of Suffolk, Gent, made this twenty fourth day of March 1726?
His heir and sole executor is his son Thomas on condition he pays his youngest son Abraham Cocksedge (brother of Thomas) £20 p.a. until he turns 21; and also pay his five daughters Rachell, Ann, Delariviera, Elizabeth & Sarah, £10 p.a. each until marriage or 21. He gives 40 shillings to the poor of Stowlangtoft and mentions his son-in-law Thomas Garnham and Bridget his wife, my daughter ...
On the 11 Nov 1727 he adds: whereas it may please God that I might die seized of some copyhold land not surrendered to the uses of my will which may fall to my son Abraham by custom of the manor....

     Thomas died on 10 January 1727/28 in Stowlangtoft, Suffolk, aged 53. He was buried on 12 January 1727/28 in Stowlangtoft.
     His will was proved on 22 February 1728 at the Prerogative Court of Canterbury. Thomas Cocksedge, gentleman, of Stowlangtoft.

Children of Thomas Cocksedge and Ann Beals

Elizabeth Cocksedge

(8 May 1677 - )
     Elizabeth Cocksedge was christened on 8 May 1677 in Drinkstone, Suffolk. She was the daughter of Thomas Cocksedge and Bridget Lambe.

Frances Cocksedge

(1 January 1678/79 - )
     Frances Cocksedge was christened on 1 January 1678/79 in Drinkstone, Suffolk. She was the daughter of Thomas Cocksedge and Bridget Lambe.